Fraxel Left Tiny Holes All over my Face and Texture Change - Sydney, AU

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I am nine months post my fourth Fraxel and my face...

I am nine months post my fourth Fraxel and my face is covered with tiny holes left by the laser, and they seem to getting more prominent as the months go by.The only place where the skin is smooth and normal is around my eyes, where you can see the line of dots following where Fraxel has touched me.
I also have developed a brown blotch in the outside corner of my right eye, I have small brown spots also appearing under both eyes in a line that seems to follow the fraxel. Also a dark area is forming on my upperlip, it kind of looks like a shadow under my skin as someone else mentioned on this site, and is getting also more prominent.

These are not from the sun as I never go outside longer than five minutes when I ride my bike to work or drive to shops and I wear physical sun block everyday. I wash my face first thing in the morning and put sunblock on straight away, even if I'm inside the house all day.

More so I am so pissed off about these bloody holes tattooed all over my face, they are so visible in my bathroom mirror, where the natural light comes from the side. Five months ago the holes were only visible if the sun light came in but now they are visible even on a overcast day. They are hard to see inside with normal lights on, as I suspect they are too soft but daylight reveals the horror. My skin is so porous it looks like I have the skin that has aged ten years, and it is getting worse. I truly believe this laser has accelerated my skin ageing and basically gave me more damage that sun would do in a decade. Ironically I have always shied away from sun, never tanned and always used sunblocks religiously because of the fact that I would always burn so easily.

I am 30 year old and have suffered from acne since I was 18 years old. It left me with scars on the cheeks and for years I struggled with it. I was so embarrassed of my skin. I finally decided to seek more information about laser treatments and googled about Fraxel, how it works and more importantly, is it safe? I finally went to a consultation in Sydney ( Facial Rejuvenation Clinic) to find out more about this procedure. I had the consultation with the doctors assistant, who basically gave me the sales pitch of how wonderful amazing Fraxel is and how safe it is!

I remember being very anxious of any possibility of negative effects on my skin, and asked few times about the safety and possible adverse effects. Her answer to this was that Fraxel is very safe, there might be a slight chance of hyperpigmentation that usually resolves itsel in time and that it just might not work that well on my scars. Not once was I told about the adverse effects such as texture change, fat loss, sagging skin etc. About these I only learned when I was googling skin damage after Fraxel to try and find answer to my own problems and was horrified of the amount of damage this laser causes.

I eventually sent pictures of my skin to the clinic and later met the doctor who armed himself with the assistant who did my treatments and then began the over half an hour arguing on his behalf. I went there to discuss my concerns but he just argued everything I had to say. He first of course claimed he couldn't see any holes, and tried to explain me how it is impossible to Fraxel to cause any holes. Then he contradicted himself first telling me Fraxel works by creating tiny microholes that then coagulates repairing the skin, but when I later asked if it is possible these microholes did not close properly, he then told me Fraxel doesn't cause any holes it only heats the skin.

All this time he kept arguing me, getting cranky and simply ignoring any concerns that I tried to bring across. He knew exactly what I was talking about and did his best to make me feel silly and paranoid and mocked me when I pointed out that my boyfriend also sees the holes in my skin, not just me, saying oh so your boyfriend said something about your skin and now you are just upset. What a douchebag!
I also said to him many times to open the pictures I sent him so I sould show him what I mean, as the light in his office didn't show my skin texture that well. Bizarrely he kept ignoring those request he clearly didn't wan't to open them. I told him that the reason I am so pissed off is that I was never told about this possibility and they should tell people he actually got a bit cranky and said that they don't have to tell people because it's rare!

I asked if it could be possible my skin just heals poorly as scars and blemishes stay behind for long time( once I burned my thigh in the sun and over six months later the line form my shorts was still visible, my partner saw it too pointing it out to me one time in the shower.) I didn't even manage to finish my sentence when he attacked me saying there is nothing wrong whatsoever the way my skin heals it healed from the Fraxel fine and that was the end of it.

