New Non Surgical Ear Pinning Produced Amazing Instant Results!!! - Sydney, AU

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I have always hated my ears and have wanted to get...

I have always hated my ears and have wanted to get them pinned for a very long time. I avoided wearing my hair up especially for special occasions as I didn't want to be photographed at weddings or parties with my awful ears. Most people didn't think they were "that bad" but to me they were always on my mind. I had given up the idea of having them pinned because it was too expensive however thanks to this new method the cost is very low compared to the old surgical way. I had my ears pinned 6 days ago by Dr Buddy Beaini at Cosmedical Solutions in Sydney Australia. I flew from Queensland to have it done so had my consult over email. I sent in some photos and was told I was suitable. On the day I turned up at 11:30 and was asked to fill in some forms. Then I was placed in a small room like in a beauty salon, and had before photos taken. I put on a nice robe over my clothes and some gel was put in my hair and a hair wrap to keep the hair away from my ears. I was given an antibiotic and a Valium to calm me. I was nervous about the results but not the actual procedure, but thought, "hey, why not" so I took the Valium. LOL. I was then taken to Dr Buddy and he is the nicest man. He asked me many questions about how I found him and we discussed my expectations. I had seen some people with their ears plastered to their heads and I didn't want my auricle so sticking out realy far, and he said that some people DO want it like that, but that he didn't like it personally, and that he and I would decided during the procedure at what point my ears would sit. I was comforted by his bedside manner and felt relaxed and ready to go. He gave me local anaesthetic and this hurt a bit but not too bad. Then the first ear was done in about 20 mins. The second ear was the same. All went very well. He allowed me to look with a large mirror and we discussed the position as we went along. It was great. We had plenty of time to chat about other things and he was friendly, kind, professional and lovely. The kind of man you could easily sit with and have a friendly conversation with and be totally at ease, not feeling intimidated at all because he is a Dr. I really enjoyed our chat AND I left with great ears too, so it was fantastic. I cannot recommend this Dr highly enough and my results are excellent.

One week later.

Thought I'd gVe an account of the pain levels etc.
day 1. No pain after procedure due to local aesthetics. Took panadol and neurophen as I'm allergic to codeine. Could tell when it wore off!!
Day 2. Same as day one. If I forgot to take pain meds my ears reminded me. Very sore to touch. Ears a little puffy and red. Blood still dried on ears. Ears quite black.
Day 3. I forgot to mention that it's impossible to sleep. Argh! I showered today. Wet my ears. Felt scary but good. The pressure of shower water was painful. Still taking drugs.
Day 4. Itchy! Soooo itchy. Using antibiotic cream. Stopped taking oral antibiotics as they are making me sick in tummy and I am trying to enjoy holiday. Still very sore to touch even lightly. Can't sleep well!
Day 5. Stopped taking meds. Still sore but not pain. Am using travel pillow laying flat in bed to sleep. Why didn't I think of this day 1???
Soooo itchy.
Day 6. Itchy!!! Sleeping better.
Day 7. When pushing ear onto head gently with palm of hand. Not painful. When pulling ear out away from head ouch!! I wear glasses and putting on and off hurts if I'm not careful.
Day 8. Itchy!!!
Day 9. Noticed ears are relaxing a little and have stuck out slightly. I'm concerned but they still look great.
Day 10. After shower whilst applying antibiotic cream with ear bud the glue fell off. I had forgotten about the glue. They look heaps better with it gone.

Medicare rebate.

I finally got around to getting my $600 Medicare rebate. Except I only got $390.
Very disappointed. Will contact the surgery as they told me in writing that you get $600 back.

Three week update.

Ears still hard to sleep on. Still using donut travel cushion. Ears hurt when bumped (usually by someone leaning in you greet you, air kiss!)
Still happy with them.
Incredibly itchy.
Sometimes a little weepy in the mornings. A small crust appears on them which when wiped off with cotton tip produces a small spot of pus? Not red or inflamed tho. So all good.

5 weeks post procedure.

Still itchy. Still sore, especially when bumped. People going in for the hug/air kiss are terrifying! Sleeping ok. Still not healed. Body might be trying to reject permanent stitches (according to my GP)

8 weeks.

It's a little over 8 weeks.
Medicare rebate update. Surgery was contacted and apparently I was charged under the wrong procedure number. Invoice to be reissued sci he should result in my rebate being $600 rather than $390.
Pain: still avoid air kissing/hugs. Still weeping. Bright blue stitches are clearly visible. Very sore to sleep on. Have to take glasses off with extreme care.
Right ear appears to have popped out a touch. Went to dr (just my GP) to see if infected. She said not infected. Perhaps my immune system rejecting permanent stitches. Contacted dr Beaini and staff said they sound infected. Will post me 10 days of antibiotic. Suggested that I might need a follow up visit to have them repaired. This will hopefully be free as I have to fly interstate at my own expense!

