Tattoo removal journey with white ink - Sydney, AU

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I had a tattoo done on my shoulder yesterday and...

I had a tattoo done on my shoulder yesterday and as soon as it was done, I regretted it. I'm not sure why i rushed into it. I'm about to start a new corporate role and now I won't be able to wear any sleeveless tops to work.

The artist said she didn't use any black at all but just grey wash. She also put in some white. Will this mean it's easier to remove? it looks black in some parts. she said it would heal lighter as i told her i didn't want it to be so dark to begin with.

what are your thoughts? what laser should i go with? how long do i need to wait before i can start my sessions?

is complete removal even possible? i've been reading reviews on this site and it seems even after 10 sessions, people's tattoos are still really visible.

Is white impossible to remove?

I've been reading about how hard it is to remove white ink. Apparently white ink can turn a grey/black/brown colour and then become impossible to remove.
I've been crying all day at the thought of my tattoo being with me for life. Does anybody have experience with having white ink removed? What was the outcome?

No hope

I contacted one of the best laser clinicians in Australia and he told me he would not risk lasering my tattoo off as there's a 50/50 chance of it being removed. I don't know what to do. I feel so helpless. Is surgical excision an option?


I've been inconsolable these past two days. I've been told by clinicians not to risk lasering my tattoo due to the risk of the White discolouring. They said there'd be a very slim chance of removing this tattoo as there's White all through it. I don't know how to live with this. I'm frustrated that it's 2014 and the technology doesn't exist to remove White. I'm going to have to wear shirts with sleeves for the rest of my life so I can hide it

Up and down

I've been on an emotional roller coaster for the past 5 days since I got this tattoo done. I've been unable to eat and keep crying. Yesterday I had a better day as I got out and got some perspective. Realised my tattoo isn't the end of the world.
This morning I'm battling again. Trying to tell myself things to make myself feel better.
But then the other thoughts creep in... I had such nice skin on my shoulder and arm before I got this tattoo. Now I can no longer wear sleeveless tops and dresses.
I really didn't think this through before I got it done.
I should've listened to the warning signs.
I shouldve done this. I should've done that.

I contacted Jeff from laser x and he says he treats cases with white ink very often. He says he proceeds with caution as the White can change colour. This made me feel better for awhile.

Until I read another members review on this website. She has white in her tattoo that oxidised.

God if only I knew at the time that white ink would be a nightmare to remove. Why didn't the artist discuss using white with me before proceeding?


So I'm just waiting until April or so until I go see Jeff from Laser X to get my first session as he recommends waiting at least 6 months. It's been quite annoying having to keep it hidden all the time. Particularly when I'm at home and coming out of the shower and have to sling a shirt over my shoulder so nobody sees. I'm still pretty upset about it and know I definitely want it gone.

I've come to realise I am pretty lucky that this is the worst of my problems right now. I'm in good health and have a lot to be thankful for. It will be an expensive and long process but at least laser is an option.

Hope everybody out there is doing well.

Stay positive!!

Session 1

So I did a test spot about 9 months ago on a section that had lots of white and it did not react. Very promising so yesterday I went and did my first session on the entire tattoo. I've experienced it before on an old tattoo on my back but I did not remember it hurting this much! Will buy numbing cream next time. Jeff of Laser X recommended Emla 5%. This photo shows how it looked about 6 hours after my first session. Very red and feels like sun burn.

It is actually good work

One thing I want to make clear now is I don't think my tattoo is actually bad. I like my artist's work. But my negative feelings have more to do with me. I wish I had clear skin all over and was always the kind of person who got sick of things quickly. I used to have lots of different piercings but would always take one out and replace it with another.


I've had two proper treatments since the test spot now and it's coming along nicely. Photos to follow soon. Progress is slow which is expected. I wonder why laser tattoo removal is still so expensive. You would think that when the technology has been around for this long, it would start to decrease in price. First used laser for tattoo removal many years ago and it's about the same in price now. Wish it were more affordable

After 2 sessions

So it's been two years since I had the tattoo done in the first place and I've had 2 sessions in that time. I've been spacing them out to ensure the white does not react and Jeff of Laser X has been fantastic. I plan on booking in again sometime in January as my last treatment was July this year


Look at the difference after 2 sessions

Beginning on tattoo #2

So I decided to start laser on another tattoo but on my thigh. I decided to go with picosure at a different clinic for this one so I could compare and see which is faster. This one on my thigh is only done with black ink. I also just want to get it light enough to get a cover up so my end goal isn't complete removal.

I found pain-wise it felt the exact same even though the technician said it would hurt less. The only advantage at this particular clinic is that they have this special machine they allowed me to hold which blew nice cool air as they lasered my tattoo. It was a really big kick to my immune system doing the entire tattoo in one session as two days later I came down with a nasty viral infection that has stuck with me for 17 days and counting!!! The lines on the tattoo also feel very raised. Beforehand she pointed out that the tattoo already caused scarring on me. I didn't even notice this. Some of the shading has already come out but I think it will be a long journey with this one.
Jeffrey Heimann @ Laser X

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