41yr Old Mum and Wife. 'mummy makeover' Full tummy tuck and breast lift with no implants.Sydney, AU

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I have my final Doctor appointment tomorrow and...

I have my final Doctor appointment tomorrow and then a week and a half before surgery ! I Have had to wait for my health insurance to fully cover my hospital stay but the time has finally come ! I want to post before surgery photos on the weekend. I am a mum of 2 young children and I have a husband that is fully supportive (of course lol). I have almost been obsessed with looking at the photos on this website as well as reading all the stories. I am encouraged by the majority of positive posts. I have friends asking me if I am nervous. I'm not yet - just excited.
For anyone who wants to relate, I am 41 and about 156cm. I weigh 83kg and am fairly fit. I am looking forward to having a body that I can be proud to show to my husband and look like a mum my children are proud to see with them.

1 week today til my mummy makeover !

I had my final Dr visit and it went really well. I am having a full tummy tuck and breast lift - no implants. That's probably what I'm most nervous about - the no implants. Originally when I saw my Dr, I didn't know what I really wanted (just not these saggy boobs) so when he said I didn't need implants I said ok. Then after having to wait with the health insurance, I looked at boobs a lot lol (real housewives of Miami in particular) and decided I wanted implants. When I came back to him he looked at me and said I really don't need them. I have enough 'good breast tissue' that the lift will give me the foundation of what I need. I really hope so! I guess you have to trust your Dr. There would be no reason to say I didn't need them if there really wasn't I guess.
Looking at putting photos up (ugly before photos) ASAP.

Before photos

Last day at work tomorrow

Trying to get everything organized for my time off. Everyone is so excited for me especially my friend who has had implants recently. It's so good to know I have support at home and at work! Getting close !! 6 sleeps !! Can't wait to pack my bag !!!

Recovery and 1st morning

I'm doing well. Feel really good. Won't write much but will share 2 photos. Just feel pressure on my chest and belly.

Day 6 - leaving hospital today

So it's early in the morning and I'm looking at leaving hospital today. My pain is ok, actually just feels really tight and stretchy. I'll put up some photos to show from the last few days in here. I'm leaving obviously in my body suit and going to get my bandages changed. They are itching me at the moment. My back has been aching from lying in the jackknife position and my butt needs a scratch lol.

Photos from Day 5

Day 7 - stitches out & bandages changed.

First look at it all !

Day 16 - today is a good day

Well after a few tough days today is a good day. I've been feeling pretty low. Constipation, bloating, stretching. Trouble sleeping has been the worst. I think I thought I would wake up every morning feeling better but when I didn't it made me miserable. SO, my answer was to read some stories on RSelf ! I felt so much better. Every journey is different and for everyone who feels great at Day 14, there are others (like me) not so great.
My scars and wounds look good - that's a positive! I stupidly tried on a pair of work pants that were tight before my op and now I can't even do them up ! Depressing !! Until I read lots of stories where people couldn't fit into old clothes - let alone new clothes - until at least week 6 ! Ok, still a bit depressing lol but made it ok to know I wasn't alone or not normal.
I'm going to post photos today after my shower as today I feel good.

Day 17

Day 23 - Steri Strips off !

Day 24 - BIG MISTAKE !!!!

Today I went to work without wearing my compression garment! I wanted to wear a nice tight fitting dress and I thought I could do it! NO NO NO ! I went into swell hell and by the end of the day I looked 6 months pregnant ! Couldn't wait to get home and put it on ! I'm in it now and feel SO much better ! So, my advise for today is wear your garment !!! Lol xx

1 month ! Pain killers & Bikini

So it's been 1 month! It's been a crazy month but I made it! I went back to work which has been fine. I started to drive again and that's been fine. I put a bikini on (in the bedroom) and that was fine. THEN I tried to sleep without my security blanket of pain killers. No, I didn't have pain but they helped me to sleep and that was too good to refuse. Then I ran out of them and tried to go to bed without having anything to help me sleep. It was a disaster !!! I was so uncomfortable and I couldn't get to sleep. Now I'm not sure what to do. There is no way I'm going to get more as obviously they are addictive!! But I'm scared about going to bed without something ????
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My Doctor and his whole reception staff have been amazing

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