27 Yrs Old, Lipo to Inner Thighs and Knees - Sydney, AU

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I have always felt that my thighs were too large...

I have always felt that my thighs were too large and have been very self conscious of them. I had gained a little weight recently around my stomach and hips but I know that, for me, this area is a little easier to lose weight from, whereas my thighs just never seem to slim down.
I am reasonably muscular, especially in my thighs so I wasn't sure whether lipo would do too much as most of the bulk does seem to be "big bones" and muscle. Last year I had mesotherapy/ lipo dissolve on the backs of my thighs and inner thighs. I had this mainly for cellulite but was also told that it would dissolve the fat (I was fairly sceptical about the fat dissolving claims but was hopeful about the cellulite). I was really disappointed with the mesotherapy which was expensive and excruciating and did pretty much nothing except make me more aware of what I felt were the flaws with my thighs.
So a couple of weeks ago I decided I'd had enough of hating my legs and had a liposcution a consultation. (I had the procedure yesterday).
I was told that there was not a lot of fat in my thighs but that the inner thighs and inner knee area could be done (I'd never thought about my knees as having fat pockets before, but if it was going to help with the overall shape I would do it). I don't have 'saddle bags' so there was nothing that could be done to my outer thighs to improve the overall shape.
I booked the procedure at The Facial Rejuvenation Clinic in Sydney and had a consult with the Registered Nurse who was lovely and explained everything. They call it 'tumescent micro cannula liopsculpture' so they use a fluid to loosen everything first and to numb the area before using small cannulas to suck the fat.
I liked the impression of the clinic and it seemed very professional. The nurse called me a few days after my consultation to follow up and talk through any questions I had and see whether I wanted to go ahead with it.
(I'll just say here that I was quite embarrassed about the whole thing - firstly, I felt incredibly vein and superficial spending so much money on a cosmetic procedure. I also felt guilty as I am healthy and lucky to be. There is nothing medically wrong with me and I was subjecting myself to this procedure based on ideas of what I should look like which even I didn't fully believe in (eg skinny is sexy, cellulite/ fat isn't ok). I hate these notions and know so many beautiful, imperfect women who are wonderful how they are - so I felt completely hypocritical having this done, but my stupid head has never been ok with my thighs no matter how empowered I feel or how rationally I think. Therefore, I didn't tell anyone I was having this done, and will try to hide it if I possibly can.
I'll add a few before pics (like I said I'm a bit flabby in the hips and belly too but that's less of a concern).
I had the procedure yesterday under local anaesthetic. It was ok. The worst part was after the local anaesthetic injections into the area the anaesthetic fluid is injected and that felt nasty. Kind of like ripping and scraping at tissue I guess but the area was so numb afterwards that the actual suction was practically pain free.
Not painful today (day 2) either, although I'm a bit tender and not doing much. We'll see how I go from here and whether the results are what I'd hoped for...

One week after lipo

So it's been 7 days since my procedure. I was a little concerned this week as I really wasn't able to notice any difference in the size of my thighs. I knew that I was swollen but was still worried as the Dr only took 400ml during the surgery which didn't seem like much and I was concerned that the results wouldn't be significant enough, especially considering how much I'd paid. I was also concerned as one site was still leaking up until yesterday and I worried that the longer it was open the more chance there was of getting an infection (even though I was on a course of antibiotics). However today I think some of the swelling has gone down and the last opening seems to be healing. I've noticed a slight reduction in the size of my thighs. It's not very obvious but it's good to know there is some change. I am quite bruised, one leg/knee especially. I was told to ice the areas on the day of the procedure once I got home but I was so dopey that I just went to sleep and forgot so I think that explains the extent of the bruising. I've been using hirudoid cream to help but at the moment my legs look like rainbow ice cream (purple, yellow, blue and green!). I haven't had any pain though so in terms of recovery things have been very easy. Can't wait to get out of this surgical garment. Mine goes to mid-calf as it needed to cover my knees and the 'fat pad' I had just below the inner knee so I've been in a lot of maxi dresses and skirts to hide it.
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