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Well surgery is in 1 week, if I don't completely...

Well surgery is in 1 week, if I don't completely lose it by then! I'm so nervous about undergoing the anesthesia! I am also a nurse, I know lots of things could go wrong and I don't like the thought of ever being completely helpless/immobile/unconscious. And to add to that I am diabetic, I have been such a pain to my dr and his nurses about "making sure they check my sugar while I'm out VERY FREQUENTLY." I don't care if my fingers are purple from all the poking when I'm done, just CHECK IT!!!

So on to why I AM doing this. Being diabetic and having a very tall husband, 6'4" and being taller myself, it was inevitable that I would have large babies. My daughter, now 4yrs old, was born at 10.1lbs. I thought my body was so destroyed it couldn't get any worse. Then I had my son, who is now 3 yrs old and weighed in at 11.4lbs. They are only 17months apart and I was a size 3 before they came along. My stomach is now left with hideous stretch marks, very loose saggy skin and my boobs are saggy and looked much nicer while I was preg :) So now at only 27 years old, 5'8" and 150lbs my body is a disaster and I never really got to enjoy it. My husband is awesome and says he couldn't care less what I look like, but it's hard not to realize how much I hate to be seen, or even touched sometimes. I have absolutely 0 confidence in the nude.

In 1 week all of that will change hopefully. Already had my pre op apt for full TT and BA and will now spend this week worry and anticipating the pain, nausea, constipation, worrying about my kids and myself, my house chores, work, ANESTHESIA etc. but my mom and husband and several babysitters will be available to me so I should be fine....right? and need to keep remembering that I am doing this for me, this ONE thing and I'm going to be soooo glad I did.
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PO day 1. Belly is soo sore, I did have abd...

PO day 1. Belly is soo sore, I did have abd muscle repair, n I sure am feeling it. Trying to get up n walk every 2hrs. My hubby was instructed not to give me meds unless I get up n walk for em. The percocet really knocks me out tho. I get to shower tomorrow n can't wait. My hubby saw my belly n new boobs before I was wrapped up n says it looks great, I can't wait to see it tomorrow! My only question is about this cough. How long does it last n should I be trying to cough it up? Seems like it would cause damage and PAIN!

I'm 1 week post op today, my 1 week Dr apt isn't...

I'm 1 week post op today, my 1 week Dr apt isn't til tomorrow tho. I'm really counting on having this drain out tomorrow. It's not draining much so i dont see why I wouldn't. Can't wait, but am dreading it at the same time....afraid it will hurt!
I am feeling pretty good tho! Waiting for my breast implants to "drop" and am pretty much standing straight today. Haven't taken anything for pain in a few days. After switching to tylenol on day 4 after a nasty battle with constipation, I vowed to never touch another percocet again! I new it would happen and my colace preparation was no match! But I haven't even needed tylenol in a few days, just a valium or 2 for spasms. The spasms remind me of braxton hicks, the nonpainful contractions...just tightening. Think I'm outta the woods for now n will feel almost normal once this drain comes out.
Funniest thing so far...they told my husband to pull the onQ (numbing medicine ball) on day 4. It was inserted at my sternum n they said it'll probably pull right out with tape. This left us assuming it was just an inch or so. It never even crossed our mind how long that thing was! My husbands face was absolutely hilarious as he just kept pulling and pulling the 10inches of tube. Although it felt very awkward coming out for me, like the "monsters inside me" and laughing is so painful on my abds, I couldn't stop laughing at him!

5 weeks post op now I looooove my new belly! It...

5 weeks post op now
I looooove my new belly! It is so flat and my abs are so tight! I love my new boobs too, they are perfect and exactly what I had envisioned. Scars are purple n ugly for now (but still better than what I was working with). I went back to work, nursing, after 3 weeks and feel great. Still have some swelling if I take binder off or am too active (only supposed to need it at night at this point but my job is pretty physical and work long shifts so he told me to wear it to work still). I go see Dr next week and am praying he gives me the go ahead to start bra shopping. As comfortable as sports bras are, I can't wait to just dress normal again. my belly button kinda makes me a bit nervous still. It looks like an outie! But I'm waiting for it to sink back in. Overall, sooo sooo happy, exactly what I hoped for.
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A friend who had a TT with him and a co-worker had BA

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