Had Coolsculpting on 6th and 7th Dec for my Lower Abs. - Sydney, Australia

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I am yet to see the results. I did not take the...

I am yet to see the results. I did not take the pictures, but the facilitator took my pictures in all possible angles :)

I was prescribed 2 x 6.3 suctions. I have quite a large lower ab and so they decided to use 2 suctions on each side. This was to avoid the large applicator of size 8. Since it took quite long on 6th, I decided to have the other side the next day.

As I laid on the stretcher, my heart beat pumped twice its rate. I had read all the reviews in this forum and I was quite worried of the pain and after results. But I was tired of seeing my 'big tire' which was hanging around my waist and it was not reducing for long time. I am not a very active person. I sit in front of computer for long hours and do not engage much in physical activity. My level of workout is on lower end.

With all these, I decided to have the cool sculpting done on the lower abs and then target towards the flanks. But it is very expensive and I hope the price comes down in few months !!! :)

Alright, coming back to my experience on the stretcher, my pulse was high and nothing helped me to calm down! The facilitator was very sweet and she made me feel at the utmost comfort possible. She advised me that the cooling gel can be very cold. Anyway it was a warm day and I did not find much discomfort with that cold layer on my tummy [one side of the lower ab]. She instructed that the suction can be little uncomfortable for few minutes and later that portion gets numb and I would not have much sensation. She placed it and I felt like I was being pulled by my flab and it was slightly uncomfortable. She showed me that the entire cup was full and that was a good sign. Well, I was not sure of it yet and I still cant be, until I see some results.

It was strange and my heart beat slowed down a little and I came back to normal realizing that IT WAS NOT THAT BAD AFTER-ALL!!!

I was left with some magazines. First 30mins flew quick and later I was pretty anxious to see what would happen next, when will the most painful part arrive? I was looking at the remaining time and there was 10mins interval at each sight and I was hoping for remaining time to pass quick. By then, my bladder was full. Until then I had not decided that I will get the other side done the next day. So i was waiting for the nurse to come and have a look. She came at almost 1 min remaining. I told her that I need to use toilet, then she asked me to have the other session next day and I thought that would be feasible for me as well.

She removed the tube and there it was red blob of fat!?!?!?! or whatever.. She said that was good and I left the judgement to her. She gently massaged and it was not that painful. She asked to touch it and it was freezing like an ice cube! Still, it was NOT THAT PAINFUL!!!!!! Thank god for that.. :)

She marked the area for next visit and I was bloody nervous of the pain that I would feel in few days. I went home, was curious and playing with the area to feel how numb it was. It looked and felt funny! :) I tried to calm myself down for the later pain that I was expecting. But luckily, there wasn't much pain.

Day 2:

I was less nervous. Since I had no pain as I was expecting and it was a different nurse who was aiding the other side of my belly. She brought in an intern and both had hands on the device and it was freaking me out the way they were handling things! It was very different to day 1. Well, there is nothing I could do about it.. I did not have to wait for long before she placed that cold layer on my tummy and it was freezing.. ouch, that was cold! I did not feel it on day 1, but it was hell cold. The way the suction was placed also was quite painful. I did feel the difference from day 1 to day 2, where I was feeling the pulling part more obvious. Time passed quite quick since I had lot of gossip magazines to read round.. :D
After a quick hour, she walked in and was waiting for last second. Later she switched off the suction and pulled it out and that was like hell! Day 1 was different where she switched off the machine, performed some action on that monitor and then turned the suction off. Massaging was also painful! I wonder why?
I definitely believe, it depends on the person who is performing placing of the gel, device etc.

I was feeling pain on this side and I was unable to sit properly. I relaxed for a while and I felt better. I feared, this time for sure, I would be bruised and feeling pain on one side.

But miraculously, its Day 4 for one side and Day 3 for the other side. Apart from me touching it to check how painful it feels, there is no pain. I have no bruises.

I will keep updating this post to describe the feeling after few days.

Suggestion: If you are willing to have cool sculpting done, go to a reputed place where there are good reviews. Irrespective of difference in several hundreds, it is worth it.

Spent: $ AUD 1900

Day 5: I felt a slight poking sensation around...

Day 5:

I felt a slight poking sensation around my belly in morning. It was not that sharp though. If my pants were sitting right at the place where there was treatment done, it was hurting quite a bit, but it was manageable.

Over evening, the pain and sharp burning sensation increased a little. I could feel the poking to be more intense. Still, I was able to sleep, but I did not have normal sleep. I also planned to jog early in the morning since I had not jogged for past few days after treatment. I could have been anxious of waking up in morning and might not have had good sleep , i guess!

Day 6:
Finally i was able to jog for 5-10 mins and my belly did not support for longer run. I could feel the burning sensation and reverted back to walking and returned home. Later that morning, I had very bad pain and could not do much apart from drinking cold water and struggled a lot with the pain. The burning sensation is more obvious and persistent.

It feels like I have applied a strong balm to that area and a roller of nails is passing on the layer of my tummy!!!

I hope I will be able to sleep with this! I dont know when this feeling will go away!

Day 7: The pain was hell. It felt like million...

Day 7:

The pain was hell. It felt like million red ants biting my belly. I could not stand the pain and did not want to resort on pills to reduce the burn. I work in office sitting in front of computer from morning till evening and lot of people walking around me. If my lower ab was touching the table I was sitting on, it was paining like being stabbed from 1000 knives and then being poured by hot burning candles.

Whenever I went to washroom, I was washing my hands in cold water and touching my belly, that had not sensation and it was feeling better! But the burning sensation did not stop for long.

Whole day was the same. I thought I wouldn't be able to sleep that night, but I was so tired that I fell asleep with pain.

Day 8:
Same as day 7. Lot of burning sensation. There was no sign of pain reducing in any way. All I did was opened this site and read all reviews to understand when the pain can reduce.

Most reviews said by Day 9 and 10 pain has to reduce. I was counting those days, and every minute was passing like a million year.

I slept in pain that night.

Day 9:
Pain seemed to be reducing. But I felt the poking and stabbing sensation at several places randomly. But it was not as bad as previous 2 days. I kept strong to tolerate the pain if it arose again.

Day went quite well and the pains then and again was somehow tolerable.
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