35 Years Old, 3 Kids Ready for a Upgrade - Sydney, AU

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Iam ready too get my self a new body!! I have had...

Iam ready too get my self a new body!!
I have had implants before about 7 years ago 410cc silicone high profile at the time was told that's all he could fit in me as was so flat chested :-/
So after some bigger ones soon yah :)
Have decided too get my tummy tuck done as well,though not quiet at ideal weight (87kgs) (down from 115 at my highest )I have been trying for a year too loose the rest though since quitting smoking my weight loss has stopped :(
I've decided Iam not waiting anymore and taking the plunge so in a months time will have a new body and 700cc high profile implants!!!
Can't wait so excited ( and scared) so thought I would share my experience with everyone in the same situation:)


Omg only 25 days away not that I am counting much haha


Oh the nerves are really kicking in with only 15 days too go I find myself laying in bed at night with a racing mind thinking of anything and everything about the surgery and can't sleep :-/


Forgot too add so annoyed with my body ! Been working out at the gym a few days a week along with walking on a treadmill anywhere between 30 minutes and 3 hours a day and nothing!!! My weight just does not want too budge have been stuck at this weight for over 6 months don't know what Iam doing wrong!


Omg this time next week I'll be getting marked up or already done who knows but gosh it's gone quick!!
A million things going through my head and trying too do before surgery as well!!
Bring on next week though I can't wait!! :)


Iam really starting too stress ALOT!!
I've had the shittiest week with kids sick and had my tooth out Monday and I've been in pain ever since with "dry socket" what ever that is... It's bloody painful!!
Iam worried Iam not going too be 100 % for my big day , I've been on pain killers as well.
Iam worried things won't go too plan and my opp won't be everything I want it too be.
Iam worried that they won't make me flat and do a great job .....
Iam just stressing about everything Iam sure my ps will do a good job but Iam just worried I guess cause this is my only chance there is no way we could afford too do this again :(
Ahhhhhhhh just wish it was all over lol

1 more sleep :o

I can't believe tomorrow is my big day, so many things going through my head,so scared!! I think Iam more scared than excited feel like Iam going too cry lol.
I just hope everything turns out good with no complications this is my one and only shot of having a nice flat tummy :o

Opp day!!

Opp day is finally here, 4am and making my way too Sydney now!!
Can't wait till it's over cause these nerves are a shocker rite now. :o
My next update will be on the flat side (with speed humps) lol xx

Made it!!!

I've made it but not without pain!! Lol
Iam such a sook at tve best of times let along having a massive scare across my belly !!
I got some pics of the girls but not the best.
I havnt seen my tummy yet so hope it is ok.
These drains are uncomfortable nearly thinking why the hell have I done this but Iam sure when the pain is gone will be so happy!
Iam on a drip for pain and still feel uncomfortable I would hate too think what it would be like with no meds!!!! :o
Iam glad you talk too the ps before you go in cause I've been reaserching ba pictures for last 12 months trying too find so with girls my size I told him I wanted too be a E/F so he was going off that and wasn't initially putting in 700ccs just what ever he thought I would need and so I wasn't too top heavy.
I don't knock these will be huge at all and told him I want big girls lol so I hope I've made tve rite decision as Iam above the muscle as well but I just know if I had of went smaller ccs I would of been unhappy pretty sure so keeping fingers crossed I choose rite lol

Tummy pic :)

Got the nurse too take a photo since I can't lol
Looking flatter from what I can see :)

Ahhhh sleep

Finally got some sleep last night tge nurses gave me something too help.
I can't seen too get rid of this horrible headache at all they gave given me so many things and nothing works just puts be too sleep then wake back up with a headache!!
These have been the hardest 4 days of my live ever!!! Iam hoping today I will turn a corner as might be discharged tomorrow or the next dat.


Just took a quick picture when up too the bathroom of my side, my partner said it looked bad yesterday but this is the first time I've seen them ouch!!

Drains :o

Just had one hip drain taken out it was a real bitch , did bring a tear too my eyes that's fit sure!! Hurt a lot more than my breast ones but I guess it's over pretty quick but really not looking forward too the last one coming out tomorrow that's for sure !!

