25, No Kids, Tuberous Breasts, Asymmetric, Ptosis Level 2 and 3, Vaser lipo inner thighs - Sydney, AU

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REVIEW PART 1 So I had BA, lift and Vaser lipo on...

So I had BA, lift and Vaser lipo on inner thighs and knees at Bondi Junction private with Dr Zion Chan.
Initially went to my consult with Dr Chan and his assistant Kathleen 24/05/16 , In my initial consult I learnt that I had tuberous breasts! I had no idea what that and they both explained how and why its caused. I wanted a straight BA but there would be a risk of double bubble we decided to go for a larger implant with extra high profile! As for lipo, he explained laser would be best for me as it tightens skin etc
for the next few months I did lots of research (THANK YOU REAL SELF)
I then went back for a resizing and decided that I'd like more natural looking breasts and was waaaaay too paranoid about double bubble so I decided to get a lollipop lift also. I think I decided on a 310cc so 325cc put in under the muscle that consult also.
Third time I went in for a resizing I decided to go a bit bigger I ended up deciding on 345 and 365cc.
Surgery was booked for 18/11/16 but due to work taking back their approval I had all these dramas which aren't really relevant but caused a lot of head aches which caused me to resign!
Dr Chan had to then change surgery to 11/11/16 which worked out perfectly fine.

Ahhh week leading up to surgery day!!

So the week leading up to surgery I was quite fixated on it, I would literally stay up till 3am on real self researching to the point where I had to take Temazepan to sleep each night because I would just think about it all night! But I am definitely glad I did! Reading everyones reviews has given me realistic expectations and I was aware of whats going to happen to my body, like the bruising from the lipo and how painful recovery was going to be and "frankenboobs" etc.

Day before surgery

So the day before surgery Bondi Junction private's (BJP) admin staff called, as I was expecting to let me know my admission time and any pre op things I needed to know. I was taken back when the lady asked when I would be settling the $4200 hospital fees.. I was like wtf? I've paid $20,000AUD to my surgeon, I wasn't aware of any hospital fees if thats the case I will be requesting a full refund and not going ahead with surgery with Dr Chan! I then spoke with Kathleen (The saint) at Dr Chans room who advised that the hospital invoices the surgeon and they look after it and not to worry, I kept her on the phone for like 20 minutes just asking random questions which she patiently answered even though she was probably soooooo busy, she eased my pre op anxiety. I then get a call from one of the RNs at BJP who notified me of my admission time and just asked general health questions what time to fast from etc. Soooooo its all happening! I spent the day running around like a headless chicken getting my nails done (with no polish), removing eyelash extensions, getting my hair done, buying a U pillow, cleaning my room for the fourth time that week, picking up meds.. safe to say I didn't rest as I should of! At 5:45 I received a all from BJP again asking if the account will be settled on the day.. I feel sorry for the poor lady.. I was stuck in traffic at time on the M4 in peak hour heading westbound.. for anyone that lives in Sydney knows how frustrating that is and being 2 weeks since I quit smoking on top of pre op anxiety, I unleashed on this poor lady.. she realised and apologised and said she would sort everything out and if Dr Chans rooms told me not to worry then I don't need to, she apologised for giving me more stress before surgery!


So, my admission time was 9:30, I was stressing because there was traffic and my mum didn't listen to me and go the way I said and her way was chaotic, but we got there on time.
I was made to sign some generic forms then showed to my room, the room was standard with a hospital bed and a chair a TV and your own bathroom.

Mum and I chilled in there for a bit just watching TV then the RN came in, her name was Anita and she was lovely! She took my BP, HR and weight and told me that the Anaesthetist Dr Harrison has arrived and Dr Chan is on his way. Dr Harrison then came in and explained what will happen, asked for medical history and allergies etc. Dr Harrison explained the post op meds and how to take them, he was very thorough and a very kind gentle man. I was scheduled for 10:30am op time but someone else in theatre was running late, no worries.

Dr Chan arrived and came and spoke to me about my procedure briefly, took photos and did my markings.. The majority of the time we were discussing family origin (Dr Chan is Chinese and I am half Chinese and Dr Chans father is from the same place as my dads father) but aside from that Dr Chan really made me feel at ease and took my mind off the procedure, he is such a joker! But he actually makes you feel good about yourself and greets you with "Hey gorgeous" as do his staff, they genuinely make you feel special!

My theatre nurse came in shortly after, I didn't catch her name but this lady was also amazing.. she was soooooo kind, I said bye to my mum and we were off! As we walked she had her arm around me as a nice reassuring gesture which I really appreciated, she actually had such an impact on me, weird!
I got into the operating room and saw like 6 people in there! I said I thought there was only going to be Dr Chan, Dr Harrison and the lovely nurse where Dr Chan responded noooo you're special, you have lots of people here looking after you.

