44 Years Old, Breat Lift No Implants, Arm Lift and Tip Nose Job. Sydney, AU

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Waited nearly 10 years to make this decision,...

waited nearly 10 years to make this decision, wanted the arms done first then breasts and threw in the nose at the last second, got all done in one surgery.
did loads of research, talked over skype and phone with three doctors, then met three others in person.
my breasts were very saggy and large, a 12e cup, my arms have been "granny arms" or "tuck shop arms" for years and all I really wanted to do was wear a thin strappy dress, never going to happen with my breasts and arms so floppy.

day after surgery

no pain but some discomfort, thank goodness for drip drugs :-)
it was a long surgery due to the three procedures I had at once.
spent most of the first day sleeping.

first shower - how awesome that felt

so this is three days out, was so happy to get a shower and take off the garments - even if just for an hour or so - thank goodness my fiancé is just awesome, I have had to do very little lifting with my arms, I really want to use them as little as possible to keep scarring to a minimum if possible

post op appointment yesterday

so saw the doctor yesterday and everything is going very well, got to see my nose tip for the first time and that was really cool - very happy - was shocked when the doctor said my arms and nose and boobs are still swollen, was thinking how fine they all were already!
still taking some pain meds but not as often now and seem to be slowly getting back into a sleep pattern.
as always the doctor and staff were excellent, have another appointment tomorrow and then we can go home.
since the surgery I have had many mixed emotions, was this the right thing to do, why did I spend all this money on my vanity, and of course the happy ones too. I expect these are all normal and at present I am happy with the results and how the whole process has gone.
there is a huge road of healing ahead, especially with the arms as they are very tight and can "pull" easily and of course it is really hard not to use them for everything!

one week out and some more on "Ziggy"

not even sure why his nickname is Ziggy, but Pouria Moradi is pretty cool.
as mentioned above I did much research on the internet about my procedures, possible doctors, reviews of past "customers".
I looked at local doctors and interstate doctors, and whilst we only really have two local plastic surgeons locally where I live, they seemed to have good reviews and I did go and personally meet with one of them.
I also contacted some celebrity type plastic surgeons, and to be honest was not reassured but those meetings did not end in face to face meetings.
I skyped two interstate doctors, which again seemed fine, none were standing out to me as a front runner at that time.
I contacted Pouria Moradi via email and his response was superfast and helpful, this lead to a phone consult which felt really comfortable, I mean really we are talking to people about slicing up our bodies (and in my case for vanity only) it can be a little strange to talk about.
I made some appointments to fly to sydney to meet with Pouria and three other doctors, this completely when to hell when I suffered an ear infection and was grounded in my home town and had to cancel appointments.
when I changed my plans, Kelly and the staff at Pouria's offices were more than helpful and I feel they went out of their way to get me into to see the doctor after his normal hours. Kelly also pre-booked me a surgery time (prior to my making any final decisions) to assist me with my timeframes, that was such a helpful thing to do and I really appreciated it.
I came to sydney meet with the other surgeons initially, and then met with Pouria on my last day before flying home.
He was relaxed, calm, easy to talk to, did not in anyway make me feel uncomfortable, and answered my questions completely and smoothly. I did not feel rushed even though I know it was an extended stay just for me for the doctor.
I had made my decision to go with Pouria before I had left the building and rang my fiancé on the way home with the good news! haha
now after surgery I can also add that his work looks great, the stitching is neat, bruising in minimal (and I am a bruiser), my breasts are even, nipples aligned very well (and from others photos I am not convinced that this is at all an easy thing to do!), my nose is much neater and I really only added that on at the last second and he seemed to "get" what I was after.
I hope this helps others when making decisions or even when trying to decide how to go about finding a surgeon.
top tips are:
research as much as possible
read every review (even the bad ones)
chat with people
email the doctors
ask to see their work photos
ask to speak to their past patients if possible
find someone you like (this is not the be all and end all because finding one you can believe in is just as important)
make loads of contact
trust your gut
any doubts about a surgeon and start this list again!

more photos, looking better each day

starting to feel better, but it is slow, still get lots of twinges but nothing I cant handle, dealing with the pain with Panadol and endone at night if needed,
very sick of sleeping on my back! hahaha
doctor said that he removed 500grams of fat and skin from each of my arms and 280grams of fat and skin from each of my breasts, which is amazing to me.
my upper body does feel lighter but with all the garments movement is still restrictive.
the heat and humidity where I live is annoying as the sweat makes the incisions sting but I have a couple of showers each day and that helps, off to have the dressings changed today at my usual gp which is good as I think I have a small infection in both underarms so I want that looke3d at asap :-)

an infection in my arm scar - warning GROSS picture :-)

so its very hot where I live and my arm scars became quite sore overnight, so I went in to see my local gp and yep I had a couple of infection sores, the nurses were great cleaned me up and pulled my scars back together.
I really did expect some infections as it is so hot hear and sweat runs down my arms all day!

looking great at 1 month 1 week post op

really happy so far, its still hot here so showering two or three times a day (a bit paranoid of the infection coming back! haha)
very happy with the shape of my boobs and with the scarring, in a few days I am going to be looking for some scar creams/gels to start applying

six months on with nose

Sydney Plastic Surgeon

first Australian doctor to answer my questions on this site, spoke to me over the phone for free, could not be more helpful, the assistants were also very good

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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