BUTT IMPLANTS: Asian 29F, 5'3, 100lbs -- 230cc Natural Contour Intramuscular Solid Silicone - Sydney, AU

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Hi RealSelf! This is my first review. I have been...

Hi RealSelf!
This is my first review. I have been a lurker for many years and have gleaned a lot of information from this forum for the various procedures I've had (breast implants, abdominal liposuction, buccal fat removal, fat transplant to nose, blepharoplasty, Botox, et cetera) and I thought maybe it's time to give back to the community.


After careful deliberation over the course of a several years, I finally decided to take the plunge to get butt implants as I really have very little body fat to compensate for BBL. Similarly, I wanted something permanent and implants seem to be the only sure way to go so I went for an consultation appointment with Dr Laith Barnouti ($200 for consultation) who was ever so kind and informative. I scheduled in the surgery for 24 May and that was that.

230cc, natural contour so on the smaller side of things but then I'm really very skinny (100lbs at 5'3"). Intramuscular implant. One incision about 7cm in length. Total cost around $18000 AUD, $1200 of which goes to the anaesthetist.


Prior to surgery, you're told not to take any blood thinners (watch out for vitamin E and garlic and strawberries!), no alcohol and no smoking (I don't do either but just a heads up for the people who do) and strictly no food for 8 hours to surgery (essentially you fast after your last dinner). After surgery, you're told not to shower for a week, and that the drains will be kept in for a minimum of 3 days.

On the day, as far as I remember, I arrived at the day surgery clinic at 7:15 I was told to get changed into the gown and cap, remove all jewellery, 7:30 the nurse cannulated me on my wrist and 7:45 the anaesthetist put me to sleep.

Before I knew it, it was 11:30 and I woke up in the most excruciating pain. Holy moly. This is no joke. It really hurts so very much. Your bum feels like it's been cut open and stuffed which is of course stating the obvious but because the area is so rich in nerves and the muscle is quite large, you feel it radiating and regardless of how much endone you're getting, it just does not seem enough and I'm not even a cry baby. Really. And the dizziness. Don't even get me started there.

The nurse, bless her heart, kept giving me juice boxes and what do you know, it actually made me feel a little bit better.

12:00pm my best friend came to pick me up in his car and they wheeled me out on a wheelchair. I think I was moaning and groaning the whole time. Got into the car and sat on the back end of my thighs because it hurt too much to lean back and got home.

Crap. My stairs. That was a task and a half! But I did it! With the help of my best friend, we got me and my newly bolted on ass cheeks up the stairs and into bed where I laid belly down for what felt like forever and trying to compensate for the pain with sleep, endone (oxycodone) and panadeine forte (paracetamol + codeine).

I was prescribed augmentin (amoxicillin) and meloxicam both of which I was to take twice a day with meals which I did.


As I wasn't given a compression garment (apparently some require it and some do not) I was just a vegetable in a robe with two drains coming out the side of my bum like little blood grenades. It was a sorry and funny sight. Really couldn't move much at all and had very little appetite, but managed to hold down a lot of 2% Fat Plain Greek yoghurt, bananas, blueberries and protein shakes beefed up with psyllium husks and chia seeds aiming for between 1300-1500 calories. That was basically my diet for the next five days too. I wanted it to be high in protein to make up for the tissue rebuilding process whilst being easy to digest and also maintain levels of calcium and potassium, vitamins, trace minerals, and probiotics which are necessary in healing. Similarly I supplemented my diet with zinc, omega 3, curcumin, more probiotics, magnesium, more vitamin C, GABA, garlic and horseradish.

In terms of mobility, I was in so much pain and I couldn't sit on the toilet so I hovered over the top of it. Clean up was just baby wipes. No bowel movements for the first four days.


Diet was maintained and finally had a bowel movement on day 5. It was dry and hard and I felt like my butt was going to explode but I did it and thank god I did.

Pain management was still the same and no significant changes there.

On day 6 (Monday 30 May 2016) I had the drains taken out. Hurt a lot less than I thought it would -- hurrah! They were such a nuisance. Necessary, but nonetheless a nuisance. And I was glad to see them gone. Dr Barnouti said that everything was looking great. I was to keep the tapes on my wounds for a week more but I was free to shower after day 7. On this day I started introducing some chicken breast and some fish and eggs as well into my diet -- maintaining a high protein diet is of absolute importance when healing from surgery.

