Permanent Eyebrow Tattoo Partial removal with Rejuvi - Sydney, AU

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Hi there So am dreading my brows since the day I...

Hi there

So am dreading my brows since the day I had them done. Worst part is they were done by a highly respected artist in Sydney. My brows were always uneven (blessed genes!) lol and sparse due to over plucking (oh to go back in time and kick my own bottom!) so had her tattoo a new shape. God bless her, she tattooed my natural brow shape. Why? Is beyond me as we had drawn them in and for some reason she wiped them off before tattooing. Anyway long story short I think they can be salvaged (lol like a train wreck!) if I remove some of the random tattoo on my right brow (at the end where she went too high) and re-tattoo to the desired shape.

Herein lies the problem. Where in earth can I find someone in Sydney who knows what they're doing??? And who does rejuvi and can then reapply on e healed? I've spent countless hours surfing the net trying to find someone and I can't.

From a woman to a woman, and not because I'm vain, but because I wanted to try and do something for my self esteem and correct the one thing I've always been insecure about my whole life, I'd love it if someone could help and point me somewhere to someone who doesn't have to perform miracles as I'm not expecting one, but just to fix it a little..

Eyebrow tattoo correction/removal

Right. So have done my absolute head in researching laser to salt/saline & rejuvi. Lol i have done my fiancees head in too but god love him, hes soooo supportive.

First of all laser isn't an option as mostly the ink is iron oxideeeee! Would've been OK had I not gone and had the touch up with a brown ink that went rusty red lol. There goes that idea. Next please...

Salt? Well, spoke to another reputable cosmetic tattoo removal tech who said it is possible and it is less harsher on the skin, but will need lots more sessions as it is so milder on the skin and causes the same scabbing and pinkness that other do... Sooo same repetitive process but more treatments? I don't know of I could continue getting treatments til the end of the year, if not longer. :(

There's no quick fix and I get that.

So ultimately, I have decided to go for the rejuvi. All the reading ive done and I have been emailing and phoning back and forth with the rejuvi tech (which I found through naturalbeauty who went to her and had the same process!) THANK YOU! This lady is sooo comforting and reassuring. She tells it like it is and explains will be a lengthy process and that I shouldn't expect a quick fix. It will take time. Lots of time.

I've opted doing a partial removal to correct the shapes as they are very different.

She did say scarring can occur but as with scars they generally go back to normal after a period of time.

It's a hard decision, but she assures me partial removal and correction is the better way to go about it for me as I like the shape of one eyebrow .. Just not the other lol! So my aim is not full removal (but sometimes I just want them off my face!!!!) but correction of the shape. Will post a photo so you can see the disaster that are currently on my face... Other than the rest of my face which is also a disaster but that's another story.

So, knowing I didn't want a full removal given the whole reason I had them done in the first place was to actually have an eyebrow, this seems right for me. Time will ultimately tell, but I feel assured knowing that there is hope to have them removed (maybe after the wedding next year!). Just hoping that rejuvi doesn't cause allergic reaction or anything like that (touch wood!)

Who knows, but for now, I can breathe a little sigh of relief as I have a little light at the end of my tunnel to fix these random things on my face.

Hoping all goes well with the consultation and test patch, so wish me luck. I will keep you posted if anyone is interested. Am going on 6 July!

Thank you naturalbeauty for recommending her. Bless your soul and glad your nightmare is over.

Will be in touch all

Eyebrow tattoo removal/correction

Sorry I mean SOME scars go back to normal. Some dont, depends on the type of scar of course. Sorry should've picked my words better.

Eyebrow Tattoo Correction/removal

Okey dokey, just had rejuvi applied by the beautician. Looks absolutely horrendous. We took the ghastly grey from under my brow and also a little on the top and she was adamant about getting rid of the orange at the end of my brow lol god bless her! It didn't hurt, just like getting the original tattoo. We only needed to correct my left brow so looking rather weird with one brow normal and the other looking like I've put copious amounts of cream on and failed to rub it in.

