Melanotan 2 Success - Sydney, AU

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I have had great success with melanotan 2 -...

I have had great success with melanotan 2 - started a couple weeks ago (couldnt tell you exactly how many times I've injected now).

I didn't buy premixed I bought 50mg which comes in 5 10mg vials and mixed it myself.

Results have been great I go solarium a couple times a week also. I am auburn haired and dark eyes and because of my background I can tan regardless of having the redhead gene.

The only side effects i have encountered are nausea but that isn't as bad anymore. This has decreased my appetite a whole lot and has led to me eating less (not exercising more) and so far I've lost like 3kgs..

The only thing I would say is that my abdomen (stomach, back, and ass) is tanning much better than my legs and arms (and even chest). A friend told me it could be the lymph glands transporting the stuff mainly locally. The chest one I don't understand though - could be because there isn't much fat there (besides boobs) but I cover them up when tanning.

Hope I've helped!

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