23yo Just Had Septo-rhinoplasty to Remove my Dorsal Hump and Raise the Tip - Sydney, AU

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I haven't been happy with my nose since I was...

I haven't been happy with my nose since I was 17yo, I'm 23 now and decided I'd had enough... Last Friday (as in 5 days ago) I got a septo-rhinoplasty and the post-op has been really intense and just need somewhere to vent my problems and see if there are is some relief. So far I don't regret my decision because I know in a few weeks this procedure will change my life for good and a bit of short pain will have been worth it. But the post-op healing process is almost unbearable at this stage...

Day 1 to 7

I've found reading about other people's experiences so insightful so I'd like to share my own. The only problem is that it's now day six for me so I'll summarise it all here now.

Day 1:
Before the surgery I was really nervous, I'd never undergone any form of it or had general anaesthetic before. The only uncomfortable part was getting the cannula in, but that was mostly because I am afraid of needles. The anaesthetic doctor was really calming and numbed my hand before inserting it. After they gave me the medicine I was out before I even knew it and felt like no time had gone by when I woke up a few hours later. I wasn't in any pain just extremely drowsy. The rest of the day was actually quite comfortable, I felt very relaxed and numb. I'm glad I stayed in hospital overnight because even though I didn't have any bad reactions or nausea to the anaesthesia it's very comforting to have nurses who can answer any questions and take care of you.

Day 2
The second day wasn't too bad either. The pain from my nose wasn't too bad, it was present but manageable. The pain from my throat however was quite uncomfortable, the breathing tube from the surgery left my throat feeling like raw meat. Gargle warm water and salt three times a day!! My face has started swelling but it's not the worst feeling in the world. It's just a bit uncomfortable. I was worried I wouldn't be able to sleep well at home without a hospital bed to angle at 45 degrees... but even on top of all my pillows I got like 9h sleep!

Day three
Things started getting difficult now. My nose pain again was present but perfectly manageable but two other things were making the healing process a real ordeal. My nose CONSTANTLY felt like it was leaking! It was like I had the worst cold ever and snot was constantly running down my nose except I have tubes in my septum and it's blocking it from coming out, so it's like this awful trickling feeling of snot down my face except it's not there. The other problem is the sore throat, again gargle gargle gargle. The swelling in my nose has started working its way down my face, it's moved from my eyes and nose to my cheeks. Didn't get much sleep day 3.

Day 4
Nose is constantly constantly constantly leaking. I'm in no pain it's just REALLY REALLY annoying. My throat has started to feel like it's healing and I don't have this big raw lump in my throat when I wake up in the morning anymore. From here on in sleeping has been more difficult mostly because of the uncomfort.

Day five
The leakiness is still driving me crazy but now that is like a walk in the park compared to the itchiness. Being itchy is a good sign because it shows the nose is healing and the nerves are regenerating, but it is AGONY. I'm not talking a bit of an annoying feeling... I mean thousands of ants crawling all over my face. It started out a bit uncomfortable so I watched movies to keep me distracted but by the evening I couldn't eat, sleep, or think... I was pacing up and down my room until 5am trying to distract myself until I got so tired I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. Another worrying problem happened, I got all these sore little red dots on my chest. When I put blankets on top they also get irritated.

Day six
I woke up and went to go see my GP straight away. I desperately asked her for ANYTHING to give me some relief from the itchiness... It is utter agony. Everything else about the post-op is bliss compared to this. She recommended a non-drowsy antihistamine like telfast. She's not sure if the red dots are a reaction from the endone or the antibiotics I am taking. Either way I stopped taking endone two days prior and I'd already finished my course of antibiotics so whatever the cause was it's not going to get worse from here. I've also got a steroid cream to help with the eczema reaction to the drugs I've been taking. I didn't move much as much on this day, I just wanted to watch tv shows to distract myself from the itchiness.

This what I've mostly looked like since the surgery, a little bit of swelling and bruising.

Day Eight (CAST OFF)

My doctor was a hero! He knew how uncomfortable the recovery was going for me and made time for me today to take out my septum tubes and remove my cast. WHAT A RELEIF! The whole experience wasn't painful just a weird. The only unpleasant bit was having the stitches snipped out but it's over super quickly. No problems at all. And THEN I SAW MY FACE IN THE MIRROR, oh my god, I'm so happy! I don't know how to explain what it's like... I have been so insecure and critical of my face since I was in my early teens... And now that dorsal hump is gone and my tip is raised. I can't wipe the smile off my face! I've got a lot of swelling still that's yet to go and my tip will go down a touch so results aren't final but if I love my nose now I'll love it more as time goes on :) YAAAAAAY!

Post-cast nose progress

All my bruising has almost disappeared completely (there's still a tiny faint purple stripe) and the swelling has gone down significantly since last Friday... I'm sure I still have a long way to go still but I'm happy! Has anybody else felt a little lump of skin in their nostril after surgery? I'm worried it might be a keloid or something because it's a little nubin sort of thing in my right nostril... it's not in my left. It's not the worst thing since it's disguised inside but it's a little bit worrying. I'll make sure to discuss it at my first check up.

2 months post surgery!

I'm sure there is still swelling to go down... but I am so happy with my nose. Best decision I ever made!

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