Porcelain Veneers with Dr. Lazaris in Australia! - Sydney, AU

Canadian girl headed to Aus for 10 porcelain...

Canadian girl headed to Aus for 10 porcelain veneers with the famous Dr. Lazaris!
Everything has been more than great up to this point and I'm super excited and feeling at ease with his vision and expertise.

So far I have sent in all my photos and within a day he had my smile designed and had an amazing plan on how to make my teeth bigger, fill gaps, and most importantly widen my narrow smile! He sent me a full video of how he measured my face and why he recommends what he does.
Dr. Angelo Lazaris

Dr. Lazaris has been amazing so far! Every email is responded to promptly and he is very open to my ideas - he stresses this is a mutual process that we both can tweak as needed. I feel so at ease with him and can't wait to meet him in a week!

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