400cc round textured high profile silicone under muscle - Sydney, AU

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Hey guys.. So I thought it's about time I start my...

Hey guys.. So I thought it's about time I start my review :))
I'm 39 years old with 2 school age children that I breast fed, both for a good 12 months. Now I have deflated B cup boobs with no upper pole.
Prior to kids I had smallish breasts, but when u breast fed they grew to a whopping DD and settled at a D for the most part of breast feeding and I fell in love with them. Except I had so much milk as soon as they were touched they became water pistols (well milk) lol... So I want my bouncy voluptuous boobs back.
So my stats are:
5'3 tall
122 lbs
Breast band is 32 inches
Ribcage is 31 inches
Waist is 27 inches
Hips are 37 inches
BWD is 12 to 12.5 (to be measured and confirmed by my surgeon still)

So I'm having my op on the 11th May... Yeee haaaa!! So excited. I've wanted a boob job for over 16 years now, so finally it's happening.
My surgeon is interstate, so we have been communicating via phone and email with lots of pics from me of my breasts now and my wish list.
My surgeon and I have spoken in great length and I ummed and arrred and went back and forth as I had quiet a bit of trouble deciding if I wanted to go with anatomical (teardrop) or round.
I love the teardrop look, but was reading reviews saying they can feel firmer and are more stuck in place so in effect, don't move freely like a natural breast or round implant. So that is what was making me stumble on my decision.
However..... I found a woman on here that has been my inspiration. She had the exact implant my surgeon recommends for me and she looks just amazing!! So natural, perfectly sized and best of all she says they feel so soft and squishy and jiggle in a bikini. The implants got her to a DD and she had a little less breast to begin with than me.
So for me... I'm going with:
400-415 cc anatomical (teardrop or shaped) moderate profile textured implant under the muscle.
I fly to Sydney on the Saturday 9th May and have my pre op check on the Monday 11th May at 8.45am and then go into surgery at about 9.30am.
My surgeon says she will have a range of implants on hand and will make the final call on size cc's etc once she is operating on me.
So I've put up some before pics of me and there is also a collaged pic of me which is the bottom half of me as I am now and the too half was when I was at the end of breast feeding and was a small D (the only breast feeding booby pic I have of me). I'm also uploading my wish list breasts...
I hope to keep up to date with regular posts once I've had my surgery. Can't wait for the big day.

Wish list boobs......

Here are a few pics of wish list boobs I have that I have already shown my surgeon. I just hope I end up with this kind of look, I just don't want the stuck on high round look at all.

Rice sizers ( . )( . )

Haha trying on my rice sizers for since...
These are 385cc but they are so round and firm.
I'm going with the 415cc anatomical moderate projection under the muscle, so they won't be anywhere near as bulky at the top and they say you lose about 50cc under the muscle, so these sizers would be sort of the right size in the bottom of the implant at least.

Try uploading the pics again

Pics didn't upload, so trying again lol

One last time...

Wow! Not sure why my pics aren't loading, but I'll try one last time today lol
Wish me luck ????

A few more pre op pics

A few bikini pics for the before and after reveal lol

More wish list !!

Some more of my wish list breasts of women I've read on here that have had the same implant as me with similar pre op measurements/stats ????

Wish boobs

Try again to get these pics up.
I'm so overwhelmed with excitement. Can't believe it's only 12 days now till I'll be posting pics up of myself with bigger boobs...
( . )( . )

Nerves kicking in......

So beginning to get the jitter bug.
I guess I have a bit of a fear for a reason.
I actually went to Thailand 3 1/2 years ago to get a BA. I had the money saved up, everything organised and flew over with a friend thinking is be coming home with my new improved body.
I am very healthy and rarely get sick and if I catch a cold or flu/virus it normally only lasts a day or two.
Well I'd been fighting this cold and cough on and off for like 3 months. It just kept coming and going... The cough was pretty bad and I wasn't feeling 100% but just hopes surgery could still happen. We arrived in Bangkok and enjoyed the next 48 hours there. I went to the hospital (Yanhee) and went in for my pre op check up. They took my temp and it was high.... :(( they then told me it would be too risky operating with a high temp and knowing I am coughing and unwell as I likely have an infection. The nurse squeezed my breast and the tiniest drop of milk came out (which it always has since I stopped breast feeding) so she said absolutely not. They can't do he surgery. They can't be sure it's milk, it could be an infection.
I stood there looking at all the implants on the table and cried like a baby.. I sobbed and sobbed.
The surgeon came in and explained to me my health and well being has to come first and I can come back when I'm better.
Well I was there on limited time as I had to get back to my children in 8 days. So I knew it just wasn't possible. They sent me to the Chemist and gave me antibiotics after checking me out further and discovering I had a throat infection.
So I'm grateful now that they cared for my safety and I didn't go ahead. It just wasn't meant to be that time round.
Everyone around me is getting sick now :/ My son had a sore throat and temp last week and my friend had gastro, so now I'm just praying I don't get it... Only 10 more days to go.. Please please please

