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I can't believe I'm actually submitting this...

I can't believe I'm actually submitting this review.... Like most of you, I have never liked my nose and the thought of admitting that on the world wide web is just so scary.... and why not add some terrible photos to reinforce it while I'm here?!? It's funny though, I've managed to trick myself into being 'ok' with it until I see the all-dreaded bad angle, usually a profile shot. I'm so self-conscious about it that, unlike some people, I can't joke around about it, so I have never said anything to anyone, hence my families shock when I told them about my decision. I have been with my now husband for 16 years and it was only in the past 5 years that I felt comfortable to tell him how I felt. I detest having my photo taken and that was the only part of my wedding day that I was petrified about... photographer and people staring at me! I can honestly say, I don't like ANY of my photos! My husband didn't want me to have the surgery beforehand which I can totally respect. So after years of wondering, I decided to bite the bullet!

I'm sick of standing in front of the mirror squinting to try and see what I'd look like with a smaller nose! What don't I like about it? I doubt I need to list my dislikes after you've seen my photos, but this is very therapeutic... It's too wide, there are two bumps and it's SO round on the tip that it looks like I have a clowns nose! After googling rhinoplasty specialists in Sydney, I came across Dr Shahidi (Specialist Surgeon in Facial Plastic & ENT Surgery) and this website. After reading about him and his reviews, I booked my consultation. Upon meeting him and the Practice Manager, Raleigh, I didn't feel the need to meet any other surgeons. They have been professional, realistic, informative and so understanding. They were not pushy and I didn't once feel like they were trying to 'sell' me anything.

I basically want a nose that actually fits my face, not the nose of my 80 year old grandfather (bless him)! I found out I have a deviated septum, so that will be rectified as well. The only concern I have is the whole thick skin limitation, it's playing on my mind a little. So the surgery is in one week and I can't wait! Thank you to the team at RealSelf and it's members.... you've made me realise that I'm not the only one with these feelings! It it weren't for this website, I wouldn't be having the surgery. I will admit that I REALLY didn't want to put up my review, but I owe it to the website and maybe I can help someone like I have been helped. Only my immediate family know about this and am not telling anyone else. If people ask what looks so different, I will tell them, but I'm sure they'll figure it out considering my nose takes up so much of my face! Thank you again RealSelf for the therapy and making me feel comfortable!!

It's getting closer!

Sitting at the airport waiting fly down Sydney after saying a tough goodbye to my ever-supportive husband. I won't see him for 4 weeks. Forget any pain or discomfort, I think my emotions are going to test me the most!

Tickets tock

Sitting in the waiting room at the day surgery. Feeling a small flutter of butterflies. I'd give anything to have my husband sitting with me (I have my mum though). Can't wait for the next 7 days to pass and I haven't even had surgery yet!

I'm over the moon!

Ha ha... just realised my last post... supposed to say 'tick tock'. Can't half tell I was a little nervous. I'm at home now enjoying jelly. What an amazing experience today was! I would do it over and over again! So glad I NEVER let the idea of surgery scare me off this. I feel excellent and am so happy already! Just a little bruising under one eye so far. The next two days will be interesting!

So happy...

