Liposculpture by Syringe in Sydney Australia, on Saddlebags and Bottom, Looking Good So Far!

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Day 3: Looking good. took off the bandages/pads...

Day 3: Looking good. took off the bandages/pads (im not bleeding anymore), showered, can walk around normally and could probably do exercise! i read that it is good to do as much exercise/walking around as you can as it helps with the circulation and therefore healing :). I am doing so well that I am going to a party tonight :) no drinking of course but still - i am very able bodied. If I was working I would probably be able to go back to work today. Having said that don't push yourself - i think its better to relax and let your body heal then rush things. Also I have almost no bruising which is a great advantage to the liposculpture by syring method. My biggest problem is that my lipo'd areas are constantly numb, i expect this will improve over time however, and i have read that lymphatic massage (or any kind of massage) is good to help the numbness go away. Please note Ive also bought some elastoplast to 'shape' my saddlebags / butt area. I just feel it will 'set' it in a nicer shape then the compression garment alone which sort of pushes everything flat and doesnt really give my butt a nice perky look. My doctor didnt advise that, its just my personal preference :)

Ok i will update you soon and of course post pictures too! Until then... bye!

I had the treatment yesterday and am thus far very...

I had the treatment yesterday and am thus far very happy. Because this was liposculpture by syringe, there was no actual liposuction as in nothing was SUCKED out of me, like with that machine they usually use.

Although I'm still swollen there was an immeadiete difference to my shape! very positive.

During the procedure I was awake so no general anesthetic just local. Because of this I have less bruising, but I'm also taking arnica just to help.

Because of all the fluid put in me during surgery im urinating almost constantly today! thats slightly irritating but i have no major pain or agony! my thighs are numb and cold today though but that is about the worst of it- discomfort. i could probably go out today but i might leak a bit and i am still a bit sore. so i will just relax today. i expect by tomorrow i'll have no more leaking and could walk around and function pretty normally. Will keep you posted as things progress with me.

1 week post-operation:  Ok so I didnt...

1 week post-operation:  Ok so I didnt actually end up going out after my last post!! I felt a bit too faint, because it was hot I guess... I was probably pushing my luck! BUT I have gone out all the time to the shops etc since, I went to the dentist today for my clean which took forever, took an hour driving there and back so im pretty much a functional human being. I have not yet been out for hours on end or a night on the town but i feel at this stage im probably capable. therefore i have planned to go out dancing etc in 2 days so that will be 16 days post op... I will let you know how that goes! At this stage though I have gone over to a friends for dinner so I think if you have had my treatment any sitting down activities are very easy at this stage (like movies etc).

SO, I havent had any massages yet because when I looked up lymphatic drainage massage, frankly, it looked pretty useless, some very light touches in an upward direction. I thought I can do that myself! so when i do rube my legs i rub them in an upward motion. :)

I have some very intersting news too. I took off the piles of elastoplast that I had applied to myself to 'sculpt' a nice butt/thigh shape. Anyway I was amazed at what I saw when i took them off (PS the reason I took them off is because after so many days they itched like CRAZY). Anyway back to the point - when I took aff the elastoplast i had NO BRUISING AT ALL!! Isnt that crazy? The funnier thing was that on the little wrinkles of the bandage that DID NOT touch my skin I WAS STILL BRUISED!! So thats really big news to you who prefer minimise bruising so you can re-expose your body once more! Further down my thigh I still have alot of bruising, (where it was not bandaged) so after I shower today I will re-bandage myself AND the areas that are still bruised so hopefully the bruising can dissapear! :)

Sadly, my butt hasnt 'contracted' to the new shape I elastoplasted it into :( it doesnt look bad, but I was just hoping it would 'set it' as a nice defined bum, then pure thigh underneath, not that sort of banana shaped bulge i tend to develop between the butt and thigh.... anyway it hasnt been that long and it cant hurt so i'll keep elastoplasting it in hope that it helps with the skin retraction :)

Another thing I noticed though is that the bandaged or elastoplasted areas are more numb than the unbandaged portions of my thigh... Ive though about this and I attribute it to not being able to be rubbed properly (under that thick bandage)... so i might give my legs a good good rub before i put the bandages back on.

Also - another issue the compression suit- I couldnt do up the tummy part (cos ive got a bit of tummy myself!) so it was proving more and more impractical to where clothes so i could leave the house / go out (which was making me depressed) SO I bought 'SKINS' - the compression tights that some athletes or gym goers use - and they have been going great, because they go up to my hips and you can just wear them out and about :)

Anyway I will update again soon.

P.S Lukoplast works better than Elastoplast if you are interested but gets very messy when you take it off (and hurts more).

Hey everyone :) I had this procedure almost a year...

Hey everyone :) I had this procedure almost a year and a half ago now, I will try and update some after photos even though I have put on a fair bit of weight atm, you can still see the change in shape. Im very happy I had the procedure done. I remember meeting my ex after and him saying he doesnt know how i can be skinnier without losing my boobs. haha. it has been excellent for me although lets be honest im always gonna have my lower bosy as my problem area. Ive noticed now when I gain weight it seems to settle more around my tummy, if i do gain a bit of weight the bit under my but between my leg and butt gets a bit bigger so its not as defined like pure leg, then pure ass, ;) but i know once i get my eating back on track or do a bit of exercise it will be nicer again.

Looking at these old photos I can see my saddlebags were quite bad! much better now, and with my recent weight gain if i hadnt had this procedure done my saddlebags would be double the size by now no doubt...

Dr Zurek

Good price, and wont do areas you dont need unlike alot of other surgeons who will - just to get your money

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