8 Days in the Healing Process - Syracuse, NY

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I had my last baby (#4) almost 24 years ago. In...

I had my last baby (#4) almost 24 years ago. In this time frame I have consulted with a plastic surgeon 3 times. The first time was when I had this terrible odor that took me a bit to figure out where it was coming from and then when I did I was so embarrassed. A trip to the Dr. revealed I had yeast infection where the skin hung down from all my babies and 1 C-section. I was hopeful that this might be covered by insurance if this happened to me so I went to consult for the first time. I needed to go with the yeast infection happening to get it considered and I couldn't allow it to happen on purpose so it didn't happen then. I would just dream about it over the years and try to accept that this was "ok". Two years ago I lost 22 lbs and joined the CrossFit community of athletes. My body has changed so much, body fat around 18 and I had stomach muscles that I could feel but as you all know, we can work out all we want and never change that part of our stomach that hangs. It does get smaller but without surgery it can't go away. I finally had the funds to do this and felt that it was now or never. I feel the best in my life and I turn 50 this June so lets do this. I started calling different surgeons and found one that was in my budget and only 1 hour away. I went for my consult and scheduled the procedure. As scared as I was because I knew it was a serious procedure I had to do this for me. I can't wait for the 6 weeks to be over and be able to get back to my CrossFit classes and see how I look now. I actually hired one of my CrossFit Coaches for extra sessions before surgery to work my core in hopes to make this healing process quicker. My Dr. actually complimented me after surgery and at my first post op appt. on my abs. I just hope that it helps me have a speedier healing ! Right now my back is achy and sleeping is a challenge.

Day # 10

Every day is better. I have requested to have my drain tubes out earlier. I have 10 more days before I get them out. I am only having 20-25 in my L drain and 10-12 in my R drain in a 24 hr period. Seems so low compared to what I started out with. Anxiously waiting for word from the doctor. Sleeping is my biggest challenge. I can't stay comfortable and wake a lot in night. But other than that I'm doing fantastic. Very pleased with my progress.

Day # 12

I've been doing a lot of physical activity the last two day. I do pretty good but by the later part of the day I can tell I'm more swollen. I never take off my cg except for showering. Over all things are going pretty good still except for the sleep. I cannot get comfortable for long. My request to get my tubes out early was granted..two days earlier which really puts me back to the date the Dr. said to return. I will take it! Draining is minimal even with all the activity. I really miss my workouts and cannot wait to return to that.

Drains came out on Day 18

My drains came out yesterday. I was so anxious about it hurting. I had asked the nurse previously if it hurt and she said people describe it as weird. I would say I agree. They hurt more from the stitches holding them in than it being pulled out. It was pretty long and it is not the tubing you see hanging out of you. It almost looks like a paddle and they meet in the middle of your belly. I feel so free without these. Now I can't wait to have this numb feeling subside. My Dr explained that we have I believe 9 areas in our abdominal section and how they work at becoming un-numb. The narrow section between your BB and pelvis bone may not gain full feeling ever. I can't wait to feel like I could stand a pair of jeans on my waist again.
Overall I feel pretty good and have done way more than my Dr. knows about. I'm self employed and things had to be done. I also feel that anyone who can get themselves in good shape physically prior to a surgery like this you will do yourself a major favor. I am a very active person so this has been a challenge to be still and let my body heal.
Almost forgot to mention that the Dr also mentioned to watch for a sloshing sound in my belly where the fluid may build up and I would have to go in and have it drained. It happens to some and it is just a crap shoot who it will happen to after drains are removed. Keep wearing the compression band as that is big in keeping it out.

Spasms in my belly and other stuff

Well I had a more physical week this week. Worked 4 full days and my job/business is a physical one. I tried to be careful and wore my cg most of the time. I could feel the swelling in my belly and was very tired as each day continued. I got jeans on and would just lay low at night. In bed by 8:30 pm to rest when I could. I do feel so swollen but I took a pic one day and it doesn't look it. ( I will post that pic soon) The imprints from my pants show it though.
Then I have these like spasms on the right side of my belly button when I get up from sitting. Does anyone know if that is normal?
Also I read someone else's post about the uncontrolled urge to stretch out when you wake up and how they stop it....I CAN'T stop it. It doesn't hurt so is it really necessary to try to stop it?
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