I am waiting to see an actual dermatologist to get some help and an opinion what might be going inside my skin, I am fearing the damage is ongoing. I drink water and dring vegetable juices to try and help my skin but I fear it is all in vain. Hate looking at the mirror it is horrible. Never wanted to be a bloody model just wanted a skin I don't have to cover up. Funny before Fraxel I was happy with my face apart the cheek scars but now it is the entire face that is horrible. I can quarantee that if I would've known there might be chance of any ill effect I would have left my skin as it were and waited a better solution to come along.

I'm not surprised if we are all their guinea pigs in these clinical trials, who says they won't want to try something a new setting, a few more passes to just test how the skin reacts and then leave you deal with the effects while the doctors race to there little medical conferences with your file in their hand..

13 months after Fraxel...

Well, the skin is worse. Tiny dots look very noticeable in the sun and the skin texture itself has gone worse, I still have the scars plus my entire face is covered in holes, like a mask. The dark spot under my right eye is changing shape and slowly getting larger. My skin is so porous it is horrible.It kind of looks like a scarred burn, maybe it is. Also lately noticed four indentations on my right cheek, they look like lines going up and down, not very long ones but they look like I scratced my self and left the marks. They are quite unnoticeable unless the light comes from the right angle, and they weren't there before.

Everyone has said that skin gets like that when you age, well my mother is 62 and her skin is smooth apart from few larger pores around her nose, my auntie who is 64 has a smooth skin, my sister who turns 40 has a smooth skin, they all have some wrinkles but skin is so smooth.I met four of my cousins ranging fon 26 to 31 and guess what, they have smooth skin. Some have pimples and acne but the actual skin, is not riddled with massive holes like mine.

Its summer here and so I have had the perfect opportunity to watch people in the sunlight, in town and no-one has the skin like I have now. Pimples yes, few scars yes, but even people in their 50s and 60s has better skin than mine, they might have wrinkles and it might sack a little, but the skin is smooth, where as mine is uneven, wrinkly, leathery and full of holes.It is so noticeable in sun specially when the light comes in an angle behind me or from top.

I went to see my old dermatologist who use to treat me for acne approx and last time I saw her as six years ago. I went in, told her my story. She never even had to come close to me to see the damage, she sat 1.5m from me and saw it from there. She said that nothing will get rid of those holes unfortunately, could try another corrective laser or dermabrasion but other than that, nothing will make my skin better. She does not do lasers herself so it wasn't in her favour in any way to suggest one.

She coudn't tell, if my skin is burned, thinned out, or what has happened exactly but she has seen few people with indentations from lasers and it was refreshing to hear her being so open about it, when in australia Dr Cussell claimed it's impossible and never heard about it.....

I told her how frustrated and angry I was, battling skin issues over ten years and then being lied to and damaged these horrible people. She just said that all you can do unfortunately is to get a new hobby to take my mind off it and don't look in to mirror anymore, she also suggested to use make up that they us in theatre to cover up and that way feel a bit better, and find other things in life.

That didn't make me feel any better I can promise you. How the hell do you get over it, it is my face, everyone sees it, I see it and even if don't it is still there!! I can't believe I asked every question and asked many times can this make my skin worse in anyway, and stressed out I don't want it if it can, and it happened. Just what I feared, it happened. Did they do it on purpose or what, was I a guinea pig? Or did I jinx the universe some how, asking these questions.

My partner just says oh well, it happened, you went there yourself and now just get over it. No one understands how I feel and I can't talk to anyone because they will not understand what it is like to look in the mirror and see that it's not you in the mirror it is the damage and everyone will see it, and look like you are some kind of freak. That's how it honestly feels right now. I am so tired and sad all the time, I don't want to have any social life because I am so embarrassed.

I caught my workmate staring at my skin, and I knew what she saw, my horrible scorched skin. She didn't ask, I didn't explain. I have lost all hope that my skin will ever be the same, I will happily keep the scars just get rid of this horrid skin.
Imagine if my skin is already worse than my mother, what will it look like in ten years time? I can't live like this it is eating me alive.

