48 Year Old Mum of 5. Last Two Twins, 4 Caesarians. - Sydney, AU

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I have been wanting a TT for about 4 years, my...

I have been wanting a TT for about 4 years, my twin girls are 7. I turn 49 this year, its now or never. Very concerned about coping with a busy life.
Certainly been having all the thoughts most have had, am I doing the right thing, is this a selfish act, will I be ok?
I have 7 weeks to wait and trying to lose 5 kgs. ( The elusive 5 kgs ).
Having had 4 caesars you'd think Id feel relaxed, oh no just as nervous as you guys. They were not by choice and for a very good reason, TT is different, but slowly convincing myself how much better ill feel for it.



The longest 5 weeks in my life. Trying to lose 5kg's so far 1 1/2 down. I feel totally consumed by it all. Will I do BA or won't I ? Yes but what size? I just want to be in proportion something I have never been.
I think Ill go back to P.S for one more consult. My hubby supports me either way, and is happy with breasts as they are :)

29 days and counting. Soooooo nervous!

Hi all, I have been trying real hard to drop as much weight as poss before surgery. Im hoping it will help in the size of the scar. And also know that training will be off for at least 6 weeks. The best I can do so far is 2 kgs.
I haven't told many people of my planned makeover , only a couple of friends and my husband.
I find it difficult to post photos.

Not long now

side shot

BA or no BA. That is my question

OMG, its doing my head in, making the decision to include a BA as well.
Im thinking along the lines of while Im there why not. I have never been happy with my breasts and after feeding 5 children and never really having any anyway now is the time ( now or never).
My hubby has no problem either way and is quite happy with them as they are. But his thoughts aren't my concern. Its just that if you had of asked me 2 years ago I would have said no thanks its not for me. Now that I'm going ahead with a TT ,week why not. My main concern is having something foreign in my body, will it have adverse effects on my body, am I harming my body.
Im going crazy.

23 Days So close.

I have even measured up and also have 2nd thought on the size after following a few reviews. I don't want big just a fuller look. So far the plan is under the muscle and no lift. Im sure the size is down as 410cc. I have requested one more visit with P.S to discuss size, Im thinking it might be to big.
God my mind is like a pendulum. would welcome any thoughts.

Just 14 days away .

Well. The countdown is really on now. I have visited my P.S again and decided on an implant size, didn't think it would be so hard. Just want to look as natural as possible without being too big or too obvious. Im sure I have everything I need to take to hospital, and my wedge pillow arrived here yesterday, so all systems go. I have organised a cleaner to come once a week for three weeks, so that should help. Update again soon take care all my R.S friends.

7 day countdown..

What have I forgotten? If I get one more note from school to sign or pay for something Ill scream, just as I get on top of things another one appears. I suppose I can only do what I can do.
With 3 in primary school and one in year eleven there is never a dull moment. My teenage son won't be around to help out next week he is of up the coast for a surfing contest. Bugger he has wheels to ferry people around in. Again it is what it is, hubby just has to step up..
Well my house will be spotless before I go to hospital the carpet is getting cleaned as I type.
I can't think past going in for op, when I get home it will be one day at a time.

D Day Tomorrow

Hi friends, well tomorrow is my day. I have taken in all the advice and prepared as much as I think possible, tomorrow is only hours away. My nerves are actually calm (at the moment). I need to be at hospital at 6.30 am, so keep your fingers crossed for me and Ill post ASAP. As you can see I don't spend a lot of time at the computer so Ill do my best to keep you informed of my progress. Cheers to you all and thank you for the support :)

2 days post op

Well, Im as we say on the other side. Battered and bruised, but glad to be in hospital, being well looked after and keeping on top of fluids and meds.
Have felt nauseous on and off, managed to make to the spew bag on 2 occasions.
Can honestly say when I woke in recovery I was in two minds. One: thank goodness its over with and two: why.
But today Im feeling better and do so after each nap. Im making it to the bathroom alone and showered the morning after op.

5 days post

I dont know what happened must have been the drugs, i updated in hospital but dosnt seem to have worked.
Here goes.
Im home now, spent 4 nights in hospital. Went in at 8am Monday in recovery at 12pm. The Doc phoned my husband himself to let him know I was in recovery( surprised me ). I was taken to the ward in a room to myself.
I was a pit nauseous and very tired.
The drugs did their job and even though uncomfortable not really any PAIN.

Still 5 days post

I can safely say I feel as I expected to.
After following R.S members I am feeling ok, staying hydrated, on top of pain killers and a little back pain. The hot water bottle is devine to ease that . I had one drain removed day 3 and the second removed before leaving the hospital. My breast are very tender and my chest had a very tight heavy sensation at first almost like my sternum had been broken. That went away on day 3 but I did follow breathing instructions given by the nurses. I told my friend I thought my breast were to big, but she assures me its alot to do with swelling. Cant wait to stand up straight and get a real look at proportion. I still have only told 4/5 people about implants,lets see how many notice.

10 days post

Hi all, I am so grateful that the RS site was / is very helpful.
I am 10 days post and home trying to take things as easy as poss. Once the kids are off to school( on the bus), its not bad, lifting washing baskets are my main issue. Having a shower I have down pat, even managed to shave my legs thismorning. Friends keep popping in to help so all is good.
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