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Right at this moment, I'm wondering if I've made a...

Right at this moment, I'm wondering if I've made a huge mistake. I know it's the pain talking, and my face is so fat and swollen that I feel like my skin will split. Feeling pretty awful.

It's only day 2. It has to get better right?
I'll tell you more tomorrow when I can see past my gigantic numb chin.

Day 3. Getting better

Fat face 70% gone, but numb chin persists. The tight feeling in my jaw is also a little better but I still can't open my mouth wide, or smile. I'm not liking the bulky smooth feeling at the back of the implants. I thought they would have been more like real teeth, like they are at the front. I'll get used to it.

My reasons for all on 4

A fear of dentists, to the point of never going unless I was in agony, poor dental hygiene, and smoking for 35 years. All bad choices. So in the last couple of months, teeth were starting to fall out, get loose, or were marked for removal by dentist. I decided to jump and get them all done at once.

Surgery day: had full general anesthetic and removal of remaining teeth. 20 in total I think.
Preparation of gums, insertion of screws top and bottom, and a zillion stitches (felt like). Over and done by 3pm. Off to motel for night. Very swollen, numb and bloody. Tongue numbness very irritating. White towels oh dear! 3 × ice buckets for swelling. Pain moderate (7-10) but meds help.

Day one: back for implant insertion. Still very numb. Have extreme "nanna" mouth. Sore, bloody, very swollen. Am told swelling will peak at day 2. This is still day 1. Oh no!

Implants fitted in 20 minutes. Did hurt but not as much as I had feared. They feel bulkier than I had imagined. This will take a lot of getting used to.

On to day 2. My first post. I was feeling quite awful when I wrote that.

A week has passed

This time last week, I was numb and covered in ice packs, with not a single toorh, and feeling very unpleasant. Trying to drink some custard, with numb tongue, so I could take painkillers and anti-inflammatory. Interesting and messy.

It was only a few hours after having 7 top, and all bottom teeth removed, gums planed down to almost nothing, and 8 screws put into my jaws. Thank god for general anesthetic! Went to sleep at 12, and woke at 3, all done. I opted to be knocked out because I'm terrified of dentists and needles in the mouth. Teeth were ok but years of smoking and poor dental hygiene turned my gums bad. I decided on All-on-4 for top and bottom, and all at once.

Day 1 (after surgery day).
Wake up with some feeling, but still oddly numb. Chin and nose feel huge and numb. Mouth feels gross with no teeth. Since tongue works again, I'm realizing that there are a LOT of stitches in there, and I can feel the screws. More ice. Waiting until 12pm for teeth to be fitted.
12.15pm. Teeth fitted in around 20 minutes. Tight feeling, pressure, and a little painful on the initial screwing in, but it's nice to not have that toothless mouth. Swelling is starting, and cheeks feel quite fat. Told that swelling is worse day 2 to 3. Told I'm on day 1. Get home. Take meds. Grab ice, and head for bed. Tried to eat. Not happening. Slurp some more custard. Not a lot of pain, but feeling very weird.

Day 2. Somebody please kill me. My face feels like that baby from family guy. Puffy, swollen, very unhappy. Feeling regret. Have a good cry and stay in bed for the day.

Day 3. Somewhat the same, but a little less swelling, and less regret when I drag myself to the bathroom and have a good look in the mirror. Wow!

Day 4. Better still. Tried some eggs. Success! Bit of bruising on top lip and under chin. Arnica cream will help. Even left the house today.

Day 5. Pain all gone, but chin and sides of nose still numb. Weird in shower when water on the face. Bruising better. Tight feeling in top gum, and it feels like there is a lolly stuck at back of my teeth!. Bottom feels like I have wadding between lip and teeth, due to numbness.

Day 6. Trip to dental prosthesis guy. He was happy with how things are going. Had eggs benedict with salmon. Lucky I like fish. I'll be eating a lot in next months.