It's getting worse

Just about hit the rock bottom.. Pores so much more noticeable that before, even at work, the staffroom mirror made my skin look normal, it now is showing the holes. If I tilt my head back and sideways it looks as if I been in a fire, my skin looks like burn scars. I have a weird feeling something is not quite right with looseness of my skin either and that makes me panic big time. I see there is no way out, only worse to come. I never knew such a dark place, I fear what i will do for myself. Even my negative review was knocked back by True Local even if it was accurate , it's feels like in Australia money makers are free to do what they want and no one cares as long as money comes in.

Almost 16 months post and things are getting worse/=

My skin texture is really going down the hill now, no matter how gentle I am with my skin and I have stayed out of sun like an obsessed freak.
The holes are just getting bigger and some of them are turning into little slits. Skin texture is weird, not just holes but orangepeel, and when my face moves these pores turn into thin long lines. It looks as if I have a mix of burn scar tissue and deleted tissue, plus i feel my skin is just ageing fast. I feel like I am trying to stop a heavy train that just keeps going forward and forward even though the breaks are on....

This Dr. Garry Cussell and his assistant Rosita in Sydney have destroyed my young skin entirely and not ones have they contacted me how is my skin after I complained. They are horrible people and know damn well what these lasers do. I can't even be sure that the machine used was real Fraxel, they say what they say and all you can do is take their word for it. Stay away from them. I am now left to deal with a something that I am not sure I can deal with. They said it is normal ageing baha what a joke! I am scandinavian who has always shielded herself from the sun and no ones skin changes this radically naturally, it is all laser caused damage and it ate my healthy collagen and replaced it with scartissue. They call it new collagen and it is but it is not what you are born with, it is scartissue. Anyone who has found help please let me know, I can't deal with this anymore.


Oh my God it is just getting worse and worse what the hell did they do to me??!! THis is not natural ageing my old acne scars are nothing compared to these holes! Please have anyone had any improvement at all I can't take this anymore. They ruined my skin and dumped me what am I to do? I was already disterressed and embarrassed about my acne scars and this is what they did to me. Please help me I can't deal with this. It is now a lot worse than it was when I wrote the review, it is eating my skin and scarring like nothing ever could. I could've spend a year with no sunscreen at all and my skin would be gorgeus compared to this! THI IS NOT NORMAL AGEING!!

Looks like the doctors are aware of how unpredictble lasers are!!

[link removed] - Bunch of phycicians duscussing about a case that was posted here in Real Self, and saying how they operate on Fraxel based on faith rather than knolegde.....

Cutaneous Indentations

This is what I and others with holes in their skin have, it's from a study about lasers and adverse effects:

Case 4: Textural changes following long pulsed 1,064 nm
Nd:YAG laser treatment of perinasal vessels. The patient
was a 27-year-old Caucasian male who presented with
perinasal telangiectasia (Fig. 3A). The patient’s perinasal
blood vessels were treated with a Nd:YAG laser using the
following treatment parameters: l, 1,064 nm; F, 380 J/cm2;
tp, 13 milliseconds; SS, 1.5mm;sapphire tip parallel contact
cooling. The treatment was uneventful and resulted in
lesion clearing; however, 2 months post-operatively the
patient developed cutaneous indentations within the
treated areas (Fig. 3B). The complication was managed by
watchful waiting. Spontaneous resolution of these types of
indentations may occur after a period of 6–10 months. Nonablative
dermal remodeling may be attempted to improve
the indentations with infrared or visible light lasers. If the
indentations do not resolve, ablative laser resurfacing also
may be employed.
The complication occurred as a result of heat diffusion
and thermal injury to tissue surrounding vessels. This
complication may have been avoided by using lower
fluences, however, even with the appropriate selection of
laser treatment parameters, as in this case, patients can
develop cutaneous indentations

At 17 months after laser my skin is worse than it has ever been.

