Cankles Ankle Lower Leg Calf Liposuction with PHOTOS

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3 weeks to go til my surgery... I'm a bit scared,...

3 weeks to go til my surgery... I'm a bit scared, bit excited! There seems to be very few reviews on here for ankles , cankles or lower leg liposuction and even less done in Australia so my plan is to provide one! I'll be documenting my experience with photos too of course :)

I'm getting ankle and calves liposuction in Sydney at cosmos clinic. I've started my prep for the surgery and I know I bruise badly at the best of times so I'm focused on preventing that... So far I have bought a spare set of compression stockings online on ebay and some vitamins and rubs for post op bruising. I didn't end up buying arnica because its homeopathic and my better judgement just wouldn't allow me buy something 1 part arnica to a million parts water, I just can't do it! My brain refuses to! So after a lot of research I bought some vitamin K cream instead online on iherb which has been shown in studies to help with bruising etc, so hopefully that helps :)

I also have a wedge pillow that I can hopefully keep my legs elevated on but then again I move around alot when I sleep but I guess all you can do is try!

I'll update soon with more info and photos to come. :)

Before photos

before photos

before photos (april '17)

before photos (april '17)

before photos (apr '17)

before photos (apr '17)

more before photos

more before photos

5 days to go. Write on my page. I'm bored!

5 days to go. I'll take photos right before I get the surgery too, but it would be good if some more people wrote on here! I feel like i'm posting to no one :(

So far so good

So I had the surgery and will post photos for you to see. It will only let me upload 10 photos at a time. Boo

After surgery day

After day of surgery Part 2

Lots of blood

2 days after surgery

Had my first massage at the clinic which was pretty much just squeezing the blood out. I've been doing that at home too. Prepare for lots of blood with water not just to b drain out but that you need to squeeze out for best results. Blood is all over the floor because the holes are near my ankles. Sometimes it's sore lumpy and tender to squeeze out. I'm finding its easier with my arnica cream but boy does it hurt you feel every lump and bump and the point is to smooth them out. Yow. You also really need to get as many bed pads from your surgeon as possible cos even with towels the blood will eventually get through to your sheets.

Front view the legs look noticeably improved side view I'm not seeing much of a difference. Hopefully that improves soon! Take some pain killers before massaging and sleep up! I'd recommend some iron tablets too if you feel tired from the blood loss like I did ????
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