Adult Braces Worth Every Dollar - Sydney, AU

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With a growing concern over how my teeth had...

With a growing concern over how my teeth had changed from my early 20's to newly marked 30's, I researched and eventually got adult braces.

Worried about the new restricted diet I would need to avoid staining my braces, being mocked, and not being able to talk properly, I nervously visited an Invisalign office and an orthodontist to obtain quotes on how it would work and what it would cost (I went with Damon braces with clear porcelain brackets with the orthodontist for $6,500).

Invisalign Quote $12,000
- Told I was a perfect candidate
- Would take 18-24 months
- Series of retainers and bumps sent to AUS from USA

Damon Clear Braces $6500
- Not invisible but very like invisible using the clear brackets
- Greater control - Easy to move brackets, change wires, add elastics as my teeth moved and didn't necessarily follow orders (it does happen). Invisalign would need to order new trays from the US adding time to the process
- Lower impact on the teeth compared to traditional braces

Started treatment 2 Oct 2015 and looking to finish treatment Feb 2017. At present, I am 1y 1m into braces and my ortho is making the last refinements before taking the braces off. My teeth have moved pretty quickly and behaved bar 2 movements to untangle my font bottom teeth and close the gap in the same spot.

I you are considering getting braces as an adult - DO IT! It's the best thing I've started, my ortho is the one doing all the work but I'm so happy I finally did it.

Personal Pro's
- Opens so many conversations about teeth and others worries that you never knew they had about their own. I've had conversations about teeth with at least 100 people from work colleagues, to the local butcher, my doctor, friends, and numerous strangers.
- Damon clear braces are not noticeable. It's weird, I know there's a whole lot more in my mouth these days but people just don't notice them & don't have laser accurate vision.
- Seeing changes bring confidence. I was so self conscious about my teeth and every change makes me smile more.
- Muscle pain around my mouth is nonexistent. I used to experience a lot of tension across my chin and where my jaw hinges, as a result of stress, grinding my teeth and associated pain. I thought it was normal but with braces that has completely disappeared.
- I'm currently single and I've noticed some guys really like braces :) which is a nice initial conversation when newly meeting anyone.

- managing appointments. I have appointments once a month & first thing in the morning (8:30am) but it does mean I get to work at 10:00am. I also found a place that lucky opens late thursday nights and saturday mornings.
- Short periods of pain - whenever there is a new tension on your teeth, it's going to be tender (for maybe 3-4days) but it's nothing ibuprofen can't mask.
No points warrant not doing it

- Leafy greens get wrapped around the wires and wraps turn to glue and get stuck.
- Removing elastics to eat in public can be annoying and a brief moment asking who you are with to avert their eyes

Must buy items to make braces easy as pie
- Water Flosser to blast away food from gums
- Piksters to floss after eating and clean out any food that wont leave
- Water to swish around and dislodge anything
- Wax to stop pesky wires from cutting the back of your mouth
- Pain killers for those first few days after an adjustment
- Whitening mouthwash to keep them sparkly

What I thought would be a problem, that wasn't
- Eating spiced food that might stain my teeth/braces - yellow, red, orange - didn't really happen
- Drinking red wine - was fine at home and fixes with a brush before bed
- Coffee - a daily coffee was fine, tea on the other hand was an instant stainer

From my personal experience, if you want straighter teeth and have the means to get braces don't hold back, get your ducks in line and start treatment. It's completely worth it in self confidence, personal achievement and love for your own mental health. Best wishes on your new teeth xo

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