Pixel Laser Done Twice -Sydney, AU

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I would rather have been able to answer YES and NO...

I would rather have been able to answer YES and NO to the question, was it worth it but figure if I say yes it was worth it you are more likely to read my review and because I bought a Scoopon to have this treatment done. $275 per procedure because I purchased two. So AUD$550 in total. I would not like to have paid full price though and would advise you to go and get ablative laser if you are looking for proper resurfacing or a strong peel (or several) done by a doctor or nurse.

I had this procedure some time ago to improve the texture of my skin. I have pores... well we all do but I tend to notice mine more than I notice others. I have very fair combination skin with an oily T-zone. While that helps in terms of not ageing as fast, pores are more visible in my case.

The procedure was done after I had a topical anaesthetic applied. It still hurt but was tolerable for the most part. I would not have gone back for a second treatment without the topical cream prior and I have a pretty strong pain threshold. The smell of your skin burning is not very nice at all. I mentioned this to the tiny asian woman lasering my face and she giggled and said "hehee barbecue!". This lightened the mood somewhat. I figured if she was laughing nothing too unusual was happening. A friend of mine purchased this same Scoopon deal, she sat with me for the procedure and looked a bit mortified, she did not end up using her deal.

Pixel did improve the texture of my skin but I would not do it again, as for the number of treatments required to achieve optimum results I could have just had an ablative laser or strong chemical peel administered by a doctor or nurse, paid less and had less overall down time.

Although they say the down time with fractional lasers is much less, overall, the amount of treatments required and total days of discomfort are more than that of a medical grade peel or ablative laser, based on information I received at various consultations and seeing a friends mother-in-law recover from having ablative laser to her face.

I looked like a burns victim for a full 7 days the first time I had pixel, there was no way of covering it up either. Trying to cover up skin that is peeling and flaking is fairly pointless. I had red oozy grids all over my face. At day 3-4 it was just red and flaking off. Fighting the desire to give it a little help to peel faster was difficult especially as it was itchy... but I found that gentle massage of my face in the shower days 4 and 5 aided the dead skin peeling away and was the best way to do it gently.

I followed all of the instructions to aid recovery but as she gave me a fairly intensive first session the recovery was longer. The second time was much less intense and healed faster... back to normal in 5 days. The lady who treated me was not a doctor or a nurse, she had studied use of lasers and her husband was a doctor.

In my opinion and from experience of having had many different procedures, you will never get the same results from a 'laser technician', beauty therapist or anyone who is not a doctor or a nurse. I have spent a lot of money on various lasers for various things.
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