Day 5

Not the best or straitest picture but I just can't seen too bring my self too look too much at my new body just yet lol


New pictures

Home time

Yah finally home made the 2 hour trip reasonably comfortable thank goodness!!
It's so good too be home :)


So now Iam home and not sure how I should sleep I brought a recliner but I've been in it since I got home don't think I could sleep in it all night!
As much as hospital was shitting me at least I could move the bed too get some sleep and get in and out.
I've just taken some endone don't know if I should try prop my self up in bed or stick but out in the chair :-/

New picks

Just some new pictures


So I forgot too mention when I seen my ps he said they removed about 3 kgs of skin, he couldn't remember about the lipo though.
I havnt weighed myself so not sure if that's rite but 3 kgs is pretty good I think from what I've read!
Iam too scared too weigh my self at the moment I still have not gone too the bathroom and it's a week tomorrow!! :o
Starting too get very itchy in places gets very annoying lol

The blues!!

Iam really starting too feel down this evening , not being able too get up and about and stand up strait as well as a dead bum is really getting too me this evening!!
I just forked out $390 too hire a electric recliner cause I couldn't get out of a normal one and it's not really doing the trick it's gets be in and out but don't think it's going too do me too sleep in as the legs don't quiet go high enough .
It's money we didn't really have and now I feel horrible for wasting the money :(
Just had enough and wondering why the hell I put my self through all this :(

New pics

Just some morning pics still can't take my binder off for pictures scared I'll pass out haha I might try and get brave and take some tonight when I have a wash :)

Swelling :-/

Feeling so very tight today feels like it's hard too breath getting really uncomfortable :-/

Embarrassing Emergency :(

So last night i was in excruciating pain due too not being able too go too the toilet after trying many different things at home.
Was the most embarrassing and one of the most pain full nights I've ever had.
With every cramp and contraction my tummy hurt so bad I hope too god I havnt done any damage cause I went though over 10 hours of tummy contractions :(
Anyone that has any medication that will cause constipation this is a warning make sure you keep on too of it and don't leave it too long !!!! Definitely not 9 days lol
You do definitely not want too go through the pain I went through all night:-/

New pics

Finally brave enough too take some pics without binder on :)

Day 13

Some more pics, I seem too be smaller on one side of my waist than the other I hope this is just swelling and I don't bed up lop sided

Worried :-/

So Iam 3 weeks post opp tomorrow and think most of my incisions are healing ok but there is one part about 4 inches that does not look good , has dried up blood or something in between the incisions and looks a little red, though it doesn't ooze or feel hot I do t think it's infected but really worried it won't heal very nicely :-/

3 weeks post opp tomorrow

3 weeks tomorrow

Whoops last post is suppose too be 4 weeks tomorrow!!

Can't believe it's been 4 weeks!
Iam still sleeping in the recliner just cause it's easier but will probably move too the bed this week, I did try but my right breast really hurt .
Still having some issues with my tt incision but I think it might be getting better maybe lol , I clean it a few times a day by just benadine and changing dressings still no infection so that's great but the rest of my scar looks great !!

7 weeks post opp

Just a few updated pictures.
Still a bit sore and tender in parts.
Having some healing problems still on my tummy,the scab is starting too lift off and have a fairly big hole underneath have so notices 2 stitches appearing in the wound.
At no fault too my surgeon but thought I should add the ugly parts of recovery for anyone thinking of going through with surgery.
As well as the good lol
It's just my luck something should not go to plan but anyway I go back too my surgeon on Monday and he can assess it in person as all other contact has been phone , emails and pictures.
Hope all is good and can heal fully soon!! And I can enjoy my new body :)
Already wishing I had of got bigger implants already haha with my size I think I could of easily handled a bigger size but that won't be happening unfortunately.
I will be paying this surgery off for a few more years yet :-/

5 months

5 months and still having healing problems :(
Other than that pretty happy

Year and a half still happy

Year and a half on Iam still happy and now 3 weeks post opp arm lift :)

He has been great so far have only had the one consult but the whole clinic has been lovely too deal with :)

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