5 months post procedure.

Right ear STILL infected.
I'm keeping it dry. (Hair washing less).
I'm using dettol on it (disinfectant for the skin)
I'm using antibiotic eye ointment (suggested by the chemist)
I'm covering it up with the worlds tiniest bandaids.
I'm doing this carefully and religiously.

It's too sore to sleep on. Still using my travel pillow.
It's still weeping.
It's still itches.
It's very sore to bump.
Christmas and new year a nightmare due to air kissing crazy times!!!! I know I keep mentioning this but honestly a good head bump to the infected ear seems to put me back a week in terms of healing.
Have emailed the surgery. They appear unorganised. Disinterested. Annoyed by my continuous emailing.
Honestly it should be THEM emailing ME with "how's your ear" rather than me emailing "my ear is infected, what should I do?"
I'm disappointed in the admin staff.
Would I do it again?
Yes. In a heartbeat.


Photo of band aid.
Photo of result.

7 Month report

Its been 7 months since I had my ears non surgically pinned by Dr Beainni. My ears have never healed. They stitches in BOTH ears are sitting outside my body. The left ear heals over, and then I wake up one morning and the stitch area is swollen and pus filled. When I shower, the pus filled pimple like infection pops, and the stitch is again open to the air. My right ear has never once healed over, the day the blue glue fell off, the stitch was open the air and has been for 7 months. The left ear, is sometimes fine to sleep on, but currently not. For 7 months I have slept on a travel pillow so my ear sits in the gap between my head and the bed. I have also taken to sleeping on my balled up fist. This has resulted in me having a few sore neck and being diagnosed with TMJD for which there is no real cure. I am truly suffering and hate it. My BF is so mad because I cannot be touched on the face or neck and when he hugs me I have to push away from him out of fear that he will bump my ears. In my day to day life people are often doing the "air kiss" and hug and I am constantly having my ears bumped which is not only extremely painful, but it appears to set off any infection all over again. I have given up with the dettol and antiseptic ointment as it really didn't do a damn thing. I have had about 6 courses of antibiotics and this doesnt affect the infection on iota. Even whilst taking these megadoses of AB my ears stay infected. I have tried showering more, showering less, cleaning more, bathing them more/less, soap, detergent, you name it I have tried it. Salty water, ocean swimming, nothing helps these ears at all.
To top it off, they in all honestly could sit closer to my head. I swear that my right ear sticks out further than the left and that it has moved slightly since having this done. My Dr said he will restitch for free if I am not happy, but it is my understanding that you cannot have local injections whilst you have infections as it will not work. That coupled with the fact that I have to fly interstate to have it done, which is costly and so on... and you have one really annoying set of circumstances. I am OVER IT!

After all this, would I have this done again? Yes I would. I truly believe that I am happier with my ears not sticking out and as I am getting married next year I am excited to wear my hear up and not feel ugly. Vain I Know.
I also firmly believe that somehow, these ears will settle and the infection will go away. I just need to find a Dr locally who will know what the infection is and treat it accordingly. I am planning a holiday in Sept to Sydney to revisit the Dr who did the procedure and fingers crossed 13 months later I will have a good result.
Not sure if I mentioned but I finally got my proper $600 rebate, although it was paid by the Dr not medicare, out of "good will". I do believe they are advertising the wrong rebate in their email communications. I hope after my rant and rave to them and they subsequently paying me out of their own pockets that they rectified this for future patients.
I will get some photos taken of the stitch and the position of my ears to add later this week.
Dr buddy beaini

As I said Dr Beaini is amazing. Just a very nice guy. Chatty, easygoing, professional without being arrogant (as some professionals can be). He's down to earth and kind. I have given three stars for email becuase there was some confusion during my emailing and so on, but this was apologised for and caused little drama. As I travelled interstate for my procedure it was tricky getting a appointment on a day where I could get cheap flights, this took a bit to organise and I did get a bit frustrated at times when emailing and phoning, but all in all it was ok. The staff that spoke to me upon my arrival were a little ambivalent, but perhaps that was just in comparison to the high level of excitement that I was feeling... 40 yrs of waiting and the day had come... I sort of expected a bit of a fuss... But Dr Beaini made up for that... He was fabulous.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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