It's quite swollen under my brow and almost like gravel rash with the pink and flesh colours. It's a lil sore but feel like I've fallen flat on my head and scraped my brow on the gravel.

I hope I've made the right choice. I have no plan B if this doesn't work.

She said the tattoo under my arch from the nose inward was quite deep 2mm deep but she said she saw the colour coming out as she wiped away the solution. Got my scar treatment ready to roll on e these scabs

Eyebrow Tattoo Correction/Removal

Scabs come off. Rose hip oil will be my friend as well as emu oil. She did say the redness I'll have after the scabs come off will probably stick around for about 6 months or so yikes!

Well, I guess now time will tell. I'm glad I didn't opt for full removal, I like having eyebrows now and she honestly didn't believe I needed a clean slate as my right brow is perrrrrfect. As for the colour, told her id been using Dr Gross Extra Strength Alpha Beta peels to try fade some colour (which I must say is working!) she said keep going with that then by the time I'm due to be re-inked they should be light enough to do a successful colour correct.

Anywho, it's done now do no turning back, I pray it works and I'm not left terribly scarred. Time will tell I spose but here's to hoping!


Eyebrow tattoo/correction with Rejuvi

Hi all. Been a few hours over 4 days. Not looking very pretty the scabs haven't quite turned black but rather a yellowish browney yucky colour. Like ibe smeared bepanthem over my brow. I have a raised red scab under my arch where I don't know how/why it formed. It went red during the process then looks like the solution has formed a crust over the top of it. It's a lil disturbing cos the tech didn't remove any colour from there so not sure what's going on. I asked her bout it and she said it looks like bruising from where I bled.ol i bled a total of 6 dots. Like in a dotted line goimg up the arch. Hope she's right! Well it is going down, I've been taking pics every day so will upload once the scabs come off.

Have been following after care by not getting them wet or damp and blow drying like mad when i hop out of the shower. so I'm just praying this random scab comes off cleanly and the area underneath is ok and not traumatised from the process (remembering I've had 2 touch ups the last being in march so my skin was probably already traumatised lol)

This stuff is gross hey. The swelling has gone down finally and as I said, just a waiting game now.

I only had a very small amount above my brow and from the beginning of the hairline to the tip of my underarch removed but looks like the whole brow is covered in feral scabs! Eweeee

Anywho I am resisting temptation to scratch because my brow is very itchy! Omg! A good sign of healing!

Had a hard time washing my hair cos it's so freaking long but I managed to do a side part which covers my brow quite well. Can't wait for the scabs to fall off. Still got a looooong road ahead and I'm already over it.

Man I hope this works!

I'll keep youse posted!

Partial removal/correction with Rejuvi

Hey! Been a bit over 8 days. Damned scabs are still on. Part of The random scab under my arch came off and I can report all is ok in that the skin is a tiny bit pinkish but have a feeling that was simply cos a scab was there. Hoping that when the rest comes off the skin is the same.

Um, have a tiny bit of lift off at the top end of my brow, but that whole line is only about 1cm so and not too worried bout that.

As for underneath my arch, the scab looks pretty solid... And it's kinda cracking cos it's so dry. Hoping that it will lift soon cos its tight and just looks awful. I have a fair bit of the solution through my brow and all the hairs are stuck together so am sure I'll lose lots of hair when these scabs decide to come off! Lol yay!

I'm still hiding from the world, and feeling a little discouraged. I have no reason to cos I can't even tell if it's worked yet lol. Just want them off already and I only had a partial removal!

Anywho, I'll update again when the scabs come off. Hopefully soon cos I'm getting frustrated and it's only been 8 days whoa! Lol ;)

Eyebrow tattoo correction/removal with Rejuvi

Hooooorrraaayyyy! Success! The scabs are off after 12 days and took that feral grey ink with it! I have a liiiitttllleee pinkness under from the start of my brow to the arch and it's fairly red on top of my brow going down the tail end but hair will grow back there so not overly bothered about it. Unfortunately, I don't get any hair from where the tattoo was removed in the front (over bloody plucking) so got my NARS and Christian Dior BB creams which give great, but light coverage ready to roll.

