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Hey guys! Im a 24 year old female currently on my...

Hey guys! Im a 24 year old female currently on my 10th/14 for upper and lower Invisalign treatment. I have always wanted to straighten my teeth, although they werent THAT bad, i had overlapping of the two front upper teeth and mild-moderate crowding on the bottom which was progressively getting worse as time went on. I was never confident enough to show my teeth under any circumstances and if i'd smile it was behind pursed lips or my hand covering my mouth (which i still do! lol)
So being the first point of contact at work and dealing with a high volume of people per day i needed treatment that was quite literally INVISIBLE. So after months of research i booked appointments with 5 ortho/dentists (each with VERY different opinions and prices!) and decided on one who promptly informed me that i was eligible for Invisalign Lite which consists of a maximum of 14 aligners over the span of 7 months when aligners are changed every two weeks. The beginning process wasnt difficult, we took impressions which wasnt hard or uncomfortable, and when they were sent off it took just over a week for my aligners to arrive!
Putting the aligners in for the first time was not painful, but felt quite abit of pressure. When i tried to talk it sounded as though i had a golf ball in my mouth! To call it a 'lisp' is a huge understatement! It was actually quite funny! It took approx TWO FULL DAYS before my speech returned to semi-normal lol (thank God it was a weekend!) it has only gotten better from there and i believe my speech is back to the way it should be (i hope!)

Taking the aligners out for the first time was a TERRIBLE experience! I didnt even have any attachments yet (so you can imagine how much more difficult it was when i got them before my 2nd set was put in!) i struggled for a good 10mins per aligner! I was too scared i would break them or that my teeth would come out with them! I realized with every new set for the first 3 days they are pretty hard to get out however after that period it is extremely easy (with or without attachments) as the aligner softens. I have realised that it is easiest to remove my top aligner from the back left corner with my right hand, and my bottom aligner from the back right corner with my left hand. It may differ with other people but i found that this was the best way for me.
I got my attachments applied before my 2nd set, 7 top (with two attachments on one tooth) and 5 bottom. These arent so bad and havent caused me any problems in terms of scraping or cutting etc. If i remember correctly i then received 4 sessions of IPR at different stages of treatment, which is when the dentist drills between teeth to create space for movement. This does not hurt at all but the suction pipe causes a bit of sensitivity. Its over in 1 minute!

Removing aligners to eat is NOT a problem, as i mentioned earlier the first few days the aligners are tight therefore hard to remove and the teeth feel quite fragile and it may be painful to remove. At times i felt like i was pulling a tooth out, it was quite painful! But it does not last!

I saw/felt a difference almost immediately after beginning my treatment and everybody who knows my teeth are being straightened are absolutely AMAZED at the progress! The tooth that was overlapping has moved back quite significantly and i think it is now in the process of rotating back downwards to meet in alignment with the rest. The bottom have a little while to go but i am optimistic that the work will be done within the last four sets (fingers crossed!)

i do have a couple of concerns/questions... I found that during my last set (set 9) the overlapped tooth has been a little loose, im too scared to touch it and too scared to bite down on hard foods :( does anyone know if this is normal or ok?
Also, i know my bite is supposed to change as my teeth shift however iv found that it has really affected my chewing. Its hard for me to chew 'properly' like i used to, and i put it down to the fact that my jaw/teeth/mouth are just used to the aligners size and arent biting down as far/hard. Will this change? Im abit worried....

Other than these concerns, my experience with Invisalign has been really good! And i would certainly recommend it to anyone looking for an 'invisible' way to straighten teeth. Not ONE person has noticed or mentioned my invisalign since i put them in in January. Even people who knew i was straightening my teeth didnt realize that they were actually in my mouth at times that they were! Also, cleaning your teeth after meals does not become a burden and Invisalign does not change or alter your life. I aim to have them in a minimum of 21 hrs per day however I do not rush my meals or anything. I dont even TIME myself or how long they are out. I eat normally and when im done i brush and floss which will only take 2 minutes out of your day. Also if you cant brush DONT STRESS! The world wont end, just rinse your mouth out with water or chew on gum for 5 mins and put them back in. Your life doesnt change or stop because you have aligners in your mouth! Its not as bad as some people make it out, its actually abit too easy! :)

I certainly recommend Invisalign and i am looking forward to my end results hopefully by August this year! Yaaaay!

Hey guys, i've started on my 11th set and finding...

Hey guys, i've started on my 11th set and finding this one quite painful :( i hope that's because it's doing extra work this time! ;) I just had a question for anybody who might know about other dental procedures... What can generally be done about 'unevenly shaped teeth' eg. Having a shorter tooth that doesnt align with the rest or jagged tooth etc? Is there any way this can be fixed without anything too unnatural?

Seriously losing hope that my aligners are going...

seriously losing hope that my aligners are going to accomplish what they are supposed to...