Hi everyone! What a hell of a week it's been! I am so glad I did a lot of reading about other people's experiences before my surgery. I'm also thankful I showed my mum what bad bruising and swelling looks like for some people, so she didn't get too freaked out with me. All I can recommend is that you have someone amazing to take care of you. I felt so crap, there's no way I could monitor when to ice or take medication. Ok... here's a summary thus far...
Day of surgery- Went so well! Sleeping was very hard... dry mouth kept waking me. Slight bruise.
One day after surgery- Bruise started coming out. I felt fine all day, stuffy, but fine.
Two days after surgery- I wanted to die! I was SO stuffy.. it felt like I had tickles in my nose. My stitches were stinging, throbbing and twinging! Bruising still coming out and moving. Swelling moving down my face.
Three days after surgery- I wanted someone to put me out of my misery!!! Slightly worse than the day before (which I didn't think was possible). I had SO MUCH PRESSURE in my head! I woke up with a headache that throbbed ALL DAY. I felt like my head was going to explode.... I couldn't even talk! Icing my face was the only thing that brought me temporary relief. Bruising isn't going to get any worse, but it's official.... if a pig and a chipmunk had a baby... I would be that baby... my cheeks are massive!
Four days after surgery- I woke up feeling amazing! The worst is over now. Bruising is going, but swelling is still moving around. I'm still icing my whole face. I just tried to smile... hilarious... I look like a fat kid! I'm still sleeping like crap, but it's bearable! I still can't taste anything which is just heartbreaking when there's chocolate biscuits in the house! My nose has stopped leaking too!
Cast is coming off on Tuesday... can't wait!!!!! Let the countdown begin :)
It's funny, I'm staying with my parents and everywhere I turn are photos of me (ewww).... everywhere I turn is validation! For the first time in my life, I can look at those photos and feel happy knowing I don't look like that anymore! Thank you for all the lovely comments, they got me through the last few days. Thank you to the RealSelf team.... I wouldn't have done any of this without your hard work!


Okay... my cast came off on Tuesday and I'm trying to get used to my face at the moment. I LOVE that the bumps are gone and that the bridge is narrower! I know that this month is my "ugly month" and that my nose is still swollen. The only thing I'm not sure about is the actual length on my nose... it still looks like it sticks out so far from my face... I HOPE that doesn't stay like that. I still haven't regretted my decision for one split second! The scars are invisible which is excellent. Dr Shahidi uses a jelly-like packing that will come out when it's ready and there is still heaps up there... feels like my nose is full of solid snot! The sinus rinse feels odd, but I'm being very vigilant with it! I have sneezed with no complications (I was petrified)! My nose feels numb, sore, hard and sensitive in different areas. I'm having to sleep with my cast on too which isn't overly fun. I now have a black circle under my eye which makes me look OLD :( I think that's all I have to report so far.... two weeks post op tomorrow!

The 'ugly month' is over?

Ok... it's been an interesting 6 weeks and I cannot believe that NO ONE noticed my nose! It kind of had me asking myself "Was it all in my head"? It's funny too that when I told people, they all said that they don't know why I 'needed' surgery. I am happy with the results and have never regretted my choice, not for one minute! I still feel like my nose is a wee bit big, but am hoping that is just swelling. I feel somewhat pretty for the first time which is overwhelming (please don't think I'm vain)! I don't feel that sudden urgency to hide my nose when someone pulls up alongside me at traffic lights (sounds silly, I know). My nose is still sensitive and the tip feels quite swollen come the end of the day. I don't know if I'm massaging it properly. I'm taping it each night and am sleeping with the cast on. I feel like it's making my skin mega oily though!
For those who saw Dr Shahidi, how long did it take to feel like you had NOTHING left in your nose?
So, I'm just taking it day-by-day and enjoying what my nose looks like in the morning and not liking it as much by the late afternoon. I'll be seeing Dr Shahidi again in late February.

Slow and steady...

It's now been about 4.5 months since my surgery and it's been a long, slow journey. I still have a lot of swelling and find it hard to breath out of one side of the nose. There are no sore or sensitive spots on the nose and I just want the skin to shrink! I think I can feel the wonderful work that Dr Shahidi has done, but it's covered by my yucky skin. I know everyone says that it will change and it takes a year, so I just keep reminding myself. I'm sure the tip will keep changing as it's my least favourite part thus far. In saying that, it is still better than it was! No one has noticed which is so funny when it was such a big thing for me. I now feel comfortable having my photo taken! I'm taping my nose every night and it ends up quite swollen by the end of the day. If anyone has tips on how to help my pores shrink, I'd love to hear them!
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