So day 7 comes rolling around and so does another bowel movement! This time it wasn't too bad and I my butt didn't feel like death after. Pain is still pretty awful so I am still on the endone and the panadeine forte but I started trying to wean myself off of them on this day.

Bad idea. Big bag of nopes. Shouldn't have done it. I was crying into my pillow so much so I took up taking them again and what do you know? I'm so much more mobile and functional with them. I even managed to do 2 lots of laundry! So it was decided that I should stay on the pain killers until I'm ready.

I was still a bit scared to take a full shower as I didn't want to catch an infection on my incision so I did my best to wash my hair whilst keeping the rest of me dry and just cleaning up with baby wipes. Oh my goodness. It is the best. My scalp felt so good. I felt so much more dignified! Then I caught myself in the mirror and checked out my new rear view.

Yes sir, I am derrière extraordinaire! Zero regrets! I am very, very happy with the results thus far.

So that night, I went to sleep very happy with myself and a lot less sore than when I woke up because painkillers are pretty necessary in this procedure.


Yesterday was day 8 and yesterday I introduced tomatoes and lentils into my diet because I wanted to poop more and one thing about those life saving painkillers is they obliterate any chances of you pooping normally -- that's the catch I guess. In terms of pain, it's manageable but clearly I am still not ready to be taken off the meds. I am hoping it will be easier in the coming week as it is a soft tissue procedure and even bone takes 6 weeks to heal so this should be significantly faster.

Today is day 9. I'm really trying to move around more -- maybe walking around my apartment about an hour or two since day 7. There's a radiating pain that sometimes comes from my butt down my thigh and into my calf when I point my toes in a certain direction but I think that's just the implant pressing on a nerve or something and everything will work itself out in time.

As for how the butt looks -- well, I will attach before and after pics. I'm loving it. The curve is so natural and full and surprisingly it has augmented my hips as well. Maybe that was something I should have taken into consideration before surgery but wow, my shape is nothing short of terrific right now and I have my surgeon to thank for it. I still have a ways to go in terms of healing -- apparently another couple of weeks minimum, but I'm really happy with what I've got so far. I've been told also that the size will shrink by 5-10% due to swelling and whatnot. I don't mind this at all, either. In any case, I feel it will all hang well on my body and I look forward to the bootyful days ahead.

Will keep updating as I go on healing and I hope I was able to inform some of the ladies and gentlemen out here looking to get this procedure.

NB: Australian Pricing

Just a heads up to the folks down here in Australia who are interested in this procedure, particularly those in Sydney: the pricing is of roughly $18,000.00 (it was less than that but I can't remember off the top of my head the exact number but I believe it's listed on Dr Barnouti's website) is in Australian dollars. Understandably it is a significant jump from what seems to be the norm of $8,500.00-$12,000 in USA. With that said, there aren't as many surgical practitioners in Australia who perform this procedure, let alone specialise in it. Similarly, my work and entire life is here in Sydney and therefore it is foreseeably impossible for me to take 3 weeks off to go anywhere else for surgery and this was therefore my option. I think even if you were to travel overseas for this procedure based on cost alone, you'd come to roughly the same price if you include transportation, insurance, food, and lodging.