It's pretty gruesome to look at , holes are very large and its obvious they are permanent damage.

I can't sleep I can barely go to work nowadays. Anyone who wants to see photos before deciding to do this treatment contact me privately and I'll send you some.

For life of me I cannot understand why the laser technician at Facial Rejuvenation Clinic in Sydney had to go so deep I only had shallow acne scarring on my cheeks.I am pale virtually no sun damage and this bright spark decided to blast my face go figure...

I'm not the only person they have damaged and I kick myself everyday for being so naive to trust these people.

I also believe my setting were much stronger than I was led to believe, every treatment was agony the moment laser touched my face, but I was warned it will be painful so I thought it was normal .I have read that real fraxel restore should not be so painful specially on those setting that apparently I had.

No decent aftercare instructions were provided apart use sunscreen and don't use retin a based lotions for a while.

This clinic took no responsibility and told me fraxel drills holes in skin, then changed their story and claimed fraxel only heats the skin, it doesn't drill holes and therefor my damage cannot be from fraxel.

The medical records also claimed I had fraxel dual every time but that wasn't true either, I had first two with Fraxel 1550.

Why change my medical records?

I have a sick feeling the laser I received might have been completely different altogether, the painlevel and the handheld cooling hose makes me believe this laser machine could be a cheaper version or something else entirely. I can handle pain but I was amazed when others with great results from fraxel said they barely felt any pain.

Either machine was different or the treatment levels were way too high. On normal healthy skin only gentle way is the way to go, yet I was blasted every time pretty much same setting all over the face , lasers are for scar remodelling not to be used on normal healthy skin.

My entire life has been on hold , I don't want to see people anymore, I wash my face in kitchen sink to avoid mirror if I'm to function that day.

I made it clear to the woman I won't do anything that can potentially harm my skin and she swore it was safe and it would not harm me. I have panick attacks and severe depression and I dread waking up every day, I never felt this anxiety before . I was happy backpacker , enjoyed life and even if I didn t like my scars I never felt like this before , laser damage destroyed me completely, while they go on about their lives happy and carefree without giving a second thought
for the women they scarred for life.

Skin is just not right it is clear laser destroyed a lot of the healthy collagen and elastin and left me with icepick scarring all over my face. You can see the holes stop on one bit between nostrils, that's the one part she missed . I remember this because she said she is very thorough and will do even between nostrils, so I remember thinking we she did missed that bit, it was the only part in my face not pink from treatment.

Yep , stay away from this clinic find a doctor who is not in it just for the money and knows what they are doing.

At 22 months..

No improvement , quite the opposite. Facial skin severely damaged, deep holes from laser covering entire face like icepick scarring. Skin looks leathery and scarred, burned.

I only have acne scarring in my cheeks , but entire face was done with levels to treat scarring , not suitable for healthy skin.

I have had to stop working due to immense anxiety and depression due to damaged face. I no longer socialise and I cannot leave the house without a panic attack. All this is direct result of botched laser treatment, my life is robbed from me. All for a treatment that was marketed to me by he clinic as safe, mild lunch time procedure that would not harm my skin. Suffering acne is hard but suffering laser damage destroys your life, your dreams, future plans and relationships. Laser providers should be held accountable for negative results like this, lying about safety and then washing their hands off you when you end up damaged. I told the clinic I will not do anything that might harm my skin more, so they said it was safe to just make a sale. Nothing can heal your burned dermis it's for life, stay away from lasers and save your life.



Almost three years after..

