**Update: Heading to USA from Australia - Time for my Breast Implants to Go (Breast Explant) in Sydney Australia

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Happy new year beauties. 2016 will be filled with...

Happy new year beauties. 2016 will be filled with changes for the better.
The first of which I've decided is to remove my breast implants.
They have overstayed their welcome of almost 4 years. No longer are they bags of joy to satisfy my self-esteem issues, but rather, they've become parasites leaching on my body, energy, health and happiness.
I'm done and I want them gone. I want my life back, my joy and to just live. Something that was in my innate human nature that has diminished is my capacity to give and to help others. As much as my heart wants to go out and share the love and compassion I have for the human race, I can't. I no longer have the energy to. I've been disintegrating into a lifeless, exhausted and ill mess since my implants.

I am now on the journey to finding a surgeon in Sydney who will remove the entire breast implant with its capsule, en-bloc style. I don't wish for anything to be left behind. I pray that I may be given the gift of such surgeon.

Here's to 2016 and healing beginnings.
So much love to anyone also suffering.

Changing tides

So I had initially wanted to do my surgery in Sydney due to costs... I'm not financially secure so this surgery is really ripping a hole in my pocket.

But having consulted a few PS's that I intensively researched beforehand, I have dwelled on it afterwards for these past months and come to the realisation that I lack confidence in their ability to perform a good explant.

Unfortunately none of the surgeons I saw were able to confidently say they could do a complete capsulectomy. And these were also suggested surgeons form the healingbreastimplantillness sites and recommendations from past patients. They were either rushed, weren't 100% confident in extracting the complete implant, or just very vague in their details.
They seemed to not have done many of these surgeries, which is understandable being in Australia, and didn't possess the "can-do" aura through their communication and evidence of past procedures when compared to the reviews I've been reading throughout various forums and Realself from patients in America.

I've come to the conclusion that I'm better off investing money in a surgeon in America who knows what she/he is doing and who has done this procedure too many times to count, than to wing it and save a few thousand with a surgeon here who may or may not give the most favourable results.

This is where my mind is currently at..
If you think otherwise I'd love to hear your thoughts too.
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