Oki doki, its been a while since i updated my...

oki doki, its been a while since i updated my progress.. well during my 11th aligner i noticed they werent sitting properly on the bottom 4-5 teeth so i notified my ortho who asked me to go in on the last day of the set. he explained that Invisalign had nlt prescribed for him to shave my bottom teeth as they try to 'avoid' this unless entirely necessary, but he said my bottom teeth have absolutely no space to move hence the aligner not fitting properly due to not enough movement. he then shaved between several bottom front teeth and asked me to go back to aligner 10 for another two weeks, which has set me back one month. when i got home and looked at my bottom teeth i cried for the rest of the night. i saw gaps which i was convinced wohld never close because i assumed my teeth would be moving back to create space, not forward to close them, after all that was the reason i got invisalign to begin with. also i noticed the aligners STILL were not sitting any better than the last set. but i got thru the two weeks and saw some gaps close, some however, still the same. my bottom teeth did look straighter though.
i went back yesterday for my 11th set, and he again filed between my bottom teeth. i was shocked, first thinking i dont want 'thin' teeth, then also thinking i dont want to see those gaps again!! what is he doing!
then i came out and told him my concerns and he reassured me that the gaps will be closed by the end of treatment. set 11 still does not fit any better, and im just confused and quite discouraged at the moment. am i supposed to have a refinement done now, before the end of treatment since it doesnt fit? i dont want to have just thrown $5000 in the bin, i want to make sure my treatment is 100%.
i am happy to report though that my top teeth have improved and are certainly less stubborn than the bottom set :P
if anybody has been thru the same thing or can offer me any advice it would be much appreciated..

Hi guys, just a quick update. Last i wrote i was...

Hi guys, just a quick update. Last i wrote i was worried about the spaces left in my bottom teeth, i put in number 12 last night and i woke up this morning to find a gap already closed lol literally overnight! Im very happy about that and hoping the rest will follow suit. I must say this set it the most painful i have had so far, perhaps a 10/10 type of pain :( but i am happy because i know they're moving and i can feel the pain in particular teeth, thankfully the ones i was worried hadn't moved enough. I guess i'll get the verdict in two weeks..

Hi guys, just a quick update while im here. Im now...

Hi guys, just a quick update while im here. Im now a week into set 13/14 (still cant believe it!)
The time has gone incredibly fast! Its also amazing what a seemingly short amount of time can do for your smile. Im pretty sure i will need a few refinements as there are still gaps to close and teeth to move a little but im happy with my progress thus far. This set wasnt so bad in terms of pain (nowhere near the last set!)
im truly excited for aligner 14 and cannot wait to see my end result :D

p.s: im sure this question has been asked numerous time on this website but can anyone tell me how the retainer phase goes? How often do i wear the retainer? For how long? Also, if i choose to get a bonded retainer will i still need to wear the plastic one on top?

thanks for reading..

Hi guys, just another quick update. I've had to...

Hi guys, just another quick update.
I've had to wear my last (number 14) aligners for about a month now due to my ortho being away for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately it still hasnt achieved what i wanted so after seeing my ortho today we decided it was best to get refinements. 5 in total which should be in in a few weeks. Im happy that atleast it will all be done properly, abit sad coz i thought i'd be done by now but i guess ill be done by the end of the year or start of next :)
will update as i go along..

HI GUYS! I havent been on here for quite a long...

HI GUYS! I havent been on here for quite a long time but just wanted to update once again with my progress..
lets see.... So where i left off was that i was getting 5 refinements (5 is the maximum for refinements with invisalign LITE)
Im currently on my fourth of five. The refinements have not been very painful at all, compared to the initial set they actually dont hurt at all when i put them in or take them out which really confused me because it made me feel like they werent doing anything at all to change my teeth! The first 2 were like i was wearing a used aligner. The third one was a little tighter, then the fourth was more tighter again. I can honestly say that just this fourth set has made a significant difference all on its own! So dont lose hope if your aligners dont seem to be doing much work, it only takes that one or two to do most of the moving before u go back to the 'lazy ones' lol
so in regard to the progress of my teeth, id say i need about 2 more before i get the perfect result! Its a shame i only have one to go :( FINGERS CROSSED number 5 will push extra hard! Il be switching to five in 6 days. Cannot wait!
does anybody know what i may be able to do if the fifth doesnt shift my teeth far enough? What alternative do i have in order to achieve the perfect set of teeth?

8 months later

It has now been about 8months since the end of my invisalign experience and am now only wearing my retainers at night.
I must say that doing Invisalign was probably the best decision i have made for myself, i am not insecure about my teeth or about smiling anymore and it is one of the best feelings in the world.

i'll say though that they arent really staying in place as solidly as i'd like so i try to wear them more often than just at nights. But im sure that will change. Im very grateful for this experience and recommend anyone to do it, because even the smallest changes are encouraging! The cost/time IS WORTH IT!
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