Double Digits tomorrow no more

So tomorrow I'm down to the single digit count down... I still can't believe it's really happening.
I've wanted a BA for as long as I can remember. Well the first time I ever heard about BA's, I was 18 and I heard about a stripper getting one. My ears perked up and from that moment I knew one day is make it happen for me. Took a lot longer than I originally though, but things don't always go to plan. But yeah, my breasts basically stopped growing at 13 and I've remained feeling like I have the chest of a 12-13 year old girl with a rather shapely bottom that just doesn't match or balance my top half. I use to dislike my shapely bottom, but then I took up Latin American dancing and discovered it's sexy to have a tooshy :))
I'm just so beyond excited and can't wait to finally be able to throw my stupid thick padded bras and chicken fillets away.. And omg.. Wear strapless dresses and tops, clothing will fit me all over and wear a bikini and lingerie without thick uncomfortable padding, feeling totally insecure that what you see is not what you get. I'm going to have a ceremony with all my silicone gel and water inserts, fillets and super max padded bras lol
I've taken so much advise from reading everyone else's reviews and notes.. I'm so thankful and feel so happy to be sharing this experience amongst others going through the same amazing transition in their lives.
Congratulations to all of you girls who have already done it :))
Here is a pic of a dress I was given and is very special to me that I have never been able to wear as it's low cut scolloped at the front and very low cut at the back so it needs to be worn braless.

Confused .... 9 or 10 days

Sorry I said single digits tomorrow, yet according to this sites calculations, it's 9 days today...
Maybe it's the time difference Australia v's America ;)

Obsessed !!

Embarrassing.. But I get the feeling we are all just as much obsessing about boobs leading up to our big day. I'm that obsessed I've made a collage of my hopefully future look.. Here's hoping. The first pic is the future dream look and the other pic is me now with my little boobies :/

Nerves kicking in....

Ok so it's Wednesday night here in oz land and my op is on Monday... OMG!!! I'm feeling overwhelmed with excitement and nerves. I'm starting to think more now about the pain I'll be faced with and rare but possible complications, but more the pain management side, which I guess is at least a break from obsessing over boob pictures and implant sizes.
After spending weeks stalking people's reviews on here, I'm now feeling pretty confident in the implant type and size my surgeon and I have chosen, so that helps with the nerves. I'm just trying to prepare (if that's possible) to the pain and awkward troublesome sleep I keep hearing about. I think it will be the lack of sleep that I find harder to cope with than the pain.
My surgery is now fully paid and nothing can stop it from happening, unless I fall sick and then I'll cry like a baby...
I almost thought I was doomed. I woke up last Friday with a raised red bump on my forehead that was a bit itchy, but just put it to a mozzie bite. Over the weekend it progressively got bigger, redder, itchier and sore.. By Monday it was so sore and itchy and my glands under my jaw on the right side of my face were tender to touch. Off to the doctors I went in a dreary panic ready to have a meltdown if I was told I couldn't have surgery because of this horn growing on my forehead.
The doctor says it looks like a bite of some kind. Possibly a spider bite and just looks like localised inflammation. But because I am due for surgery Monday and my glands are tender, she subscribed antibiotics for me to be on the safe side just in case there was any infection.
Well that's a relief! Although I'm really not a fan of taking antibiotics unless it's really really necessary. Now the bloody drugs are giving me headaches every day. On a good note though, they have worked wonders as my horn has now settled down, isn't so sore and has stopped itching.
My son had a high temp and sore throat 2 weeks ago and now my sister whom we will be staying with for the length of our stay in Sydney for my op and post op check has been unwell with gastro and vomiting which just settled down yesterday. Waaaaaa!! Everyone is getting sick around me. I just pray I stay healthy to at least get the procedure done and get through the recovery period.
Oh that's another thing, my periods start, yep you guessed it... on Monday lol. Let's hope I a mobile and function able enough to deal with going to the toilet by myself lol.
Has anyone else had their period during that first week post op, and how did you find it?
I've heard of changing what pills to take to trick the body into not menstruating but I'm not sure how it works with my pill... I have the pill with the 3 different colours and the red sugar pills during menstruating time..
Does anyone know how to prolong periods coming?

