Eyebrow Tattoo Removal with Rejuvi - Sydney, AU

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I got cosmetic tattooing on my eyebrows that...

I got cosmetic tattooing on my eyebrows that certainly look better dark. I should have listened to my gut instinct and FLED the salon! She didn't listen to my brief, went outside the lines and the colour went grey after the ink had settled - my confidence was shattered.

After finding this site I realised there was a way out - Rejuvi seemed like the way to go. I had the procedure 4 days ago and I can already feel the scab getting ready to peel off and take that awful work with it. The beautician doing the removal also does cosmetic tattooing and has the same skin/hair colour as me and has given herself the exact tattoo shape I want! I definitely trust her and wish I'd gone with her in the first place, but will have to weigh up my feelings after the Rejuvi has healed.

Currently hiding from the world. Going bat-crazy, missing the people that I love, and cementing in some hard-learned lessons. Day 4... won't be able to handle more that a week of solitude so am getting bangs cut this weekend to hide the brows whilst the Rejuvi does it's trick

A nightmare I'll be glad to see the back of, but it's taught me SO much about myself! Firstly, always trust your instincts. Secondly, your natural face is perfect - people love the energy around you, not what you look like. Thirdly, trying to fix an insecurity can just fixate you more on it and drive you crazy - I was always looking at others eyebrows after my tattoo!

Update: It's been just a few hours over 8 days...

Update: It's been just a few hours over 8 days since the treatment. I still have these unsightly scabs, however am sporting a rather stylish new look: bangs. They're hiding them quite well with the help of my good old friend hair spray. The scabs are starting to lift quite substantially - almost a centimeter of lift from the outer edges. Resisting the temptation to pick them off! I really just want them off and this whole ordeal to be over now, but I have a feeling the scabs will be there for a few more days. Mum says the skin under the lifted bit looks quite pink (as to be expected), so I've got some organic rose hip oil ready to go for when they're fully gone.

So it's two months on, and the skin has healed and...

So it's two months on, and the skin has healed and the eyebrows hairs have all grown back! A little of the original tattoo ink has remained, but I don't think I can put myself through that process again. I will go to a trusted tattooist, and get them shaped and coloured better. Hopefully whats left of the old, grey tattoo will no longer be noticable. If it is, I will go back and have spot applied rejuvi, just on the bits sticking out over the shape I like.

Mentally, I'm SO THANKFUL to be out of my previous state of mind! I've actually learned so much from this ordeal. I've learned to just happy with myself, and love myself 100% - right now - just like this. It's so important. You are worth it!

Re-tattooed. Love it!

Great colour and shape now! Much more suitable to my face and colouring. Still a little bit of ink left above the arch, but it's barely noticeable. Will probably still get it rejuvied because my beautician (who did the rejuvi and the good tattoo this time) is committed to getting me perfect eyebrows - I love her for that!
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