27yr Old Full Abdomen and Flanks, Cosmetic Institute - Sydney, AU

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So after about 5yrs of research and deciding...

So after about 5yrs of research and deciding wether to get it done I've finally made the leap.. I'm very excited and nervous! I've been for my initial consult a month ago and everyone was very lovely and welcoming :)
Only my fiancé knows I'm getting the procedure done, he doesn't think I need it but is happy to fully support me if it makes me happy. Afew times I've wanted to tell my close friends but I don't want any negativity about it so I think I'll wait till after to show them :)
Anyway atm I would say I'm a size Aussie 12 about 64-66kg and 173cm, I have skinny arms n legs DD boobs but I can't budge my tummy or back fat (flanks) I've been exercising and have changed the way I eat for over a year now and have lost 8kg but these stubborn areas won't move!
I'll check back in afew days before surgery. Thanks :))

1month to go

Thought I would put up some current photos.

1month to go

Day two after surgery

Ok so had surgery on Tuesday 3pm everyone was so lovely and took all my nerves away :) don't remember anything from surgery just woke up and was dressed in my garment and clothes sitting in a chair with my partner right beside me and a nurse :) first night wasn't to bad. Woke up next day extremely stiff and my lower abdomen is soooo swollen.
So far I need help getting in and out of bed as I can't really bend. Took my garment off for a shower yesterday which made me quite nauseous. My partner washed me and changed my dressings, was very hard getting back into my garment with the swelling. Will be interesting to see how bad it is today and if I'm bruising yet :/

4 days post op

Ok yesterday was not a good day :( shower time was really bad nearly passed out after taking my garment off and had a little vomit :( took me a good few hrs after gettin garment back on to feel better. Thank god my partner was here to help.
Today was a lot better spent about an hr slowly taking my garment off which made all the difference felt a little bit off but other than that managed to do it all myself :) all in all haven't been feeling to bad just a lot of pressure from the swelling but nothing unbearable. :)

5/6 days post op

Yesterday was a really good day went out and did some grocery shopping and visited my dad, he did ask why I was walking abit stiff and I just told him I had a sore back. I hate lying to him but I know my parents would think I'm crazy :( and I took no painkillers only one just before bed just to help me sleep better.
Last night I managed to sleep on my side for a little bit yay! I hate sleeping on my back lol got up did some washing and vacuumed the house, did puff me out abit but other than that all good. Just managed to have a quick shower and change some of my dressings, slowly but steady managed to get my garment off. Feel little bit nauseous and it did creep me how how numb n swollen my lowed tummy is but all is looking good. Tomorrow I'm off to the cosmetic institute for my 1wk checkup!

7/8 days post op

So had my 1wk checkup they were really impressed with how everything looks, I have minimal bruising and only really swelling in my lower abdomen! Took All my bandages off gave my mini holes a quick clean up and I was all done. They now don't want to see me till my 6wks, until then I need to wear this bloody garment lol.
Yesterday went shopping for some new work pants and was happy to see how much my shape has changed :) went out to dinner with a friend last night had a jumper etc on cause it was quite cold but she made no comment about me walking or moving stiff luckily lol
This morning was great had the longest shower I've had since the op and I feel great! Tonight's my first time back to work and I expect I'm going to be feeling a little sore by the time im home :/ the only thing really concerning me is I'm not liking the look of my pelvic area I feel like it's quite large compared to how it was fingers crossed it's only swelling. For any1 else how long did swelling take to go away? Thanks :)

Updated photos

Comparison photos

So this morning while I was waiting for my garment to dry thought I would try on a bikini and afew different outfits! I don't think I've ever been so happy :) nothing can ruin my mood 2day lol can't wait to see the finished result once all my swelling goes down :))

3wks post op tomorrow!

Yay so excited that I'm half way to getting this bloody suit off lol. Can't believe how quick it's gone! I feel 100% now! only have a little bit of light bruising now. Still feeling abit tender when I'm massaging myself and other than still feel quite numb I'm feeling fantastic. I'm so over the moon with how I'm looking it's hard to believe that it's me when I look at photos now :) why I didn't do this sooner I'll never know!

3mnths post op!

3mnths post op and feeling great! Have all my feeling back now, no bruising or swelling and all my lumps and bumps have evened themselves out :) I've been back at bootcamp for the last 6wks and am loving my new body! Can't wait for summer to come around so I can show it off lol
My only issue is I thought my incision scars would have faded a lot more by now. I've got 10 scars and I would say 4 are barely visible but the rest are quite purple. Hopefully they heal up soon.

Update time!

I can finally say that I'm sooo happy and confident with how my body looks! No more sucking it in, no more baggy clothes! My scars are slowly fading and the only thing I need to work on is tightening up my tummy skin, when I sit it's a little bit loose but at my check up my dr said I look fantastic and now that I'm back to working out again that it will tighten up quite quick! I have put on a little bit of weight In my legs and butt but I like it as I've always had a flat bum haha. I love my new self and my fiancé loves it even more :)
Dr Farheen Ali

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