24 hours till I'm under the knife

Well I've got 24 hours now..
How msny of you experienced an array of mixed emotions to the point of feeling sad and emotional?
I've heard women talk about the booby blues post op, but not leading right up to it.
I'll try to put an update up tomorrow, but if not it will only be a few days away.
It still feels like a dream and speaking of dreams, I've had a few weird and awesome boob dreams along this journey too lol
Ok, I'll hopefully have an update and pics tomorrow. Oh and It's mothers today here in Australia :))

I did it!!!! :)))

Had my surgery at lunch time today. Woke up very sore and not feeling all too crash hot lol
They gave me 2 endone which made me feel so groggy.
I had the long 3 1/2 hour drive back to my sisters house. Once the endone wore off I actually felt great!!
I can raise my arms right up, go to the bathroom to do my business by myself and feel pretty good.
So after my surgeon saw me we both decided to go with round.
So I ended up with 400cc textured moderate profile silicone gel under the muscle...
I'm putting up some before and after pics :)))

B to DD

My surgeon says I was a B and is confident I will get to a DD :)))))

Left breast numb

So my right nipple is ticklish... Can feel sensation in my nipple and breast, whereas my left is completely numb. Such a strange feeling... My right breast was larger to start with, so maybe that has something to do with it..
I've gone all day with just the endone straight from waking up from my op and since then have just taken one lot of regular panadol (plus my antibiotics) I'm so surprised... Won't get too excited just though, I've gotta attempt sleeping and waking up yet lolz ;)

Squeaky breast

Well it's day 1 of post op.
My left breast is numb. I have sensation in my right breast which is my bigger one and was bigger before the BA. My right breast makes a funny squeaky sloshy sound when I raise and lower my arm..
I've heard about this so I'm not worried about it. I know it's just liquid etc which will settle down.
Weird though.. Squeaky frsnkeinstine boobs hahaha

More pics :))

A few more pics of day one :))
Can you tell I'm a happy camper...

Implant update

Just looked at my implant card and looked it up to discover I ended up with high profile instead of moderate.

Day 4 post op

So I'm day 4 post op.
Not feeling as tight and sore today. Last night was the first night I went to sleep without any pain killers and slept pretty good.
I'm sleeping on 3 pillows in bed which is what I've done from day 2. The first night I slept on a million pillows and visions so I was virtually upright lol.
So now I'm not on any pain killers at all, just taking the last of my antibiotics.
My breasts are still very high and swollen. My right is softening up quicker than my left, but that's to be expectated as my left breast was smaller and probably had a tighter muscle as I'm left handed.
My left nipple is still numb, but the breast now had sensation and I can feel a very slight sensation in my nipple. So I'm confident it will gain sensation again.
I look at myself in the sports bra or clothed and think I don't look all that big. I know they are definitely bigger than what I had lol, but they definitely don't look anything like a D or DD. But I'm wearing DD bras (I've tried a D bra and it's just too tight, and when I hold my breast it's like wow!! Both hands don't cover one of my breats and then I feel like they are huge.. And omg! The weight of them when I take my bra off... They feel so tight with the bra on and it's such a relief to take them off. But omg they are heavy lol and I'm beginning to get that heavy dropping feeling and shooting random pains here and there.

Hope they don't get any smaller

I'm loving the size of my new breasts..., sometimes I have that bit of boob greed, but generally im happy. I just hope the swelling doesn't go down too much that they shrink in size. I want them to drop and fluff, but not shrink lol.
I'd be interested to know if most of you find the swelling goes down, but do they also spread out more which in return maintains there cup size or has anyone felt that they do get smaller?

Right breast is starting to drop

Well today has been a turning point. I feel so much more human again and have a little more energy. Little pain, just the odd sharp nerve pain and tightness. I have to keep an eye on my posture, I realised I'm walking around hunched forward. These boobies are heavy lol
Loving them more everyday. I just hope the left starts to drop even just a little bit soon. It's still so high and right. I don't think it's settled at all... Here are some pics I took today :))

Left breast still riding very high

Very happy

I think I'm day 7 and feeling great today.. Had a laid more energy, even changes my sons bedroom around and just loving the journey, seeing the changes.

