Invisalign finished after 14 months - Sydney, AU

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The first few days was awful, I was in such a pain...

The first few days was awful, I was in such a pain that I only took my tray out twice everyday to avoid the pain. Because it was Christmas holiday, I had one day that I only wore the tray for around 18 hours, I extended my time on this tray to 3 weeks according to my dentist.

The last few days were so easy, that I can take them out without any pain at all, I guess it just happen to everybody and every tray.

Very looking forward to how it looks like at the end,

Invisialign - Tray 2 Completed - Sydney, AU

My teeth was sore for the first two days, but the soreness is definitely not as bad as the 1st set.

that's 2 out of 28 done!

Invisialign - Tray 3 Completed

Invisalign - Tray 4 completed

One of the bottom teeth is moved significantly, very happy about the progress.

Invisalign - Tray 5 completed

My gum is getting itchy whenever I moved on to Tray 6 from yesterday, will check with my dentist why this is happening.

Invisalign - Tray 6 completed


Invisalign - Tray 7 completed


Invisalign - Tray 8 completed

Tray 10 completed

Tray 11 completed

Tray 12 completed

Half way through

Tray 13 completed - half way through!

Compare photo - what a progress.

Tray 14 completed

Tray 15 completed

Tray 16 completed

Tray 17 completed

So I went to the check up after tray 17 was completed.
I checked my progress compared to the animation, apparently one of the upper teeth did not close as expected. My dentist said I might need a few more aligners after my full 25 sets finish.

Don't know if this is normal.. any ideas?

Tray 18 completed

Tray 22 Completed

Photo taken on 14/10/14.

My dentist is ordering more aligners because one of the teeth didn't move as expected. I will get more in the following week. Not sure how many more, will wait and see!

Update - tray 2 of the refinements

So my refinements come back last week, I have:

13 for my upper teeth - which will be changed every week. This week I started with tray 2 out of 13, one of my upper teeth seems so stubborn and it didn't move as much as expected. This delays my progress to finish around March next year.

none for my bottom teeth - which means the bottom teeth have no more movements and they are finished! Yay. I only need to wear the refinement at night for the first three months, then 2-3 nights a week for the rest year if the retainer lasts that long.

Off aligners officially!!!

So I finished my invisalign treatment last week. I haven't been posting progressive photos for recent weeks, but here is the grand comparison photo! Wish you all good luck on your invisalign journey. :)
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