21 y/0 vaser lipo full body. Sydney, AU

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So i have my surgery scheduled for under a week...

So i have my surgery scheduled for under a week now!
Super excited!! can anyone give me some tips on how to prepare/what i need for before and after surgery?

getting arms, inner thighs, knees and lower and upper abdomen done

have had my lower abdomen and knees be stubborn areas my whole life, and figure that this is the perfect way to fix it.
It will also give me the motivation and incentive to maintain my body by working out and living a healthy lifestyle !

I am in my prime, and am only young once, have so much planned for myself, so why not look my best!

My body is one of the primary factors for my side work, and this would better my chances and increase my income.

So none of my family knows, and im currently situated in Melbourne, and am flying to Sydney for the operation.
My best friend will accompany me and so will my dog (flying him over)
I have rented a beautiful house on the beach for a week of my recovery.. so that should be nice.

Trying to see this as a holiday more than anything else... lol

Worked hard for this !!

So! Fat transfer?

Im removing fake nails tomorrow, buying cheap clothes to wear after surgery, pee pads, cheap pajamas and underwear.

Buying arnica pills for bruising, and will purchase some of the scar gel, and possibly more compression garments from the surgery, as i have only one bodysuit, a garment for my arms, and then a seperate stomach garment.

So im thinking another full body garment (as the other ill need to clean) and some pants?

Ive uploaded some pictures of the results im wanting (im being very particular)

He said im a great candidate for these results as i have minimal fat and great skin. So if im wanting this swimsuit/magazine looking body then im doing the right thing!

Ive signed up to the pilates club that i can hopefully get into asap when i get back.

Im still undecisive on whether to do fat transfer to buttocks (for an extra 1000).. as ive always wanted a bigger bum, and that was the whole point of this surgery, but then i thought my bum would look bigger anyway once the rest of me is smaller.. and i could do squats to improve.

The only reason why i opted out was because of the healing process, and being unable to sit will set me back. I have gained alot of weight in order to get my bum bigger before the surgery and its increased by half a inch in projection!

hmmm.. anyway, the surgery is on the thursday, and its monday today. NERVOUS!
I arrive early in the morning and they expected me to be at the clinic half an hour afterwards.. Im trying to get them to change me around with the patient at 12. It just wont work!

I have to meet the lady for the house and put down my things, and get from the airport!

Cant drink alcohol from now, and i have to remember not to eat 6 hours before!

UPDATE: a realistic one

okay, so its been a rough few days.

Firstly my dog couldnt come because he had a emergency surgery and i couldnt fly him because of that.
It was also the night before i was supposed to fly, and i was up all night because of it, and went straight to the airport at 4am... so no sleep.

I got to the clinic and i was super nervous, and was supposed to have a consult but didnt really get one... which is dissapointing because i havent had one at all- but nevertheless i was marked up by dr.ajakas assistant doctor, and briefly went over my expectations and problem areas.

The surgery didnt go well at first. I had gone in at 12, i was very nervous, stressed, and tired. It all happened so fast, and when he started to operate, i felt everything. This gave me a massive ahock as it hurt and noone had told me what to expect- bad on their part. I freaked out as anyone would and as he went to try again i was crying. I was overwhelmed by them telling me to relax and the doctor saying i have a tolerance to pain relief- and that he cant operate on me. Him saying this upset me even more- to the point where i didnt even want to be there. He continued to say to me he would give me a full refund. I managed to convince him to give it another shot but he said fist we need to get your heart rate down. After all it was at 180. I waited 2 hours to get my heart rate to 90- as i was super anxious and worked up. Once it was down he gave me a different medication- and more of ir. Ir worked and the operation was successful.
Because i was there for 7 hours we couldnt get through everything, and only managed to do my stomach and knees.

I was told that the second operation would be done this wednesday- which puts me out because i will have to wear my garments a further week, and pay for 2 more nights accomodation.

I was told to keep the garment on for 48 hours, which i thought was until the next day. Coming home was horrible.
I dont know if it was the amount of medication i was given but i was really depressed, really sore and uncomfortable, as i was soaking in blood. It hurt to move and was hard to lie down and get up.

I woke up a few times during the night feeling constricted and sore- it hurt to move but was uncomfortable to stay where i was...

