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Having the gastric sleeve on May 8th, 2014....

Having the gastric sleeve on May 8th, 2014. Nervous but anxious to discover the new me. I have read the discussion board and have asked questions (think I was supposed to do this first) I have several friends that have chosen the gastric bypass instead of the sleeve. I feel the sleeve is a better fit for me.

Anxiously waiting for Gastric Sleeve

I have a few more appointments before my surgery date of May 8th. I have done my endoscopy, ekg, blood work,psyc eval, next week my primary Dr will clear me for surgery, 1 more appointment with Surgeon and then the nutritionist. I started my journey last April a few weeks later I was diagnosed with lung cancer and obviously had to postpone the sleeve. I had a lobectomy on May 30, 2012. I have severe sleep apnea, diabetes, back problems, my BMI is 40 and due to having part of my lung removed, my cancer doctor suggested I lose 70+ lbs. After speaking with all my doctors we have all decided the best solution for me is the sleeve. Starting to feel very anxious .... about a month away, feels like it will never get here. I have found so many reviews to be so helpful. I will try to be as informative as others have been for me.

Just one more week!

I am one week away, getting nervous, excited, scared but I know I can do this. I start my liquid diet on Monday, my doctor is only requiring 3 days prior to surgery so I hope it goes by fast!

4 More Days!

Wow, it is hard to believe I am 4 days away. I start my liquid diet tomorrow. People have said this is the hard part, I know it is only 3 days for me ... god bless the people who have to do it for 2 weeks, I am not sure I could do it for that long. I have all my vitamins, protein boost, B12 and calcium. I do have to go get my CPAC machine reset in the next few days. The dr is going to lower it in hopes I will be able to leave it on longer or be able to tolerate it. As soon as the pressure goes up, it takes my breath away and I have to take it off in order to go to sleep. I am hoping as soon as I lose some weight that I will no longer need it, although I could still end up needing it due to part of my lung being removed .... fingers crossed! I will keep everyone posted and I want to thank everyone for all their support on here!

2 days and a wake up

2 more days and a wake up as we use to say when I was in Afghanistan waiting to come home on leave. Day 1 of my liquid diet was ok. Lots of Popsicles, juices, water, broth, gum and sugarfree mints. I am not much of a jello person so I will probably try that tomorrow. Here are a few pics of me over the past 2 years. I will do a few more before Thursday morning. I have to be at the hospital at 5:30 am and I am the 1st one of the day :-) At first it seemed like this day would never come and now it is coming very fast.

I did it!

I got to the hospital at 5:30 am on Thursday May 8th 2014. All was going well until the nurse couldn't get my IV started. They took me down to surgery without it in and started it in the holding area. I was given something they said would take the edge off, started wheeling me down the hall into the surgery room and that is all I remember until I woke up in my room. I was surprised I was not asking for pain meds but I really had no need to, it just felt like I had a mild stomach ache. I have 2 small incisions on each side of my abdomen and one on top and one on the bottom center, no staples but I am glued back together lol. I slept pretty much the rest of Thursday (other than when the nurses woke me up for vitals, pills etc) but they did have me up and walking a few times. Friday I was still exhausted but tried to get some of my sips in, didn't do that great because I slept most of the day again. Somehow I ended up with thrush in my mouth but I guess it is common ??? I put all my effort into drinking, drinking and more drinking on Saturday in order to be able to come home today. I was ready to come home, no pain meds just my new daily pills but I was not ready to open the refrig and see food I can't eat right now. It's been a week without food and I am a little hungry. Tonight I was wanting something salty ... told my girlfriend and she said to just lick a couple of chips, Don't put them in my mouth so I did and it worked, I was fine after that and went back to my popsicles and diluted cranberry juice. Off to bed now. Best of luck everyone!

3 week after surgery

3 weeks after surgery and I am feeling great! I am down 16 lbs as of today. I am doing good with most simple foods but I am unable to drink the protein drinks.

7 weeks out

I am 7 weeks out now. I have good days where I can eat my 1/4 to 1/2 cup but I think when I get too much over the 1/4 I end up getting sick. Crackers will help to settle my stomach for some reason. Maybe it is the salt? Is anyone else having trouble drinking 64 oz since we started to eat? Once I eat I am supposed to wait an hour before I drink anything but it's more like 2 hours before I can drink again. I am down 24 lbs, I got stuck at 20 lbs for like a week, it was very discouraging but I finally started moving again. The first place I noticed weight coming off was across my mid back where my bra goes across, the flap is gone .... yah! I think other people notice it more than I do. I can see it a little in my face now too. My clothes sizes are going down faster than my weight. I was between 16/18 pants when I started and I was so excited to fit into a 10 last night. I didn't buy them because they we a little too snug on my stomach but they fit and I could button them ... was just uncomfortable to sit lol. My shirts I can wear a Junior Large ... it feels awesome. I have been going to the gym and walking 2-3 miles a day. That probably doesn't seem like a lot to most but with part of my lung removed from my cancer, it is a great accomplishment for me. I hope everyone is doing great, keep up the good work my friends!
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