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Hi everyone, I'm 29 years old and a mother of two...

Hi everyone,
I'm 29 years old and a mother of two. I have 10 year old saline implants 275 cc and was a small c cup before the implants, I am now a dd. I have quite poor elasticity as it is I have stretch marks on my breasts and lower tummy. My surgeon advised it probably won't be pretty so I am basically coming here for some support and to support you lovely ladies. I have read many stories here regarding illness related to implants. I to have had so many problems and could never pin point what may be causing these problems. I have had severe fatigue, I'm alway sick with something which is unusual as I live a very clean life I eat all organic, lots of fruit and vegetables, I drink bone broth, i don't eat refined sugars nor do I drink coffee, I don't smoke, drink, do drugs, I meditate daily and am on my way to becoming a yoga teacher. I was 19 and married when I made the decision to get implants (it's taken me so long to admit I made the decision, I always blamed my then husband who was very unkind to me for forcing me into it but ultimately it was me who agreed to it) after recently losing my brother and watching his pregnant fiancé go through hell it made me realise I need not not sweat the small stuff and just do what you feel in the moment because you may not get that chance again. So any tips for pre/post surgery? How long will I be out of action in regards to yoga? And a little extra reassurance I'm making the right decision would be more than welcome :-)

The day after

Hi everyone, I've made it to the other side and I'm feeling very positive about my experience. I'm in a lot of pain but every time I look in the mirror I am so happy.

The drains are out

4 days post explant what can I say it's been a bit of a roller coaster. Emotionally I'm feeling so happy and physically I am feeling much better. I know it's going to be a long road to full recovery but immediate changes I've noticed I'm not as fatigued, skin rashes starting to disappear and overall just a feeling of relief and inner peace.

10 days post explant

Hi everyone, I'm 10 days post explant and boy am I over the moon. Physically I'm feeling a lot lighter, less fatigued, aches and pains are slowly going and I have not had a headache since surgery (I would get them daily) mentally I'm a new person my confidence has sky rocketed which is ironic as I thought that's what implants would do for me but instead they did the opposite. I have spent 10 years in baggy clothes with poor posture trying to hide them. I have skin coloured tape covering the incision which is healing up nicely. I'm back on my supplements and eating mainly a plant based diet.
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