Vaser Lipo of Flanks, Upper/lower Abs, Inner Thighs and Arms - Sydney, AU

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Going in 2 hrs to get my fat sucked out :) the...

Going in 2 hrs to get my fat sucked out :) the worst part for me is the unknown of how much they will take and what I will look like. I'm not expecting to lose kgs, but maybe a dress size and a few inches from my main trouble spot - my flanks! I'm getting 5 areas done in one sitting which should take 4 hrs, am I mad?? I'm a nanny and have 7 days off work, just hope that will be enough time. I'm pretty good with pain, but guess we'll find out!

Bit about me - I'm. 31, no kids, am 168cm, weigh 65 kgs. I have a few pics to put up, but they aren't great - quite tricky I've noticed! Will keep u guys informed - any questions, feel free!

Day 1

So, it's all done :) it took 5 hrs, which seem a bit of a blur. I have to wear a corset and compression garment, which is fine, but cannot hide the corset as it is very bulky :( I look like I'm v apple shape! Not seen myself yet, but going for a lymphatic massage at 5pm today and will take my garment off for the first time when in the clinic and also get a shower there :) I feel like I am swelling quite a bit as my corset is getting tighter and is quite hard to breathe and eat/drink. The procedure it's self was fine, although there were some quite painful parts- they were apparently doing some hi def around my abs which is supposed to be more sensitive? I've been moving around lots today, went for a walk etc, but also taking it easy. Started watching homeland so get up and wander between each episode! Will update again over the next few days :)

Just seen my new bod...

And so far I am soooo happy! It's weird seeing another figure looking back at me. I'm not bruised yet, and can't really tell how swollen I am, but so far so good. I'm going to try to massage myself as often as I can and having the bloody corset on stops me from eating too much! Got on the scales this morn too- nearly 5 kgs more, so I must be very swollen! They took a total of 2 litres out, so hopefully back to 65 kgs soon or hopefully less! Will report back soon - any questions, feel free to ask. This whole thing has been extremely serial!

New pics

Day 3

Still all going really well, had lymphatic massages every day since surgery and staff have been amazeballs. I'm only really bruised on my inner thighs and left side of flanks. Been up and about since day one, but also make sure I rest too. My life is either in standing or sitting mode - this corset stops me from bending, but it's fine, I just walk around looking like an umper lumper! Been drinking heaps of water, taking arnica pills and using cream, using Epsom salts when I shower and generally eating clean foods with minimal salt. Just getting impatient with these garments, but it's all for the greater good!

I have nothing negative to report really - if anyone needs any recommendations on where to go for lipo, cosmos has been great for me. And I highly rate them! Will do some more pics at 1 wk stage, today has probably been my most swollen and am expecting to get worse before I get better, but hope not :)

1 week down

And one week closer to being able to take these garments off!!!! Only bruised on left flank and inner thighs. So far I love my arms the most - lost 2 inches each arm :)

The corset is the biggest pain in my ass, but the idea of flat stomach keeps it on. I'm told after 2 weeks I can occasionally take it off and just wear my compression garment if I have to. Using lots of Epsom salts as an exfoliator when I shower and using arnica cream, which I believe is helping loads. Here's a pic one week post

2 weeks post

And every day gets easier and my swelling subsides. I do lead an active job and life, so by the end of the day I am more swollen and it can get me down, but I'm motivated again by morning as I see a much nicer shape looking back at me! I have got a few lumps, but just keep massaging and hope they will settle soon, having massages twice a week still and the nurse has said I'm healing better than most :) only a slight bruise now to my left hip, but all in all really happy and to see no muffin top really is a dream come true!

More pics

Dammit, keep saving instead of adding pic!

Nearly 4 weeks post

Hey! Sorry, I've been slack!

The past couple of weeks have been a bit up and down with my swelling - it's been amazing weather so have been without my garment over the past couple of weekends, and come Monday, I'm swollen again - put on 1.5 kgs, but then goes down again in a couple of days. Pain is fine - still tender to touch, but when I'm not poked, I don't really notice pain. Still massaging loads and have lumps in abdomen. They aren't too bad, but as swelling goes, they are more noticeable. I'm having the lumps injected with my own plasma on weds which is supposed to help quicken the reduction in the lumps. Doc says lumps are v normal and almost all patients get them. They take my blood, spin it and inject back into the lumpy areas. Will try to take some pics for you tomorrow or weds - I don't think I've really changed that much since last pics, but u guys can be the judge of that!

4 weeks post

I've been up and down with swelling, still trying to keep garments on 24 hrs a day as without them my swelling increases quite a bit, but my arms are doing fine so chopped the arms off my garment that I use during the day as it's easier to conceal. Pain is fine, just still tender to the touch, and haven't started exercising yet as my body isn't ready, but will start swimming soon. Have uploaded pics , but not sure if much has changed since week 2. I have a but if a pot belly under my tummy button as there is a bit of trapped swelling, but all is still ok - going in for those injections later today - will let you know how I go!

PRP therapy injections

I went in for my PRP injections yesterday and it was fine. They use it to promote healing in the soft tissue lumps and is supposed to speed the recovery. I'm being a fairly quick healer as it is, so it won't make as much of a difference to me as it would do a slow healer, but I'll take anything to speed things up! They use numbing cream to numb the areas that have lumps, take some blood, then spin my blood for about 10/15 mins, then come back and inject me with my plasma. It stings a little bit, but I didn't find it bad at all. Couple of hrs later , am all good again and no stinging soreness. There are not many clinics at all that do this, but as my clinic has the machine already , it's offered as part of the after care.
Cosmos clinic

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