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So I've decided to get a mommy makeover I had my...

So I've decided to get a mommy makeover
I had my first child at 16 she is now nearly 5 and I had my second child 8 months ago
I am left with two beautiful children and one very unattractive body.
In 8 weeks im getting a mommy makeover with a mini tummy tuck and breast lift with implants I read so many great reviews on here from such strong inspiring women and I thought I should give back a little so im starting my review ill update with pictures when my surgery date is a bit closer

anxiety is setting in

Its weird how the closer I get to my surgery date the more I wonder what the heck ive gotten myself into
I have always wanted to change my body and now that it's all paid for and is only days away I just feel very scared and am doubting my decision

On another note I did have my pre op last week that went well sort of hahaha he showed me how low my scare would be (sitting just on my public hair line) and showed me how much skin he is removing with the mini tummy tuck only a couple of inches -.- he promised it will be enough and that ill be happy but I'm still really worried that ill still have to hide my stomach he told me that he can only remove a small amount of skin because there still needs to be around 9 centimeters of skin between my pubic hair line and my belly button and I asked if I should do a full tummy tuck but he told me the scars that I will have (horizontal and vertical from my old belly button) wouldn't be worth it for the small amount of skin bellow my belly button that I want to remove
I guess ill just have to trust him , he is the expert
Well im going to go ahead and put up some photos so all of you ladies know what im dealing with


can't wait for this to be over

Tomorrow is surgery eve only two more sleeps im feeling more excited at the moment I honestly can not wait to look down and see a body I can be proud of I forgot to mention that I also lost around 20kg and my weight at the moment is around 61kg and my height is 173 cm
Im getting 510cc and im just praying that im not boob greedy and got WAY too big

one more day wish me luck


on my way home all done

I will update tomorrow when I am feeling up to it

couldn't wait to take some pictures for you girls

well im feeling pretty good at the moment

Im up at 2:00am to take pain killers cause the pain was pretty bad when I first woke up
Im at home as of a couple of hours after surgery my beautiful boyfriend has been a god send and is helping me both physically and emotionally
Well let me tell you guys a bit about yesterday I have been fasting since the night before and was supposed to have surgery at 2ish but the lady before me her surgery took much longer than anticipated so I ended up in surgery at around 4:30 and was out by 7:00
Prior to getting my drip and everything I met I was shaking from fear I even had a break down earlier with one of the nurse
The whole staff and team were great and all very kind I really couldn't have asked for a better team of people to be there with me
So anyway I walked into the surgery room and was asked to lay down on the table I got my drio in and was told I would be receiving "the happy drugs" the assistant joked with me telling me it was about to get fun haha but the happy drug was great fun for about 10 seconds before I was out
Next thing I know im waking up the nurse was there I asked her to sit me up cause my chest was very heavy making it quite hard to breathe and just before I sat up I noticed the pain in my mini tummytuck incision OUCH it hurts way more than I anticipated she sat my bed up walked me to a chair and god bless her went and got my boyfriend cause I was the last patients she didn't have to make us wait
The pain really started to set it not long after that she gave me anti nausea medicine in my drip then removed the drip and walked me to the bed and gave me pain killers by this stage it was pretty bad the pain killers don't kick in till 40 mins after and I felt like vomiting
But after they kicked in which was on my drive home I felt a whole lot better im dying to shower and try to have a good look haha

less then 24 hrs since

Suprisingly I have very little swelling in my stomach but my chest is still very swollen
I don't feel to bad if I keep on top of my pain medication but if I have to sit up I can't use my abdomen muscles or my arms so im struggling with that

do not watch comedy

First off my little sister keeps making me laugh I think it helps her deal with watching me in pain but even a little giggle is painful and then silly old me decided to watch a comedy movie and now I have to keep looking away from the screen

first peek

dont make my mistake

I got so uncomfortable last night in the reclined position so I moved my giant sitting up pillow and swapped it for one normal pillow with a small cushion underneath it
When I woke up about 15 minutes ago to go toilet I move a tiny inch and was in excruciating pain my boyfriend still has to get me up from a laying down position as I can not use my abs or my arms so he held my hands to give me something to pull up with and my whole body just started shaking from pain
I feel a bit better after I sat down again but I am going to definitely sleep with my sit up pillow for a while longer

feeling better but much more swollen today


bit bruised and bloody


Ive been trying to update my review all day but for some reason I couldn't access my page
But anyway day 5 post op and I feel pretty good for the most part I seem to be getting more and more swollen every day though I look pregnant infact my daughter asked me if I was and I told her "no honey just have a big belly after my operation"
On another note I've finished taking my pain medication and I don't think I will need to take anything at all now I feel like the pain im in is quite bearable as long as I don't do too much
Well ill upload some pictures I took this morning

post op

I had my post op today all was good the nurse just removed my bandages and replaced the steri strips BUTTT......... now that the bandage is not covering my mimi TT scar I can see this gross over hang like a ledge of fatty looking tissue hanging over my incision its horrible can someone please tell me that it will go away and I haven't swapped a tiny bit of loose skin for a gross flap!!!??
On another note my left nipple has zero feeling so thats cool -.-

not feeling happy about my mini tummytuck

I know its early days yet but I am still feeling really upset about what I have at the moment im just praying it only gets better from here

just a pic of the scar

progress? nope!

Still happy with boobs but hating that belly
I thought that having this procedure would raise my confidence but I am still embarrassed of my belly and I still cant get intimate with my boyfriend with out focusing all of my energy on holding my jiggling belly
Ohh who knows if it will get better the nurse at my pre op said its still swollen so dont judge just yey and im thinking to my self if it's swollen shouldn't it be more filled out then it will be once the swelling is gone ?
Someone please tell me it gets tighter after it heals? ????


I was supposed to have my 3 week check up this last Monday but I got a call Monday morning from the office saying the nurse had called in sick hmm that's funny cause im ment to see the surgeon for all follow up appointments after my one week post op so im a bit confused as to why im booked in to see the nurse instead .I also asked if I should replace my steri strips if I wasn't going to see anyone for a whole week cause all of mine had fallen off, I was told that the nurse would call me the following day but nothing
Also I called up about two weeks ago to ask for a different size post op bra(my current one was hurting my back it is too tight) got told one would be sent out to me with in a week and still nothing so ive been wearing sports bras and stuff of that nature im really starting to feel like now that they have my money im not very important
On another note I've noticed that when I lean over my boobs go a funny shape like a peanut shell shape with my natural breast tissue hanging and the implant remaining snug up in my chest muscle is this normal? Did it happen to anyone else?

He is the perfect doctor for me he made me feel so at ease and made me smile even though I was a bag of nerves I pray that youlladies find a doctor like mine he is amazing

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