I'm thrilled that my left brow is now the same thickness as my right, and will have to be patient for the pink to heal before I can have colour put back in to even the shape out.

I'm so sooo happy the wretched grey prominent line is GONE!

Admittedly, we only removed a very little bit but it has made such a huge difference. My brows are still uneven, but one is not thicker than the other anymore. Shape can now be corrected appropriately!

My tech said use rose hip oil (Trilogy) twice a day for as long as the pinkness takes to fade away so god knows how long that will be but it's not as bright as it is on the top of my brow, so I'm hoping it won't take the full 6-9 possibly longer months to fade.

I can't say if there's scarring, it doesn't look like it but the skin is still healing so time will tell.

Will post pics when I go back home as I came to my little getaway home to heal.

It was a very stressful 2 weeks, I must say, i googled myself to death, reading stories of scarring, treatments to fade redness, impulse buying kelo cote and rejuvi products and emu oils and jojoba and avocado oils omg I really did my own head in. Piece of advice, stay away from google because the horror stories make things so much worse and besides, once you have it done its too late, what will be will be. No point adding to the stress of the removal as it is!

I must say though, something I will try from another poster on here was to try 1 part Extra Virgin Olive Oil and 1 part Avocado oil (cold pressed) from woolies/coles anywhere is to soak some panti liners in the mixture and tape on the brows overnight for as at least a week (and if its working keep going) and she believes the redness should come down. Makes sense given the moisturising and healing properties both these oils have so heck, I'll use my rose hip twice a day and duct tape some oil drenched panti liners to my head before bed. LOL I'm sure my fiancée will think the cheese fell off my cracker but hey, so be it!

So glad I can go in public again. I only had little bits taken off, so can't imagine how brave some ladies are by doing a full removal.

I may consider it one day.

But for now, I really can't recommend highly enough my technician who did the rejuvi. I bugged her with worrisome texts (only 3) and god bless her, she replied every single time and really did reassure me.

I've learned something though, at 3am this morning when I was wide awake, sitting in minus 6 degrees freezing weather puffing away another dirty filthy cigarette, that you can hate any part of your face or body, but people will love you for who you are, not what you look like. I know our looks are who we think we are, but it's so far from the truth. That is our ego, our perceived sense of self. Your face and body are merely shells in which lies the greater you, your soul. That's who you should take care of, not spending time worrying about how we look. That worry just hurts our soul. would you keep rubbing acid in to your face knowing it's bad for you? So why do it to your soul? Worry/stress is toxic acid for our souls. Looks are important, yes im not saying theyre not (heck we all want to feel beautiful) but at the end of the day friends and family love YOU. You need to love you too. SPMU sucks, but it only sucks because it's hard if not impossible to remove without the potential for further disfigurement.

I battle with Body Dysmorphia and have so for the last 10 years... And yes, over my eyebrows (and no, i dont want perfection i just wanted evenly shaped eyebrows..) its a shit go. Its highly misunderstood also but believe me when i can say it is debilitating. For me to say my brows are "getting there" is a really big deal.

If I win lotto one day, I swear come hell or high water I will invest money to scientists, dermatologists whoever to come up with a way to remove SPMU as easily as it was to put in because no one should have to live with brows, eyeliner, lips they no longer want or hate. Silly me, didn't do enough homework to see laser isn't an option given most inks used in SPMU have iron oxide. I crumbled into a heap after a Dr told me that there were no options for me. Words I never want to hear again!

Ok so this was my journal entry for the day so I apologise for the long, boring thread. I'll post again when i get the shape fixed because for now, I'm giving myself a 3 month mental vacation from stressing out about these damned eyebrows that have caused me hell for the past year (lol albeit it was self inflicted hell).

Adios and I'll keep an occasional eye out if anyone wants to inbox me. Ooh and pics, I'll post pics when I get back home.
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