Plan to Get Braces, but Jaw Surgery? - Sydney, AU

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I have always wanted to get braces to fix my teeth...

I have always wanted to get braces to fix my teeth as some of them are crooked and I have an overbite. My parents couldn't afford them when I was young so now at 24, I have decided to get them on my own. I have been shopping around a few clinics in Sydney to get quotes and an understanding of my problem. There seems to be a varied diagnosis among different specialists. Most of them suggested I get 4 of my premolars removed to make space. One ortho suggested that I should get jaw surgery to bring my lower jaw forward so the end result would be much better. I do want the best treatment but with jaw surgery, anaesthetic and hospital fees I am looking at around 20K AUD.

The cheapest I have found is around 6K and most quote me around 8K. Since seeing the ortho that wanted opted surgery, now I am confused about what to do. I have attached some pictures including my x ray. If there are orthos reading this, please let me know what I should do and if the surgery is necessary.
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