Botox Biggest Mistake Of My Life!! Ended Up in ER - Sydney, Australia

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I'm only 24 and a plastic surgeon recommended...

I'm only 24 and a plastic surgeon recommended botox for jaw slimming. I had only read positive things on botox and knew the more common side effects such as redness at injection site, headache, etc.

6 hours after the injection I developed a headache and began vomiting severely (15 times in 1 hour). My hands and face began to tingle/go numb, I got extremely light headed (felt like I was going to pass out), and I could barely stand up. I ended up in the emergency room that night.

My blood pressure and urine tested normal so the nurses pretty much let me lie down in ER until I "felt better'. I wasn't getting any better after 3 hours on the drip so I decided to go home and try and sleep it out. The next morning I felt better but still had a severe headache.

After doing some research online, I realise I experienced a panic attack for the first time in my life. I have NEVER suffered from any type of anxiety and I am not a stressed out kind of person. I know without a doubt the panic attack was a cause of the botox injection.
5 days later I again experienced a full blown panic attack. This time I didn't go to hospital but instead lay on the floor of my bedroom trying extremely hard to slow my breathing for a good 3 hours while my mum held my hand. I was shaking, crying, my heart was pounding and I was tingling all over.
It has been the most frightening experience of my life and I regret putting this crap into my body!

Its not been one month since the injection and I still am suffering from extreme anxiety.
I now take valium when I start to feel the panic creeping in. I have also tried acupuncture which helped alot after the first session but doesn't seem to be effective at all anymore.

It is so depressing to go from completely healthy, not needing a 'slimmer jaw', to living like crap.. not knowing if I can attend social events or family gatherings incase another anxiety attack kicks in.

I want this poison out of my body!!
I am hoping to be fully recovered in another month or two.

Please think twice about using this poison. I have learnt my lesson and will rather have a normal sized jaw and wrinkles (in the future) then feel like crap everyday!

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please read my story!

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