Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty with Dr Michael Zacharia in Sydney

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I have decided to have my surgery with Dr Zacharia...

I have decided to have my surgery with Dr Zacharia. I have a deviated septum and permanent swelling associated with this and am now so unhappy with my uneven nose shape (especially in photos) and all the issues that affect me with a deviated septum. I know 2 of his patients that have had rhinoplasty and were very happy with his work. I'm not young, I'm a mum and 38 so not sure if recovery will be slower than someone younger. Very nervous but decided to document this so that others can see the before and after photos.

2 days post op

Wow, what a whirlwind! I had my surgery late Monday evening. I then took my flight back to Brisbane on Tuesday. I think my face was fitting attire for day after Halloween judging by the looks I had at the airport. Today is Wednesday and I haven't taken pain med since 6am and it is now almost 3pm so I can definitely feel an improvement in the pain department. As my skin is quite thin on my nose Dr Zac took an incision of skin or fat ( can't remember which) taken from my bottom crease to aid in the healing of my nose and to prevent the bone being visible after surgery. The bleeding has pretty much stopped from my nose. I have internal splints that will be taken out in roughly one week. One really concerning thing I am worried about is that the internal splint on one side is very visible and it appears it is pulling my nostril out alot wider on that side making my nose appear deviated and uneven. I'm freaking out about this and I hope this visible splint Pulling my nostril out does not cause my nose to heal looking deviated. I spoke to Dr Zacs reception and they said swelling on different sides is normal and it didn't heal evenly however I still have not spoken to Dr Zac since surgery and have left messages for him to call me to confirm that the splint visible in one nostril and widening it significantly more than the other side where the splint is not visible is normal and won't affect healing. I did have an appointment at his Double bay office yesterday to see him at 8.30am and have IPL but after the IPL I waited 40min in his rooms with staff popping in telling me he won't be long and then after 40min that he had to go to a medical emergency so not sure what happened there but I left without a consultation. I will let everyone know how it goes.... Nose started bleeding again!

Just Spoke to Dr Zacharia

I just spoke to Dr Zacharia ( he was just about to take a flight, busy doctor!) and he allayed my fears and said that he could not put one internal splint as high as the other because it would be hitting the bone in my nose and although my nose appeared crooked, it would not heal this way it is just due the way the dressing (cast) is sitting and the combination of this compression with the internal splint makes it appear uneven however the nose will be even after healing. He said if he fiddled with the cast dressing too much during the operation, it's not a good thing. He said the procedure went well and the airways from the deviated septum have been opened up. I feel so much more reassured.

Day 3 I think, it's all a blur!

Feeling in less pain but pretty average today. Nose feels very blocked, the fess and decongestant spray is not working and as I can't blow it it remains blocked. still worried about uneven nostrils!

Day 4

Nose is so blocked. Ears are blocked. Feel pretty terrible. I'm so glad my mum is here to help with the kids as would never be able to do this without help. I have had 3 hernia operations 2 caesarians 2 natural births with tearing. Cauterisation of my bladder and many more non cosmetic surgeries and this has been the worst recovery. Not to put anyone off! ???? Nose is looking even more asymmetrical today. Trying not to look in any mirrors!

Day 5

Groundhog Day!

Day 5

I thought I'd post a photo of the cut on my bottom. The skin or fat was used for my nose. It's quite a big cut and quite painful and I hope it doesn't keloid car as its already lumpy. Oh, I do sound like a whinge!

Day 6

Feel much the same and worried that my nose will hear crooked as it is looking very deviated in the cast still. I'm looking forward to having my internal splints out tomorrow and hopefully I will be able to breathe better through my nose. I didn't realise how much I miss smelling and tasting food! The cut on my bottom is becoming a painful keloid scar that I am very unhappy with. I have emailed Dr Zacharia regarding my concerns with this 3 days ago but have received no response as yet.

Day 6

My cut on bottom

Day 7

I'm feeling much the same, blocked congested, and terrible. I finished my post surgery antibiotics on day 5 and since then feel a little sweaty. Thinking I may have a low grade temp, hopefully not an infection brewing. Nose still looks uneven. I'm getting internal splints out today. Freaking out a little bit about the pain!! Will keep you posted on how it felt. The roller coaster continues...