Day 7. Today. Stitches are annoying me. The bits that are not covered by teeth, feel like little hairs ;)
I get the odd rush of super tightness now and then. If I tip my head down too far, or move my head too fast. Still got numb chin and sides of nose.

I am very happy so far. Its going to be a long journey, but I know it will be worth it.

Before and after pics

It's only a week since I got these, and I'm very happy

Day 11

Feeling almost normal now. Still have a numb chin, which is bugging me, and getting a bit sick of fish.

Got a weird feeling in the top teeth. It's almost like a single phantom tooth that feels a little wobbly now and then. Hoping this is normal and not the implants falling out!

Stitches still there.
One day at a time.

A month or so has passed

Some days it's great. Some days it feels weird and wrong. Still getting the hang of it all.
My chin and bottom lip are mostly still numb (extremely annoying because it feels like I have a cold sore and a fat lip when I dont).
Still tender at either side of my nostrils.
And my speech is still a bit strange.

Getting the hang of my water pik. Not sure what toothpaste I can use. Just sticking to a gel, with my extra soft kids Barbie toothbrush!

Still one day at a time.

Updated before and after

The beef or the fish?

It's been so long since I had red meat, and this lovely smoked and slow cooked beef was irresistible...
I think I might have overdone it a little.
A bit of a beef teeth hangover ????

Back to fish and scrambled eggs again. Just in case.

Numb chin no more!

I've just realised that I have all the feeling back. I can't say for sure when it happened, but it's finally back to normal.

Just waiting for my lisp to go completely, and I'm all good.

2 month visit done. Nearly there

Got my floss. It's a bit weird threading this stringy chunk between the teeth and gums. Not painful, just icky. It's a lot thicker than average floss.

Was given a couple more toothbrushes. One for under the back, where some tartar had started (mouth minerals or something).

On checkup, all looked good.
The top feels gappy today. Might be just tender after the floss.

Booked in for 3 month visit.
Not entirely sure what happens then. I know there will be an xray. Do they remove the teeth as well?

Nervous for this.

Real food again. Woohoo!

Got the all clear at my 3 month check. I can't eat (almost) whatever I like now. First thing I ate, was fish!!

Still very bothered by the top teeth. I never notice the bottoms. They feel like they've always been there, but the tops just feel wrong a lot of the time. They work great though. I guess thats the good part ????

6-ish months and still 99% happy

Realising that I clench my teeth a lot. Must stop that. They still feel odd and foreign, but slowly getting used to them. Finding that food gets stuck in the ridge at top and bottom where they meet the gums, and I subconsciously check with my tongue. I must look weird to others when I do that. Have to remind myself not to do it.

It's great to be able to eat anything, but I haven't been game to try an apple yet!

They still feel so foreign.

It's like the mouth version of walking in tight shoes. I'm 50/50 lately. I wish someone had sat me down and told me what to expect.

Plus + : I can eat anything easily.
They won't fall out one by one like my real teeth were.
They look fantastic.

Minus - : they just feel wrong in my mouth.
I'm constantly running my tongue over them, to check for food, or just lick them because they feel dry all the time.
I've just noticed the amount of silver going into the gums, and I don't know if it was like that before. Are my gums receding over the implants? Nervous about that, and self conscious of smiling too big in case I flash the "not to be seen" parts.

I know it takes time. And I'll get over it eventually. Just having a bit of a freak out.

Yearly (9 months) checkup tomorrow

I'm nervous.
They'll be removing the teeth for cleaning, and then I go for a "hygiene visit" at the dentist.

Can anyone tell me what to expect?
Needles? Dreading it *gasp*

1 year done!

Starting to get annoyed. Implants in 1 year and doing ok, but ive had to go back several times to have the little hole covers replaced. One same one keeps coming out, only lasting a week at most. A third came out tonight. This has been the 5th time all up. They were all replaced in June, and I've been back twice since then. It's so random too. Doesn't matter what I eat.

Is this happening to anyone else?
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