Starting to drop and soften slightly

Yay!! My boobies are no longer swollen and up at my collarbone. They are starting to feel a tiny bit on the soft side. Well not totally rock hard anyways.. Still a long way to go, but seeing and feeling the progress.
Here are some updated pics for you lovely ladies x in advance, please excuse the high beams lol ;)

More updates

Pressed send to early haha

Rice sizer to real results

So the first pic is the crop top with my rice sizers and the second was taken today at 12 days post op :))

Itchy skin

So I'm day 12 and the past 2 days I've noticed my skin all over my breasts are starting to feel a little itchy. Sometimes I don't notice it, but other parts of the day it gets fair itchy. Has anyone else experienced this around this post op time? I'm guessing it's the skin stretching as the implants slowly drop, so I'm applying pure vitamin E cream to my breasts (minus my incisions till week 4) my surgeon said to put cream on at week 4 and then bio oil from week 6.

New comfy wire free bra

Omg it's an ordeal to find a nice looking wire free non push up bra.
Wanted just one to be able to wear instead of just crop tops and sports bras for the next 4 more weeks.
So after looking in every shop in the centre I settled for a maternity bra lol.... It was the only nicish looking one and then I discovered they didn't have my size 10DD, or for you lovely Americans 32DD.. So I opted for a 12D, 34D which only just fits... It's pretty tight in the cup region. It spins me out because when I'm clothed, I really don't look that big at all. Even naked front on they don't look that big because they are all projected and high at the moment.

Wish my left breast would drop a little

I know each breast is different and it's very common for one to drop before the other and it's usually the dominant breast that takes longer to drop. But it's admittedly frustrating when one is forming a natural upper slope and the other is still like a soccer ball up to the collarbone and tender.
I'm just hoping my left muscle will relax soon to allow that implant to drop. I have textured, so I just hope it hadn't cohersed too much to the tissue already and is stuck up there lol... I guess time will tell.

Left breast still tight and high

Reminding myself to patiently wait.... As you can see my left breast (right in the pic) is still very tight narrow and high in comparison to the right

Busting out!!

Well I thought it would be fun to try on some of my little middriff tops I wore last summer. I had to wear super max padded bras with them just to try to somewhat fill the cups before with still no shape to them.
So trying them on braless... Ummmm the black one won't zip up at the back and the white one... Well one wrong move and my nipples will be popping out of the top lol. Not that I'm complaining at all. Couldn't be more excited!!! Just have to buy some new ones :))

What's this???

I was exploring my breasts last night feeling that they are starting to get softer and as I squeezed my lower breast I heard and felt a pop deep beneath my incisions. I've heard about this happening with the inner stitches popping. But this morning I stretched my arm up discovered this.... Has anyone else had this weird skin thing happen and does it go away?

A few pics at almost 3 weeks post op

A nudie booby selfie to show the progress.... :))
And I found out I have Mondors Cords which will heal up in the next few weeks and nothing to worry about x

Is this normal.....

I'm wondering how long post op till both textured implants drop and spread out. My right breast started dropping in the first week and was looking bigger and has continued to drop, fluff and is getting pretty soft now at 4 weeks. My left just isn't doing anything. I can feel the implant is still way up high and it's still tight. My breast is starting to soften on this side, but no where near as the right and as you can see it looks so much smaller and the crease line is way higher. My left breast feels smaller in the hand at the base but much fuller at the top. Is this normal or has something gone wrong...... :(
The same size implant was put in both sides. My right breast was originally slightly larger and the skin softer and looser than the right because my babies tended to favour the right boob breast feeding. I'm just hoping the left implant is still just being squeezed tightly up high by my muscle and it will let go soon and allow the implant to drop and fluff.
I have textured and under the muscle, so surly I don't have that dreaded capsular contracture thingy. My muscle in the left breast is still a bit tender whereas my right is completely healed and I'm left handed and had very thick tight muscles that my ps had to stretch a lot.

Massage massage massage

So just heard back from my ps in regards to my stubborn left breast and I've been advised to massage the left breast from the top to the bottom with vitamin E cream 2-3 times a day to encourage the muscle to relax and try that for the next 2-3 weeks.
Wish me luck and let's hope this baby drops lol

Amazed at how soft they are getting !!

4 weeks and starting to really feel soft now. I'm amazed at how much can change and progress in just one week.
I started massaging my left breast yesterday 3 times a day (well I've been OCD and doing a bit more) and unless it's a mental mind thing, I swear it had slightly dropped already. I've been pretty vigorous with the pressure. So I'm having a good day. Woke up this morning in my bedtime crop top and took a morning pic and one to show how soft they are getting now. I can squeeze my breasts completely together now :))))

Just a recap on implant...

So thought I'd give a quick recap of the implant I went with.
I was a deflated small B cup originally with a small frame.
I'm 5"3, 120 pounds, short torso, longer legs and muscular with a bum that was way out of proportion to my baby boobies.