Day 7 update

I had the internal splints removed today. OMG it was soooo painful. I am normally pretty composed but I actually screamed like a banshee....wow. I felt so much better afterwards however. I can now smell and taste food which is amazing and my love affair with food is back! My cut from surgery on my bottom was infected as I suspected so the Doctor gave me a script for antibiotics. I don't know if it's my imagination but I think my nose looks slightly better sans internal splints. I'm hoping the unevenness settles down now.

Day 8

Feeling a little bit more energetic today and my nose feels a lot better without the internal splints. It still feels a little bit stuffy/ blocked but it is great to smell and taste food again. My appointment has been changed to this Sat to get the cast and stitches and everything off rather than the original Monday so it will be on day 11 rather than 14. I'm feeling a little bit nervous about how my nose will look! The cut on my bottom is still very sore and is raised and unattractive. I really don't want to have a terrible scar as a result of this surgery. I'm taking antibiotics as it is still infected so hopefully it starts to heal better soon.

Day 9

I Managed to go out for the first time today to the shopping centre. I had a few funny looks from children! Feel a little bit better but still feel like I'm recovering and don't have full strength yet. Nose still stuffy and I'm sniffing all the time. My left nostril looks like it has something like skin or something hanging in it. I hope the guy that pulled the internal splints out didn't take any of the lining of my nose off as he did do quite a bit of tugging. It felt a bit like a Caesarian to my nose, all that weird tugging. I think I'm over tired and starting to rant. Til tomorrow...

Day 10

Feeling a tiny bit less stuffy nosed today. It was very hot in Brisbane and having a cast on is so uncomfortable and I think I'm a bit over it all now. I just realised I'm getting it off on Day 12 not 11. Two days and counting...

Day 11

I'm getting my cast of tomorrow, yippee I hope. I'm feeling a lot less snuffy nosed today. last night after spraying saline in my nose a massive blood clot came out of my right nostril. It wasn't snotty in texture and quite firm. My right nostril felt wonderful after this! I showed my husband the clot with glee and he was quite disgusted by it! Then today I sprayed saline in my left nostril and the same thing happened but this time 3 massive big blood clotty things came out of my nostril. No one was home to share the gore with but my nostrils feel amazing compared to what they were before passing the blood clots. I hope anyone out there who is totally blocked nose still will realise that in good time your body will relinquish the blockage and you will feel so much better xx One thing that concerns me is that my nostrils and either side of my nose still look a little bit uneven but I hope this settles with time.... I'm counting down to my appointment at 9am tomorrow. Will post picks of just before and after cast and stitches.

Day 12

I'm posting shots just before I walked in and after cast removal. It was all very exciting and nerve racking. It really hurt to remove the cast and stitches. The nurse didn't use anything to soften the cast and just pulled it off slowly but it was painful and felt like she was ripping my nose off. The stitches removal I think hurt because the skin was becoming a little red around them and I think it was a little irritated and they were well overdue for removal. My nose isn't as dramatically different as I thought it may be. I'm not really unhappy with it but I thought it would be a little finer from the front profile and I thought my tip would look finer and a little more defined. Im hoping it may however improve with time and healing. The yellow stuff on my nose in the photos below after the 'big reveal' is the glue from the cast.

Day 13

My nose became more swollen throughout the day yesterday after my cast was removed. I taped my nose last night and the swelling went down overnight. This is the first day I have worn a little makeup since the surgery. It was nice to go out and feel normal again. No one would know I had surgery as there is no obvious bruising etc on my nose. I have been sniffing the entire day and my nose has been runny and just before I coughed up a huge amount of bloody phlegm. I can taste that I'm bleeding through my post nasal drip, I hope that's normal and ok. I will check with my Doctors nurse tomorrow.

Day 14

Nose is more swollen today and quite stuffy still. I think the skin graft might be infected again as quite painful.

Day 16

Nose is feeling less tender today but quite dry inside. When trying to put paw paw ointment around inner nostrils dissolvable stiches have come out so hopefully they have run their coarse and no longer needed. I think nose is starting to look a little bit better and more defined which is great.
Sydney Facial Plastic Surgeon

I have had a face to face consult and a Skype consult. Dr Zac has been very open friendly and professional and answered all my 50 million questions relating to the procedure. I feel very comfortable with his expertise and am looking forward with some trepidation to the big day. Will keep you posted and add as many photos as I can.

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