DAY 1: I woke up covered in blood, and had managed to get it everywhere even though i had pads underneath me. I decided to use a old sleeping bag to wrap myself in, and its worked really well so far.
I was super sore and couldnt get up, took pain relief and waited. About 15 minutes later it got excruitiating, so i took another. Soon after i felt better but drowsy, and decided to get up and do stuff as they instructed me too.
I was constantly in and out of pain, had super bad sharp pains in my flanks, and found it super hard to get in and out of the car. It was painful to do any kind of movement. Going to bed was okay- bur u woke up more then once and was super swallon- felt like i couldnt breath and had to loosen the corset.

Day 2:
I woke up and was still bleeding, everywhere. I had my first shower and ir wasnt as great as i thought it would be. Taking the garments off was painful and my incisions were still open wounds- it stung in the shower.
I washed my hair and put on my pre purchased garments, that didnt really fot properly. I took my meds and went out again. Again sharp pains and hurt to get down and up- i really didnt think it would be this painful. Was bleeding all day and still am right now. I bought a new garment at my follow up appt while my other original one was washed and its already soaked.

I really hope that the pain is better tomorow and i stop bleeding! like they said it would today...

I am more swallon today then i was yesterday, and its getting worst. i really love the shape dr.ajaka has created and j saw it clearly straight after surgery... and that was straight after! Its only going to get better...

But now i can hardly see the shape because my stomach is so swallon! What ive also realized is you cant eat big meals t once- especially if yoir swallon. you feel bloated when youre not and everythinf becomes tight. Small meals throughout the day is better.

Im also constipated from all the meds and havent gone in 3 days.,. Another reason why i hope the pain stops tomorrow

Here are some pictures of me beinf drawn up and some after pics... will do some better ones when im not in so much paon

day 3

Pain has reduced alot.. woke up feeling alot better, swelling still high. Also went to the toilet (thankgod)

The bleeding has finally stopped, and am so happy about that.

Im excited to see my results, as the excitement of seeing my stomach has died down.. I really hope it looks like it did in the first few hours after surgery! literally tiny and a flat as stomach :)

Im eating carbs like they said i should and lots of fruit including pineapple, apple and manderin.
Having alot of juices as well! I cant wait to start wearing the clothes i want and excerizing!

Ill let you all know how the second op goes! :)

day 4

woke up super sore, and had the massive urge to take off my second corset (body armour i like to call it) thing. Its still off at the moment, they say to wear it to prevent you for slouching and forming a crease.
I dont think im going to wear it to bed, its so constrciting and i sweat, and it actually hurts because it puts pressure on my back.

Swelling has subsided a little, but there is so much fluid where the incisions are! (bikini line area) . its like a pouch! so squishy.

Pain is minimal, so getting better. not looking forward to bleeding and no shower again!
ive been going to the toilet, and i find a mostly fruit diet helps your bowels, with the constipation meds.

my bruising is minimal, but im lucky because i dont bruise heavily.

day 10

AHHH cant wait for the recovery to be over!!!! Still in alot of pain, does anyone else get sharp jolts of burning around the flanks? it gets so painful that i start crying on the spot...

I had my arms and thighs done, bleedinf finally stopped... just a waiting game now... the bloody brace they get us to wear is so uncomfortable especially wjen sleeping ! its hard to keep it on.

Here are some update pics with all my garments on. Eating really well and massaging to speed recovery.
cant wait to start excersize and buy new clothes!!

really worried

I am angry about the lack of information that cosmos has given, and how majority of it is the info they want to tell you.

Never mentioned the pain, the big, bulky corset that you have to wear (really hard to cover up), the ridiculous swelling,, and the lack of follow up.

I assumed i would be able to work within 3 weeks, but now not so sure. If i knew the swelling would be this up and down and bad, i wouldnt of done the surgery at all, or wouldve had it for a different date. My 21st birthday is coming up in 3 weeks and im really worried i wont even be able to wear a dress, let alone go out.

Ive had one day where results could be seen, apart from that my stomach ( on one side) is so inflammed, lumpy and swallon. My thighs look like they havent been touched, my calves are really swallon even though they havent been done.

I have booked a massage for tomorrow, at $55 for 30 minutes. Im going to try do a few of these even though im running low on money.

I feel like working out and taking off the garments scheduled for the end of next week is seriously not long enough? My results are looking horrible at the moment. I cant possibly see them getting better within a week!