I laid on the bed which was heated like it had an electric blanket on it and the angel nurse put a BP cuff on my left arm whilst Dr Harrison put the canula in my elbow crease which I barely felt, he was then asking about work and all I remember was telling him I quit because they wouldn't let me take time off for this surgery then I was out like a light! I was under general anaesthetic not twilight sedation FYI.

Dr Chan texted my mum a picture of my boobs once done said he's so happy with the results and they look amazing he then told her he's starting on my legs next.. once done he texted her a photo of my legs and told her he got 700ml from left leg and 800ml from right and there is no fat left and his hands are shaking haha can't get over what an amazing man he is!

I remember waking up in recovery and asking my nurse (I can't recall who it was though if it was Anita or the angel) if I cried when I woke up lol (all my girlfriends cry when they wake up from general) she said I didn't but she also said whilst in recovery I didn't sleep at all, its like as soon as I was out of theatre I woke up and she said I just talking and talking, I have no recollection of talking rubbish.. I do remember telling her I ALWAYS throw up from general and asked for something to stop that it was put in my drip, I was then wheeled back to my room.. it seemed like all that happened in recovery in like 5 minutes but in reality it was probably an hour plus.

I went into my room and I think I fell asleep for a bit I woke up and drank some water and apple juice I then got up and went to the bathroom and threw up! Got back into bed and repeated that for a few hours.. every time I stood up I threw up :( My mum went and got herself some food and as a traditional european mum she tried to made me eat, I ate one biscuit and was okay.. but it still came up when I stood up next. I was able to get up myself and walk to the bathroom unaided. Anita then brought me an ice block which took me sooooo long to eat but helped as fluids made me nauseous. I slept for a bit longer and was so comfy I wanted to stay overnight but BJP don't do overnight stays! Mum asked Anita what time she finishes work as it was around 6:15pm and she was there from the morning, Anita replied when the patient leaves she finishes, so as my mum being a nurse had great empathy and said lets go I was soon sleepy I said at 7 we will go.

I went to the bathroom before we left, threw up again also got in the car find, even played DJ the whole way home which took about 1 hour, threw up 30 mins away from home.. thank god for those spew bags! But I felt good! No pain!

I got home and was able to do everything myself, I think I probably did too much and used my arms too much but I'm an independent woman haha. I tried to eat but could only eat tortilla bread by its self. I threw up about 4 times at home before bed, finally got into bed at 11:30ish watched some TV, took pain meds looked at the time and it was 2am I got up to go bathroom and guesssssss what? I threw up. Like projectile. I felt like the exorcist, but once it was over I got back into bed and slept till the next day!

Im not posting anymore pre boobie pics cause like ew. I am still embarrassed by them.

The week following surgery

Day 1-5
I've literally stayed home and didn't leave my house! My mum looked after me ensuring I was eating and taking my meds. I slept probably 15 hours a day if not more in those days! I had no pain at all thanks to the pain killers!
I've slept with 8 pillows and a neck travel pillow it's a really saved my life!
My legs are bruised af! Anyone I show the photos gets traumatised and said they are doing lipo.

On day 6 my mum and I went shopping and visiting some friends, I was shopping from 12pm to about 4pm and trying on clothes.. My legs were killing me to walk around and my behaviour was very short fused, I actually went off at a lady for taking too long in a change room! In my defence, she was trying stuff on then going back into the store and browsing for more things while people wait? But I think due to the pain I did get quite aggressive and emotional.

I did buy some bras! I don't own clothes that cover these sports bra straps and I'm too swollen I'm the legs to wear yoga pants so I purchased some bras! I got sized as a 10DD/E just a black one and a nude one the nude is a maternity one. I've added a photo of a bra I tried on then one in the car of a bra I bought.
I got a size 16B and a 14C $25au for 2! I know I'd only wear them for a short amount of time so not that important. I previously bought a cute bralette pre op, IT FITS! It's a size large.

The next day (day 7) I went to my 1 week visit with my surgeon, he wasn't there but I saw his nurses. God love them.. Such a lovely bunch. They took off some of my dressings but there's still one left like a thin wire looking thing? And gauze stuck with micropor* they said I'm healing nicely which is good! I saw my nipples for the first time.. They look cute but I didn't take photos! They said the bras I bought were fine to wear. My best friend is loving my results so she's booked in with Dr Chan for a consult next week! She's taking me to get the rest of the dressing off so two birds with one stone! OH they also removed stitches from my lipo entry points - when I asked before he said there wouldn't be any stitches? But anyways.. That was a little bit painful. They told me to start firmly massaging my legs... I'm hopeless with that stuff, I have this ball thing though so I'll try with that.

