Has Anyone Had Rhinoplasty with Dr Shahidi. Sydney, AU

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Hi everyone !! I am booked for a consultation...

Hi everyone !!
I am booked for a consultation with Dr Shahidi on April 21st. I've never considered rhinoplasty it only came to my attention a few years ago.
I'd like to know what was your first impression ? And where you satisfied with all his answers.
Would you recommend him? I know from all the reviews I've read I seeing all positive comments. He sounds like the right doctor for this surgery.

I've also had a consultation with another Doctor whom is bondi Dr Zacharia but I didn't like his " I know I can do better " judgment.
Anyhow , I would much appreciate it all the help and all the opinions / advice I can get.

26 Year Old - Rhino/Septo/Endoscopic Inferior Turbinoplasties

I had my first consultation with Dr Shahidi , can I say how relaxed and wonderful he made me feel.
From the moment I walked in , he was up front , honest , and most of all realistic.
My consultation went just over an hour , we examined my nose , we took a couple of photographs and then he showed me the before & after generated images. I was a little scared when I asked him if I will have an Open/Closed surgery and his answer was "open" . I was gutted , never thought my nose was that bad . Im just worried ill get more bruised and have the puffy eyes , and due to the fact i have hay fever + i am allergic to pollen i will bleed more during my surgery and it scares the hell out of me. I was told by his lovely practice manager Raleigh to drink lots of Pineapple juice which i already am addicted too and to use tea bags underneath my eyes if they swelling does effect. I haven't set a date if you ladies are asking. Reason why , my mum recently hurt herself and she having surgery in a couple of weeks and is going to have 3 months of work and i will need to look after her , therefore i cant assist her and myself.
If you would like me to post the before and after pic please let me know.
If you have any questions related to my consultation please let me know.
All i can say is Dr Shahidi will be my rhinoplasty doctor , and i higly recommend him to anyone who thinks or might want this surgery done.

Before & After Generated image

New update

Hi ladies
Thought I'd let you all know I've had to postpone my surgery due to having a health problem and need immediate surgery and unfortunately I'll need 6 weeks off work and that would of then interfere with my rhinoplasty and I can't afford to have another 2-3 weeks off work cause of a second surgery.
I did however rebook for the 11th January at the new Bella Vista Surgery and will be the doctors first day back for 2016.
I hope all you ladies are doing well and best of luck with your surgery and post op. Xx
Dr Shahidi

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