The past couple of days, I haven't really observed any significant changes from the previous week. Bowel movements are coming to tolerable normality occurring every other day of so. I've also observed that on days where my protein intake is significantly higher (1.5 times my usual intake), the pain seems to get better. I'm not sure if this is a coincidence though. In terms of dietary macros, because of this observation, I've been keeping it at 30% carbs, 55% protein, 15% fats, no caffeine, and I am eating at 10-15% my TDEE. I think I will continue to observe the healing process in conjunction with this dietary plan for another week or so before deciding whether or not to switch back to my usual eating habits. Due to the broad spectrum antibiotic I was on (amoxicillin) in the fest few days I failed to mention I had developed thrush which is probably the most annoying thing ever but thankfully that was managed with Diflucan (fluconazole) and a lot of probiotics and yoghurt. I took measurements and where I used to be 24" in the waist and 32" at the widest part of my hips, I have now become 36" at the widest part of my hips. I think a lot of this has to do with swelling though but I am really happy about this development as I've almost always been on the skinnier side and at 16% body fat generally because it's difficult for me to bulk. I think even after all the swelling goes down, the lateral expanse of the implant itself will give the illusion of a wider hip and I'm estimating this number will sit on a comfortable 34.5-35.5". I could be wrong but we'll wait and see. "Sitting" on the toilet (more like a plié-squat combo) is becoming easier. I've found if you make put your feet in something that vaguely resembles second position (ballet parlance) and squat down tilting your butt out and up, it makes the process a lot more tolerable. Kneeling is also now a lot easier so when I drop something, with a bit of effort, I can actually retrieve it. I also cannot emphasise how glad I am to have baby wipes. Seriously. To everyone who is planning to get their butt done -- please invest in baby wipes. Like the value pack ones. Don't have to be expensive but they are a godsend when you are cleaning up down there as well as just wiping yourself down to clean in general when you can't shower. BONUS! They exfoliate too! Been trying to walk a lot more to reduce swelling and it's working out alright. Standing up isn't an issue, walking (or waddling) isn't too bad either. The tough parts are getting up and out of bed and getting back into bed but even then it's tolerable when you plan your timing of pain meds correctly. I've found the paracetamol-codeine stuff takes about 30 min to kick in and the oxycontin takes about 20 min, so make sure you have a vessel of water and the meds beside you so can plan your trips to the toilet and walking and getting food, etc without too much pain. The boredom from not really being able to do all that much is a bit of a bummer. I also miss eating salty, carb-heavy foods like fries and fajitas and nachos and ribs and ph? and I miss having a real sit-down meal but I guess this is just temporary and we'll get back to the yummy foods soon enough hahahaha On the other hand, for the first time in my life I have a proper butt! This is so exciting for me and makes me feel so much more confident and feminine already. I know it's not as big as some of the others -- 230cc is a far cry from the 470-550cc I see so much of here -- and credit to every single one of you who went for the larger size as long as it's what makes you happy and I really do think they all look great. On me though, with my stick body, 230cc is just enough. Any larger and it would look really awkward on my frame as my hips are kind of narrow to begin with too. I've got an appointment on Monday, 10am (essentially tomorrow morning) to replace the micropore tape off the midline and for my two week check-up. I hope everything is healing okay and that I am biologically on schedule. In any case, I will report back here the findings and post a progress pic then. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


On Monday, I went to Dr Barnouti's office at 10:00AM for my 2 week check up and was told that everything was healing exceptionally well and we are on schedule which is great news to me!

My nurse -- the good woman she is -- took the bandage off the sutures and replaced it with a strip of micropore and I was told I can take this off after a week and that the worst is over (SCORE!!!)

Pain management is improving too -- I've cut down on painkillers by 25% and also I am full of energy!

Bowel movement is still on once every other day but it's getting easier. I was prescribed stool softeners but I chose not to take them for the entire duration of my healing as I didn't want to become reliant on laxatives.

Mobility has drastically improved over the past 3 days and now I can climb stairs with ease (but not so much grace), put on pants, and waddle at a much faster pace than the previous week which makes me very happy.

Unfortunately because of the meds and malaise, I have been sleeping at really topsy-turvy hours. I find myself waking up between 2:00AM-11:00AM and then wanting to sleep through the daylight. I will need to readjust this.

Diet-wise, I have been maintaining the same intake as the past few days which is still eating about 15% above my TDEE and at a very high amount of protein as it's most condusive to healing in my own personal experience. I have also been drinking lots of white tea, matcha, and peppermint tea to settle the tummy, rehydrate, and for the catechins. I don't know how that's working out for my butt but my skin has never looked better.

I think in the coming week I will add more fatty fish and avocado to my eating and maybe a banana every other day and reduce my intake to 10% above my TDEE as my healing has already drastically improved and these foods will fight inflammation as well as promote healthy gut flora, potassium to assist with calcium and other salts your muscles need to heal, tryptophan to relax as after surgery or any type of trauma cortisol (the stress hormone) is pretty much the boss of your body and relaxation is better for healing.