Things are not better, they are a little worse. My skin reacts to everything and the texture is the same but it has morphed into more rougher look, the skin colour is off , much ruddier and the colour difference follows the line between untreated and treated skin, as well as holes. The demarcation line follows exact line where holes go around my eyes giving me raccoon face. I have not worked over a year due to severe depression this caused me. I can't hide this with make up very well as the holes simply go too deep. I try and see if Recell and dermabrasion is an option for me but it will be a long way off. I wish I could say time has improved something but unfortunately it has not. I have avoided sun like a plague for three years so no , it's not sun damage, or ageing. I have seen many deems , one a dermatologist teaching lasers in hospital in Sydney. He admitted this kind of texture is often result of too high treatment levels, and he has seen it before. I visited another in my own country , a deem who specialises in lasers and said the same thing, too high treatment levels. When I first emailed Dr. Rawlins he also said he has seen and treated few laser damage victims and this kind of dot marking is often seen in fraxel patients.

more pics

Worsening skin texture after 3.5 years.

I don't come here often anymore. I'm sorry if I don't reply always but I do my best to help when I mentally can. Truth is I am suffering badly and have very little energy to go through the horror again and again.

Face- it's not good. Skin has deteriorated badly. Pinholes that laser burned in me are deep and wide. Skin has puckered up between holes and now my skin has permanent shine from burn scarring. Scarring had been verified by many dermatologist and one was a person who teaches lasers. He was very uncomfortable having me in his office with waiting room full of patients and oddly spoke in hushed tones which was pathetic really , I have been damaged and you care only about your lasers.

But he admitted that yes this is laser damage from too high treatment levels and damaged dermis too deeply for it to be able to recover properly after treatment.

I have scratches from laser tip on my cheeks, whole texture is Also wavy, and yes old acne scars are still there.

I used to have set mirror and set lighting where damage didn't show but now the same mirror in same lighting shows the damage, whole face is covered in scarring.

Skin colour is now ruddy and permanently red where laser went. Holes are everywhere also where laser went. Raised skin texture also begins where laser went, only around eyes are normal texture and tone.

Skin reacts now even to physical sunblock and even normal gentle moisturizes makes it flush and burn sometimes for days.

I bought Biafine to calm my skin but after 3.5 years later it's too late- the clinic should have given me burn cream straight away!!perhaps the damage would have been less than what it is now. I cannot believe laser clinics burn your skin and don't prescribe burn cream?!

My quality of life is non-existent. The depression from severe scarring in ones face is hard to come to terms with specially when it was done to you by someone who I trusted.

I was not told this was possibility, even when I asked about potential scarring and worst case scenarios. I remember it clear as a day, the moment when I put hands on my face and looked at her in the eye and said I could not deal with more scarring to my face.

She smiled and said not to worry it's impossible for the technology to scar me.
They would have said anything to put me at ease and go ahead with laser. Naively I believed clinic run by a medical professional would be honest about all potential adverse effects how rare they may seem.

I am barely living I can't enjoy and be carefree anymore, this is on my mind all the time. Acne never took my life away like this , it's very different beast to suffer from laser damage, the destruction to your skin aesthetically and functionally is incredible.

I'm 33 now and I try to see friends and socialise but I'm only pretending and silently hoping I could go home and wash off the three layers of makeup plastered on my face to hide the scarring and turn off lights and just go to sleep.

About makeup: doesn't hide the damage anymore that's the new kick to the guts. The scarring is so severe and entire face is covered that even expensive primer , foundation and powder do very little hiding the laser holes they are just too deep.

Skin texture has raised appearance and feels like a mask on my skin. I can feel laser texture under my fingers now and skin always feels sticky even after washing it, it doesn't feel clean it feels like grime on my skin it's quite hard to explain.

It's the scar texture that I feel from the fraxel. I'm have lost all hope now and I am tired. I used to be bubbly, happy and adventurous energetic young woman and after laser my soul simply withered away, I simply exist now and have very negative and bitter outlook on life because of this.

It has affected my love life and friendships , I was so bad I had to stop working because I couldn't bear the pain anymore. I'm now back in work life and it's exhausting to live with a face that's no longer your own, pretend I don't care about my face, pretend I don't see curious looks when they think I not aware they are doing it.

Hard to explain but anyone with laser damage or bad acne scarring can relate I'm sure. Laser damage however looks unnatural and people look because they realise it's different from acne scarring but don't know what it is.

