35 Year Old, First Time Fillers! Sydney, AU

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I have just turned 35 and noticed that my skin was...

I have just turned 35 and noticed that my skin was starting to show certain signs of aging that I thought might be manageable with some 'assistance'. Yesterday I went to see a new Cosmetic Physician in Sydney to get an assessment and, possibly, some treatments.
I ended up getting botox in my eye area (may write a review later) and Perlane in my lips and nasiolabial folds. I think she used 1ml between these two areas, as I just wanted to 'dip my toe in', and see how I felt about it. I will review on my Dr later, once a little time has passed and I am sure of the end result. Although, I will say that I really liked her and am hoping everything settles nicely as I would like to see her again.
I found the Perlane injections a little uncomfortable but nothing major. I paid my money, booked in for a later treatment, and was off.
I really had no idea what to expect as everywhere on the internet alluded to there being zero downtime for fillers.
ANYWAY, fast forward into the evening and I was in absolute agony! My lower lip was excruciating, the pain was so bad that it radiated into my jaw and my temples. It was awful. I was actually crying with pain. I normally have a very high pain tolerance and was really taken aback by this reaction. I searched the internet for info but everyone seemed to have the consensus that fillers offer only mild pain or discomfort afterward. That was NOT my experience. I found that painkillers made sleep bearable. Woke up this morning and took some anti-inflammatory tablets and feel much better. Bottom lip is still very hard to the touch. Called my Drs office and had a good chat with the receptionist, who was very helpful. We came to the conclusion that everything was probably fine but that my reaction had been more intense than was common. She offered to make time for me to come back in tomorrow for a follow up but I said I would wait and see how I was feeling.
My right nasiolabial fold is quite obviously lumpy, it looks like I have a toothache or something!!
I am going to give it a few days for things to settle and will report back. Right now I am in no pain, just a little more sensitive in the mouth area than usual. I am mainly writing this review to see if anyone else has been in severe pain after Perlane in the lips? If everything was ok for them, etc? Also, do the obvious lumps settle?
Thanks for your time.
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