Sculptra Results After 2.5 Years - Sydney, Australia

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This is in response to the review I just read...

This is in response to the review I just read regarding the injections and subsequent swelling around the jawline. Your experience was the exact mirror of mine. Like you I had sunken cheeks which required 'corrective' filling. Like you, I was injected what seemed like around the jawline and have ended up with a heavier jaw and square shape face. Until now I have been trying to research info about whether the collagen produced over the years will get reabsorbed or diminish with no success. It is extremely important to communicate clearly to your dr about what you want exactly. Do not continue with the injections if you are feeling uncomfortable about the way it is progressing.

The response from the doctors was extremely...

The response from the doctors was extremely helpful and addressed my enquiry thoroughly - thank you. I would also like to know whether sculptra particles move to other areas away from the injection site. This is because my face appears to have lost it's contours and shape. After my injections which were aimed at filling in sullen cheeks, my face now appears rounder and I have lost the prominance of my cheek bones. Will my previous shape be restored eventually. I have formed hard 'grains' under my skin just above my jawline.
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