Day 8 - went shopping again.. From 11-6pm walking around trying stuff on..
I needed new maxi dresses and skirts because my legs are that swollen nothing I own fits me. I did go and get my hair done also and have lunch. I bought another bra which is a 10F! I know I know I shouldn't be buying but it was on sale and the set was like $40 reduced from $120 the G string is super cute.
I got about 12 pairs of undies some Heidi Klum and Stella McCartney, 2 bralettes, 1 bra, 3 skirts, 3 maxi dresses, 1 dress for work.. Worth it imo!
My legs were sore whilst walking but I was told I need to walk around I was exhausted by the time I got home spending over $500 later I was ready to get into bed.. Then i realised I needed to put my new stuff away.. But I have no room so I cleaned out half of my wardrobe as you can see, tossed heaps! I have 3 of these boxes (I could fit in it) and 6 half this size filled with clothes I no longer like. I think I'll have a stand at a pop up market, the extra money can go towards stomach lipo!
I massaged my legs with that ball when I got into bed.. BIG MISTAKE. So painful doing it, and the aftermath.. Excuse my French but FUCK!! I can't stretch my leg out all the way it's given me a even more restricted ROM and it's so sore and tender. I have no Targin left only endone and I don't want to take them cause they make me sleep too much, so I'm going to ask my Dr for more Targin.

Day 9

I thought it may be better when I woke up.. But it's 10:30 am and legs are still sore from where they were massaged :( like really sore!! I can't even stand up straight... I think I need another nap. Though I do have to get ready for my gfs daughters birthday party! She's promised I can sit down all day lol
I decided to take off my dressings and take photos for you guys! Ugh. I don't know if
I put the gauze back on properly..
Definitely used too much tape lmao
But I'm glad I haven't felt like one had Frankenboobs and I'm not entirely disgusted by my nipples.

Would anyone say either one of my boobs has dropped? I have no idea lol

FML = Fu*k my legs

Okay the bruising is next level and the swelling is horrendous! I'm literally twice my size. The hospital never gave me compression stockings but everyone is saying I should of been wearing them? My thighs, my calves, my feet.. I HAVE KANKLES!

I'm trying super hard not to get upset but I feel so fat.. swelling plus putting on weight from quitting smoking, the only thing keeping me happy is looking at my boobs and the fact that stick out further than my belly.

I changed my dressing sticker things on my lipo incisions today and cleaned them got the sticky stuff off and texter.
The feeling is so weird the nerve sensation, just igh! It's numb but still painful? I took some more thigh photos for you guys..
I hope swelling goes down soon :( but I know I have at least another 6-8 weeks before I'll notice anything.
I'm actually not sure if the bruises are worse today than before?

It's painful to walk there's a bit that touches,
My cousin pushed me in a wheelchair at the shops today because I was walking too slow! Haha

I have been doing too much shopping.. I need to go back to work lol


Ouuuuuuuch. Okay new pain in legs.. I don't like it.
I'm out of pain meds and I'm super emotional.
I'm a female that has emotions like a man -
I do not cry. I just balled my eyes out for the past hour.
The surgeons rooms said they were doing to fax a script but they didn't so now I'm trying to sleep. I've always had lovely things so say about them but atm I'm emotional af and pissed off she didn't send it.

I sorta feel like I'm not important anymore now they've got their money and I've had my surgery..

Still LOVE my surgeon though. He's a King!

6 week post op review

I went to see my surgeon he is extremely happy with the results! I looooove my boobs, i feel as though the left is fuller at the top than the right but I know they will settle and I can't by it. It's such a major difference to before! I read on here that I wasn't supposed to take off the steristrips and went to my appt and they told me they should of come off after 1 week! I had them on for 6 weeks lol
My legs are still quite chunky I'm hoping its just swelling still.. But no pain anywhere aside from a sharp nerve pain every few days. Probably one of the best things I've done, it's given me so much more confidence! Day 51 of no smoking too!

8 weeks po

Still loving my boobs buy my scars are still so noticeable! I'm using dermatix but I don't feel like I'm seeing any difference? I'm also noticing that the right is quite a bit lower..
I don't know if that warrants revision? Annoyed cause I had a lift also! But other than that still happy, swelling in legs are going down also!
Dr Zion Chan

Leading up to the day of surgery I was veeeeerrrryyyy annoying and had dramas with work re leave so I was in contact with Dr Chans rooms so often, they were always so helpful! Like I mean at least once a week for 5 months.. to the point where I know who is who when they answer the phone! They never one made me feel as though I was annoying them. Dr Chan has an amazing bedside manner, he is one to ease nerves and is very knowledgable. Further review of Dr Chan will be provided in update.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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