Sorry my writing is all over the place right now as I just woke up. Hopefully some of this makes sense to someone out here hahaha

Will continue to report back as healing continues



Healing has been progressing -- still wobbly on my feet and not walking properly yet and I still can't sit (or maybe I'm just too chicken to) but going to the toilet has become totally normal again, so hurrah for small victories! I think I am a bit of a whiney-hiney (GET IT? Hahahahaha) though as I've been feeling really impatient about it and I've just run out of endone (oxycodone) and am on just panadeine forte (paracetamol + codeine) now and have been cutting down on that even as I am running low on it and boy, do I feel it. I don't know how some of the ladies and gents here go off the painkillers after a week or two as for me I still feel pretty beaten up. Maybe because I am a small girl. Le sigh. The pain now is like a deep soreness that isn't nearly as bad as it was two and a half weeks ago but it's still very much there -- a weird kind of pressure. Almost like when you go for a Thai massage and you forget to specify that you're a wimp who can only take it easy and the masseuse goes all out on you hahahaha I am optimistic things will drastically improve this coming week though. One can hope! Diet-wise, I've dialled it down to 10% above my TDEE whilst maintaining 100g-150g of protein intake per day. This is working out well for me as I haven't gained fat but I haven't lost weight either in spite of the massive decline in physical activity. I do miss working out though as I feel I'm losing muscle tone and can't wait to hit the weights again or go for a run instead of a power-waddle hahaha So about two days ago, I saw my smoked salmon was going to go off soon and I didn't want it to go to waste so exercising really bad judgement, I consumed both packets (that's 400g in total) and afterwards I freaked out about the salt intake. Yeah. Don't try this at home, kids. I felt like crap the WHOLE DAY! So bloated and just gross. It seems my body just isn't ready for the sodium onslaught just yet. I sure miss salty food though and if someone were to place a big thingamabob of Korean barbecue in front of me, good judgement is going out the window because #YOLO and what kind of silly sausage says no to Korean barbecue? NOT ME!!!! Damn, I miss food. I guess that's one technically good collateral thing about this surgery that I didn't realise would have such an impact: my eating has become eleventy times cleaner and I'm measuring everything (what is measured is managed!) and admittedly the rest of my body has benefitted from it. I hope I get better soon. Mainly so that I can exercise and use exercise as an excuse to eat naughty food hahahaha The surgical glue is also coming off bit by bit. Perhaps this part is a bit gross to talk about but it's slowly flaking off and I'm glad for that because it is the antithesis of pretty. Oh man. It's like -- have you ever accidentally gotten glue on your fingers as a kid and it dried and it feels really weird and it's clear but crackly and when it crackles it turns white because structural integrity and whatnot? Well it's like that but on the midline of my tush and the surrounding skin. If this is happening to you too, according to my nursing background I should inform you to not peel it or pick at it and just let it happen along with the scabbing and such. As a patient though, I totally get it. The tush is rounding out nicely and swelling has improved a lot. It still measures 36" so maybe, just maybe, it will stay that way. Because that would make me a very happy camper indeed. When I suck my belly in, I'm about 23" in the waist, if it's relaxed, I'm on 24"-25" (it fluctuates), so that would bring me to a waist-to-hip ratio of roughly 0.67-0.69 which is what I've been dreaming of since forever. Will update again in the coming week. Sorry about rambling a bit. Have a great weekend everyone!


GOOD NEWS! My butt is now a lot less sore and I'm walking a lot better in comparison to a week (or three) ago! It still feels tight when I'm in certain positions and I still can't fully bend down to touch my toes yet, and you can tell from the shine on the skin on my tush in the photos here that it's quite stretched so I think it will still take a couple of months to fully settle. In saying that, progress is progress and I am thankful for it.

No other significant changes to report on the healing front over the past week. Hopefully the scabbing will come off soon and with it, the remainder of the surgical glue; and that mobility will get back to 100% in the next week or so.

I did decide to order myself a Booty Buddy BBL Cushion yesterday after getting back to work and being super uncomfortable sitting on my thighs. I got expedited shipping but I'm in Sydney, Australia which may as well be the poop-bucket of the world when it comes to shipping (to no fault of the manufacturer) so I will have to impatiently wait possibly another week before it arrives after which I will use it and provide a review here.

I still check myself out in the mirror all the time -- I can't believe this butt is actually mine now! I couldn't have asked for a better result and though it's been a real commitment on many levels, the surgery for me has been so worth it.

I feel pretty and I can't put a price on that.

Outside of the Booty Buddy BBL Cushion review and possibly photos, I think I will hold off on updating unless there are any major changes or at least until about the 6-week mark as I will have a doctor's consultation then (Monday - July 4, 9:00AM).
Sydney Plastic Surgeon

There are surgeons out there that save lives, but an aesthetic surgeon gives quality to one's life. Dr Barnouti is one such man and he has done so much for my vision of myself as I'm sure he has for many other fortunate patients. The procedure is not cheap but it's worth every dollar.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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