Please Do Not Consider This Procedure! - Sydney, AU

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Ulthera is a horrible damaging expensive procedure...

Ulthera is a horrible damaging expensive procedure. You will regret it. it causes fat atrophy and makes you look older. Although you may not notice at first. The only thing guaranteed is that you will not look better. I had it without doing any research. I'd never had any procedure before and was a little ignorant. it aged me. This caused severe depression for many months. I was unsure if the sudden ageing i was seeing was in my head or not but i became unable to look in the mirror. I did much research and conclude that this procedure does make you lose fat from your face. And i had it done at a leading clinic with the best reputation. I have since talked to plastic surgeons who agree it can cause fat atrophy and has little benefit. And also eyelid retraction which i noticed on myself well before i read a plastic surgeons comments about Ulthera causing this. Just don't do it. Please!

This is what plastic surgeon Rian Maercks MD has to say:

"Ulthera is hyped as a face-lifting and neck tightening technology that is revolutionary because of its use of focused ultrasound that creates ridiculously high amounts of heat in tiny little spots underneath your skin. The thought is that a line of these spots will create a vector of pull or lift. Well, the results are difficult to appreciate (if you do not take a post procedure picture with an elevated chin which makes the neck appear tighter) and the long term results are just sad. The heat deep in the face must dissipate and no matter how focal energy delivery is, healthy facial fat suffers. It has been around long enough to have many patients see the horrible eyelid retraction and fat atrophy that it can cause. I see young patients in my practice, who otherwise would not need a surgical intervention, present with discontent after these treatments that need blepharoplasty and canthal suspension as well as fat grafting to restore them to reasonable aesthetics"

You can google his FB page.
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