I got 400cc Polytech Sublime même THS natural textured round hp silicone behind the muscle.
I'm currently wearing D-DD sports bras. But as we all know, we don't know our true long term bra size till at least 3 months post op.

5 weeks post op today!!

So quick update. 5 weeks post op today.
Original measurements:
32 inch band
33 inch breasts
27 inch waist
37 inch hips/bum

Now my measurements are the same except
38 inch breasts.

So by the sounds of things, with high profile the bra size changes as they drop and settle more and it sounds like the bra size increases... Wowza!!!
I bought just one cheapo underwire bra as I can start wearing them next week.
I am usually a 32 size 10 band, but they didn't have any 10DD bras, so I bought a 12D which I believe is equivalent to a 10E and it fits perfectly, except the band is a tad loose.
So here are a couple of update pics :))
Other than that, everything is going great. Still waiting on the left to drop more, it still likes to ride high...

Infection :/

So when I had my BA I also had a skin tag removed near my armit as it was where my bra strap would rub and it would get sore holding up little boobies.
Well they removed the skin tag and I had one dissolvable stitch in it. My bra strap must have aggravated it and the incision opened up a bit and it started to get redder and sorer and sting and had a little pimple form next to it. So a doctors visit to confirm it's infected and now on a course of antibiotics. It's freaked me out a bit because it's so close to the implants. I would cry like it's the end of the world if they became infected. But the doc says it's just a localised skin infection so it should clear up easily enough.. Fingers crossed !!
Apart from that, not a great deal to update. I'm 7 weeks post op, my breasts have softened a bit more. My left is still higher, firmer and fuller at the top than my left. I'm thinking I may be up for revision surgery to lower the crease line for it or making the picket bigger maybe. It just looks narrower and almost 1 cup smaller, yet fuller at the top than my other lol. I have textured, so I'm not so sure it's going to come down a great deal more now this many weeks into post op.
But having said all that, I'm still in love with them and love how softer feel now and I can squeeze them together etc yay!
I'm already thinking of going a little bigger in the future... Maybe ;) we shall see anyways. But I do get boob greed when I look at some of you women with 500cc ???? hehe

Feeling great!!

So I think I'm 9-10 weeks post op now. Bit much to report. My infected skin tag healed very quickly and my breasts are getting softer by the week. My left is still slightly lagging behind in dropping and softening. I'm not worried about it anymore though. I know it will catch up and I don't mind a bit of difference in the two ;)
Here are a few updates of my girls...
Oh and I'm still trying to work out my bra size. It's definitely trial and error.
10D is too small, 12D fits well, but too big around the band. I haven't attempted to try on a 10DD or E as I thought no way am I that big. But I'll give them a try best time I'm buying a bra.

3 months and very happy :))

So I'm 3 months now. My left was stubborn but has finally caught up (or should I say dropped down)
My left nipple finally has sensation, except at the moment it's hyper sensitive to the point of it being painful at times. I know that will settle though :))
I've finally worked out my bra size (I think) so I'm wearing 10DD bras that serum to fit well although some brands and styles are still too tight.
I've added a few update selfies :))
Hope everyone is enjoying there exciting journey of boobylicious world ;)

Over due for an update

Well I think I am 6 months post op by about now lol so I thought it was about time for an update.
Still super happy with my results.. Best decision I ever made and would highly recommend it to anyone considering a BA. Just take your time and do lots of research to pick a good surgeon you feel comfortable with and you know is listening to you.
So here are a few recent pics.
Hope everyone is enjoying there new girls and here in Australia we are hitting the beach weather, so I'm actually excited to wear a bikini and feel like a woman for once... ????????

Ahead of myself a month

Ok let's try a 5 month update then haha..
So another 3 more weeks away till I can celebrate my 6 month anniversary ????????????

17 months old now ????

Wow 17 months has passed already, what a journey.
Girls, I'm so happy with my results and have never looked back.
I'm excited about summer approaching as I've also been hitting the gym pretty hard abs clean eating, so I'm feeling fantastic. Although my breasts have dropped in size. Some days I wish they were just I cup size bigger, but most of the time I'm really happy and I know they are in perfect proportion to my body and not too big for exercising.
They started off swollen and a DD-E and over the last several months have settled to a good size D, but some size C bras fit too, just depends on the style and brand. But I have lost weight too; so the tiny bit of natural boob I had has probably gone haha.
Anyways, I'm excited for anyone about to or has just recently but the bullet and are getting an enhancement. Best decision ever and yay go us girls for gaining our womanly confidence back ??????????
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