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Well I am less than 2 weeks away from my...

Well I am less than 2 weeks away from my procedure!! So a little bit about me. I am almost 30 years old and I have an 8 year old daughter. She did a number on my body and mainly my boobs. I have never been big in that area anyways but I was alright with what I had. I breastfeed her for about 3 months and I was up to at least a 36C bra. I was in love with them!!! Finally I had boobs but they were short lived. So I recently got divorced and finally have the money to do this.
So my stats are I am 5’2” tall, weigh about 112, and wear a 32B bra but can fit into 32A. I have been busting my butt in the gym to get my idea body back, but there is nothing you can do in the gym to make my boobs bigger like I want them. So here I am.
I went to my pre op appointment and we went over a lot and I am sure I forget everything already. So this is what I am going with. My doctor is going to use between 350 – 425cc high profile Mentor memory gel silicone implant. He won’t tell me the final size because he makes his final decision in the operating room. I told him I want to be a full C but now I am thinking I want a very full C small D. I was very overwhelmed with the 425cc!! I was thinking wow I don’t want to look like a porn star!! But after looking and browsing this website I am ok with the 425cc now. I don’t want to have the feelings after of damn I wish I went bigger. So I am thinking hey go big or go home.

Day 2

I am on my phone and I can't figure out how to add photos. But I am doing alright. I will post pics later.

Ok I think I figured this out.

I couldn't be happier right now. My doctor was wonderful and so was all of his staff. They were so great with me. The IV hurt so bad but that doctor was great he held my hand for oh I don't know how long. He told me good night and I keep thinking I am not asleep! But I woke up and my lip hurt so bad! I guess I bit it hard. I also has to pee really bad too. When I got to my friends house I pretty much slept all day. I only got up to pee and take some meds.
The next day I was up more. I actually went to my daughters cheer practice. I felt weird because I had an ice pack on my chest the whole time but the one mom I sat with knew what was happening so I was ok.
Today I finally took a shower and it felt great! I am still really tight and sore but feeling pretty good over all. I might take a nap in a little bit but I want to read the Sunday paper.

Another pic

I don't want my full face in any pics so I had to remove one sorry.

Day 3

So I was up and feeling really good today. I decided to go to the mall with my friend and just walk and look at things. Well once we got into the mall and in the first store I got so tight! We weren't even walking fast or anything. So I went home and took some meds and a nap. I am feeling ok now. I am so glad I have 2 weeks off from work. I couldn't imagine working a 10 hour day! I am not seeing any difference in the girls today or else I would post a pic.

Day 4

I didn't realize that I never posted a full frontal pic. So here is one. I am doing pretty good still tight and I get really tight and sore if I do to much so I am trying to take it easy. I would so recommend working out prior to getting a BA. I don't know what I would do without knowing how to lift with my legs. On that note I can't wait to get back to the gym.I miss my gym buddies.

Day 6

So I had my one week appointment today. Finally got all this tape off. It was so itchy! They only put take on my scars so far not so bad. They showed me how to massage too. Let's say that has been the worst part of this whole process. I thought I was going to punch the lady it hurt so bad. The doctor said I didn't need to massage the tops just the bottoms so that makes me feel better. He said everything looks really good and so do the scars. I wish I would have asked to see them. Oh well in a week when I get to take this tape off I will see. They also said to use coco butter to message the scars to help smooth them out. Has anyone else heard of this? Well the good news is they are getting softer and not so tight! I couldn'tbe happier other than I have to wear this stupid bra for another month. It is the tan one in one of my pics. I think it is so uncomfortable and tight and it rides up on me. They said it was the right size but I think it us too small. Oh well I have had to do worse things so I think I will be ok.

Day 12

So this site makes me mad! I had a really long post and then I went to add some pics and it deleted my post! So note to everyone add the pics then write your post or do them seperate.

Still off from work and going stir crazy spending too much money! Everyday seems to get better I am getting softer but I am still super tight. When does the tightness go away?

Day 17

So I was dreading going back to work today. Mainly because I don't like my job too much but this is not the place for that... So I did alright at work I did get really tired but I was ok. I got really tight and uncomfortable. I think it is this bra I have to wear tho. My nipples are so sensitive now! I think it is cutting into my boobs on the tops. You can't see in the pics but it is there. Oh well 15 more days of this thing and I am throwing it in the trash. I did buy a bigger size and it is still doing it but it is a little more comfortable. The price we pay. Oh yeah the doc said to wear this one until my Oct 15 appointment so I will be a good girl and listen.

My pain and tighness have gone away for the most part. When I use my arms and flex my chest muscles I can feel the implant moving and it throws me off. I guess I need to get used to this. I do get shooting pains every now and then but not too bad. I think the nipples and where this bra is tight on the top is the worst pain now. My insicions hurt every now and then. They are pretty gross looking to me but I think they are looking like everyone elses so I am not to worried about them now.

So I guess the first day back wasn't all too bad other than the talk of a government shut down and not knowing when I am going to get paid again part...

First day back at the gym.

So today wast the first day back at the gym. Oh boy so not like it used to be. So my workout was 6 times of 400 meter run and I subed the pull ups for 50 squats. I got on the treadmill (it was pouring outside) started to run and I did not like my boobs bouncing and I think it scared me too. So I decided to use the elliptical instead, I didn't bounce as much so it was better. I could feel my boobs getting tight but it only lasted for a little bit. Now we always do some sort of core work after and that was tough. We did 10 mins of whatever core work you wanted to do. I never realized how much you use your chest muscles, or maybe it is just me. Flutter kicks, sit ups, in and outs, and bicycles all seemed to uses my chest muscles after a few reps. So I pretty much just gave up on abs today. Thank goodness my trainer wasn't here today! My PS told me not to work chest at the gym so I am just listening to him. Ha! I was a little nervous to take my light jacket I wore to the gym because you could so tell I had a BA. I really don't know why because I think everyone knows that's what I did. Well I am sure they all know now! I think I need to get different sports bras.

Wow I am really tired now. I don't see any change in my boobs. I think they look the same. They are feeling really soft now. My nipples are still sensitive but it is getting better. I am still sore around the incision and the tops of my boobs. Ughh I can't wait for this soreness and pain to go away. One more week in this bra and I am going to burn them!!

Here are some pics.

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