Im trying to drink alot of water, and massage as much as i can... i was told to stay 5 days after my operation for massages and the clinic bailed on me twice, and both massages i did have were 5 minutes long.... i just feel like client #121.

Any tips to help with recovery? Or speed it up? Im feeling down :( Sitting at the house doing nothing is really getting to me

update: nearly at 3 months

Hey guys

Im so sorry for not updating sooner, shit got really stressful and messy when i started running out of money... Like literally, but it was only about 2 weeks of stress and then i was back in NZ to see family. .. so money issues weren't as much of a problem, and by the time i got back i was able to work again.

Whilst in NZ i was on the 'wearing the garment 12 hours a day' plan. Instead of doing this for 3 weeks i did it for 1 and half...which is bad, but i got into a bad habit and just stopped.

I noticed that the side of my stomach is still stolen, and is more raised, whereas the other side is completely flat, and looks great.

For 2 weeks i had a permanent line from sitting down, that stretched across my stomach, but now its pretty much gone... well doesn't happen anymore.

I have days where my stomach looks great, and others where it looks like shit. I think thats part of the healing process though.

I went back for a follow up (finally) and had a very apologetic and attentive surgeon (this time around). and i think its because of the email i wrote his assistant about how angry i am about the outcome, the follow up and the treatment that i had during my surgery. I have also spoken to a few people, and they said because of what happened to me, i could sue him for ALOT. But, if he's cooperating with me and willing to help and give me the best outcome then i won't waste my time.. end of day i want what i paid for and to be treated like a patient should be treated.

He gave me cheap botox, apologised, tried to get to know me, and was very happy to go forward with a touch up surgery to fix the parts I'm not happy with. There was no arguing or problems that came with me complaining, which i expected to be honest.

I had some blood injection thing injected into the side that has swelling, which apparently is supposed to have it go down in a month or so. (Theres bad scar tissue built up in that side for some reason)

Overall, I'm happy with results SO FAR but expect it to come through even more. I am more confident and am enjoying wearing what i want.

I am going to make/save enough to money before scheduling the next touch up surgery (in 2 weeks) so i can recover without stress.

Im excited to work out, and have even organised a personal trainer, but will wait until the touch up surgery has been performed before starting exercise.. (because i can't exercise while recovering)

Now I'm only getting my inner thighs touched up. They are uneven and very one has had more fat taken out then the other. Im only doing my legs so therefore only have to wear leggings (this will be a lot easier than a bloody body suit!)

I shall upload some photos soon of days its looked good. And more once november has past so you can see overall results.

To be honest, even though I'm starting to enjoy my body more and more, i still want to work out and get toned, and eat well. (Which I've been doing!)

Although, the recovery for this surgery was FUCKING horrible. And i will be speaking to Dr Ajaka about being very clear with patients that it isn't just a 'week recovery' like they advertise.

I was suffering from post surgery depression, i was swollen in every area, i couldn't wear clothes or even try to cover up this bloody bodysuit, oh and Fyi i stopped wearing the black chunky guard that i had to wear over my garment... i wore it for maybe 2 weeks max? didn't really make a difference

i wouldn't tell anyone to do this unless they had a lot of money to spare whilst recovering and were completely honest and upfront with friends that could support them through it... i was stupid enough to try hide this from my brother (that i lived with) along with my friends, so it made everything a lot harder.

Im soooo glad its over and the pain has stopped, i got horrible sharp pains that would make me cry on the spot... sleeping was horrible, i couldn't even get a decent nights sleep without waking up numerous times. The medication made me feel shit, but was the only thing to help me get through the pain.

The legs were the easiest to recover and caused me the least pain so I'm happy to go through that again. And seeing as its just pants! But i want this to perfect, as i did pay 11k.

Im going overseas in december so lets hope its all great by then!

Again sorry for not being active! I was on a stressful mission for money and when i was able to go back to work it was all that was on my mind.

It all seems like a blur now but I'm glad i went through it, and know for next time how to prepare.


I will upload more photos of some of the good days I've had, and some more in the future of how its all looking. I think in time my stomachs going to look better and better.

My legs are wonky, but its not that noticeable. Will upload shots of my arms too.

So far so good, the cosmos clinic has been really attentive. Dr Ajaka has rung me twice to clarify details and answer my questions. The nurse Laura has been great with emailing me and answering all my questions in between

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