My trust to doctors has been shattered I hate them with a passion.

More and more I read about doctors claiming " we have treated thousands of patients and never had anyone complaining " or " we have never seen lasers do this kind of damage, it must be old scarring coming to surface" or " laser cannot do this it's impossible" etc etc etc. They know of course they do, and they all jog these excuses to harmed and scared patients to dismiss them away.

There is a plastic surgeon who treats laser damaged patients and I wish to see him this year , but there's not much he can do however little improvement would be at least something. He is only one I've heard that people with device damage trust.

Luckily he is in this country so hopefully I can see him this year.

Never do lasers kids it's not worth the gamble. Don't trust your doctor or clinic to be honest they are a business and essentially they are there to make profit , just be aware that they might gloss over certain adverse effects or not disclose them at all.

It's a hard reality and I paid with my life, and seven grand for having destroyed skin and face.

Stay safe xx

Four years have passed..

Four years have passed and it has been utter nightmare for me. I'm severely depressed. I no longer enjoy life, I tolerate it. My world came crashing down when I first realized I was severely scarred by laser and it never will be same again for me.i wait my heart to just stop.

I'm 34 this year and I feel like I'm 60. My face is badly scarred from laser, skin is not functioning properly I have no barrier left. It burns and flushes red and follows the pattern of laser.

I am in one of the most beautiful places in the world and I feel no excitement I feel weary and tired and very much aware of my skin state. Holes are so deep sun block gets stuck in there no matter how much I rub. My eyes are revealing laser damage specially right undereye is crinkly Down to cheekbone. Skin is shiny scar tissue with holes stamped all over. I've lost my natural good skin and the acne scars that were treated are still there so all I gained was damage.

My mother and sister have normal wrinkles from age however mine goes all the way down to cheek and on other side only. It's bizarre.

I've lost all hope that I'll find cure. Cities shun laser damaged patients because they know damage is deep and irreversible- they don't want to be the bearer of bad news I guess.

Life no longer means living for me it's unbearable to see and feel my own face as the scarring is so obvious. I lost my relationships and I don't feel attractive at all to try and put myself out there- my skin is just so awful.

My biggest wish is to see these people to pay ruining women's and men's lives like this.

Nightmares end, laser damage doesn't

Nearly five years. Five years of utter hell.
It just gets worse. My skin is no longer skin : it's plain scar tissue. It reacts negatively to everything: physical sunblocks cause chemical burn daily but without it I get sun burn. Heat causes makes it angry, exercising makes it purple red and angry.
Nothing helps , my facial scar mask lives its own life.

The laser holes are bigger and deeper and skin between white, puckering and is scar tissue.

I have permanent raccoon eyes: perfect normal skin where laser didn't touch, then raised scarring red/ orangey color all over until jawline where laser went.

It looks so bad in normal daylight it takes my breath away every time and I wish to die on the spot. Nothing helps and no Doctor so far has been able to offer anything other but to " get a hobby, try not to think about it."

One doctor is doing recell and I wish to see him in February. It's a sliver of last hope I have but damage is so final I doubt much can be done.

This is my last attempt and I have not thought about life lasting beyond next 24months, I cannot go on like this.

Stay away from lasers, stay away from ipl. If you are in the waiting room of some laser clinic or surgeon administering laser, right now, reading this: walk away.

Walk away and never go back. Save your life. Because I lost mine the day I walked into that clinic in George Street, sydney.
Formerly called The Facial Rejuvenation Clinic Sydney, they are now called The Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia.

They seemed great at first but in my consultation scarring as a side effect was denied and it was sold non invasive, gentle and 100% safe.

I asked about scarring as a side effect more than three times and I was told the technology simply doesnt go deep enough therefore cannot cause scarring.

When I complained about my skin going worse they angrily denied it. Garry Cussell said they don't have to tell about side effects because it happens so rarely and they only happen because of machine malfunction or operator error, and apparently neither had happened in my case.

So how come my entire face became scarred then?

