20 Years Old, And So Ready for Boobs!!! - Sydney, AU

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Hello to all the ladies on RealSelf! I am a 20...

Hello to all the ladies on RealSelf! I am a 20 years old and recently decided to go ahead with my one dream of having boobs. My story goes like this...

Unfortunately, I was an anxious baby during my birth and I was an anxious child growing up. I remember being in primary school from Day 1 and feeling uncomfortable eating infant of other kids and feeling extremely uncomfortable playing on the jungle gym and doing exercise in school. Since the day I was born, it never went away. I developed social anxiety growing up and everything I did was an uncomfortable experience that felt like torture. Walking infant of people would be a nerve-racking feeling. My anxiety kept me from making friends and developing the such important communication skills. As some of you ladies reading this, might relate to how anxiety can make you want to hide a part of you away from the world because you're afraid of what people will think of you, or being reminded of it, and being judged. I can relate to you because although I am 20 (21 In October), I feel as though people treat me as a school kid and that I don't know anything. Having no boobs at all, makes me cover up conservatively, hold my hand over my chest as I bend over so people don't get a flash of nipples, apologise to boyfriends for not being woman enough, not want to buy clothing, look in the mirror, always wear a bra even to bed at night, withheld from relationships, never going out with friends, actually never making friends because of being afraid of not fitting in or being old enough even if you are older than them. I UNDERSTAND how you feel. And so I decided to do something special for myself to make myself happy and go ahead with my dream of having boobs. I couldn't be more excited about getting them done. In fact i've been so crazy about getting prepared for the day that I haven't given myself time out to write up a review!!!! So here I am, actually not expecting to write my whole life story haha but thought I would share my story woman to woman, so if there is someone who is similar to me reading this, I just want to help you feel better and offer some sort of "omg this girl gets me!" kind of happiness! :)

I've attached some before pics (holy crap I can't believe I just said "before pics") It's only just starting to feel real now, 2 days out from surgery! arrrrgh!!! Okay I will keep you guys updated soon enough! ceeya later! Xx

Omg It's Tomorrow!!!!!!

Hey guys! So my breast augmentation is tomorrow morning at 8:00am Australian time.

We arrived here in Dydney this morning, and got 5 star service by the private car and driver that picked us up as part of our package deal. Finally got into Penrith and walked for ages in the hot sun to Woolworths and did our grocery shopping as I wouldn't be up for it tomorrow. Then we came back to our room and I got a call from the clinic letting me know some final details, but she mentioned I should be getting another call later today about the very final details. Whoooo! So looking forward to going tomorrow! Just thinking about having a nap sinee we've been up for the last 13 hrs and ???? argh so tired! Later on I will be having a thorough shower and must wash myself ear to toe three times and again in the morning before surgery. After I'm ready, we'll be walking up to the clinic, it's about a 3-4 minute walk. Then after the surgery one of their private cars will drop me back off. ?? feeling super special but man am I feeling all sorts of emotions! Nervous, scared, anxious, so excited, just literally everything! I haven't been told how long the surgery will take but I have been told I am the second surgery for the day. So that's relieving that I'm not the first! ???? Hope all the ladies on RS are all happy with their new arrivals and soon I will be a proud mother of two of them too!!! I'll post another update either in the morning or after the surgery, lots of love, Xo

Dr. Blackstock

"From the moment you're in my care, you are the most important person in my life" - Dr. Blackstock So far he has been very helpful, showing the ultimate care and asking every possible question, trying to understand what I want to achieve. Luckily everything that I had wanted, he suggested before I had even mentioned it.

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