Terrible Microblading Experience & How to Fade Freshly Microbladed Brows - Sydney, AU

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My reasoning for having a spontaneous microblading...

My reasoning for having a spontaneous microblading session:
1) Lush brows are in right now
2) It only lasts for a year so I don't have to commit to it

The horror that ensued after this rash decision: brows where the hair strokes are literally diagonal- so unnatural that no amount of natural fading could help. Unfortunately, I actually have moderately thick brows, so it was obvious the "hairs" were crisscrossing. Anyways, frantically combing the net for a solution, I was presented with:

1) Let it heal (1 month), then have it redone by someone else (some things can't be masked- much like perfume over BO)
2) Let it heal, then have it lasered off (which also removes your natural hair... go Mona Lisa!)
3) Let it heal, then get it removed through some injection method (no thanks, I'd rather wait a year to fade than wound my skin like this)

Upon presentation of my options, I opted out. I wasn't waiting for it to heal and *hope* for improvement... my brows were freshly done, the cuts were still open, and I knew I could improve it.

Here's what I did to fade my freshly microbladed brows:

1) Use an antibacterial wipe soaked in a boiled water/high salt content solution to *dab* at the colour a few times a day. I didn't use a salt exfoliation because I didn't want to damage my skin. The logic behind the method was to draw out the pigment with the salt slowly. The antibacterial wipe was for sanitary purposes.
2) Use an antibacterial wipe soaked in hydrogen peroxide (3% is what I used) once a day to wipe/dab in the direction of the cuts to lighten the colour.
3) Dab on the Bepathen ointment immediately following any of the 2 treatments. I wanted to promote healing and didn't want to risk infection as the cuts are technically exposed to the elements.

AND IT WORKED! No skin damage and massively faded brows. In 3 weeks when the brows are healed, if there is any remnant colour, I will use glycolic acid products (Neostrata) to promote skin rejuvenation, go out in the sun more to fade colour naturally, and exercise heaps.

This worked for me and maybe it'll help someone else. I really didn't know if I had any hope but a little bit of science helped!

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