Disgusting people. They destroyed my life and I will never be the happy , bubbly funny and strong woman I was then , fiercely loving life.

Do your future self a huge favour, save him or her, and walk away. Lasers cause your skin more damage than they cause improvement.

Best case scenario nothing bad happens, but don't risk your life and your face because if you get injured, the damage is total and utter destruction of your skin, face. It destroys your relationships with friends, loved ones, because you are all alone in a place that no one can even remotely relate nor they can help.

Simple things in life like enjoying the day in sun and outdoors become source of fear and anxiety and burning red skin. Knowing your damaged skin became even more damaged.

You can't look yourself in the mirror anymore without plunging into depression, and having others look at you gives you instant cold sweat.

You can't bother with make up anymore because it will look awful no matter what but your skin is so ravaged without it so you won't leave your house because you are so sad and ashamed.

You dream about your skin every night you can't help it, it's either a nightmare or a good dream where you had your old normal skin. You wake up happy until you remember it was just a dream.

I could go on for much more but you get the idea.

I used to hate my acne scars but it was nothing like this- I'd happily take it back and feel like million dollars!

Hope my story saves you. Close your laptop, put on some lipstick and head outside, it's sure is beautiful out there and so are you xxxx

Skin texture

Here is photo of texture that my skin has five years on after laser treatment. It does not show the colour accurately nor the depth of pinholes but it gives an idea what I mean when I say pinholes.

My skin is like this all ovet my apart from where laser didn't touch me. There's clear demarcation lines around eyes and jawline as well as area on my nose, between nostrils and demarcation line there is obvious.

Laser has taken elasticity from my skin so when I move my face my skin crinkles.

I feel and look dirty all the time because my skin just is a mess. I used to have smooth skin apart from few acne scars on side of my cheeks. My mother is 67 and her skin is smoother than mine. My sister is ten years older and skin as smooth as I use to have. This is not normal ageing in my case but you can see it from pics before.

These people wrecked my face. I'll never forget nor forgive that

Photo does not show the depth of the damage at all nor colour as it really is in natural light.its impossible to capture damage in its all glory in 2-D photos, which anyone who has tried knows. Another pic is prior laser.

I can't believe I did this.

Five years later

More pictures that show permanent state of my skin. I hate what they did to me everyday every minute I hate my face I hate my life, i can't stress how much I hate that my heart just keeps on beating.

I have no life left, my life is burning skin, Ugly scarred up skin, curious stares, blatant stares, people look at my side profile, surprised at seeing my skin, trying to work out what's so weird about it.

Red raw skin, burned, microwaved scarred destroyed face staring back at me. Nothing will help me!

Garry Cussell and his assistant Rosita destroyed my skin, my face , my life. I have nothing left in me of my old self. How could you lie about safety to me???!!! I said I could never cope mentally if my skin got any more scarred than it was. No no, it's 100% safe, this technology can't harm you, your skin will love it, it's like going on a holiday..impossible to scar.

I can't understand how this can happen this day and age! I have been in hell five years. Its never going to end for me is it? They took my money knowing the risks it would have and went ahead without warning me about this. Then when I complained doctor said they don't have to tell anything.

I have nowhere to turn to, I can't do a thing and my face burns and burns and burns. It looks hideous so hideous the scarring is visible two meters away.

Life is no longer exiting and magical journey. Its eternal burning hell very literally. I won't make it far, I refuse to suffer for something I didn't deserve. Was my money worth it? Was it worth destroying my life? Was it?


Sydney Physician

I felt there was constantly a push to sell products.I was not told about possible adverse effects or what could go wrong, and when it went wrong I felt I was treated like it was my fault, and it felt like there Was no compassion towards my concerns as a patient, refuses to even look at a picture where i could point out what I means with my concerns. Staff is very friendly and helpful they prob only do what they are being told by their employer. I felt the Doctor was very cold, had four treatments and he only saw me briefly before the first two, there Was over a year at least until third and fourth treatment , i Was never seen by the doctor before those treatments.

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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