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I'm 35 now and have surgery booked next week to...

I'm 35 now and have surgery booked next week to remove my implants (after 7 years) and the capsule, with no lift and certainly no replacement! This will be my third and final surgery, yay!

In 2006 I had my first implants (400cc silicone, behind the muscle) and after a few weeks I realised they were not going to move. I was left with what was affectionately called "Snoopy" breasts! The implant was too high and my natural breast was sagging below. Every time I tensed my arm muscles, the implant would jump up .. I couldn't shave my armpits properly as these things were in the way! I hated them! And they just felt too big (DD)! The (Perth) surgeon that put them in said the only way to fix it was to have a breast lift and showed me photos to put me off! Nice! I do not recommend this guy at all!!

After lots of research (and several years of hating myself for what I had done to my body!) I found Dr Daniel Fleming in Brisbane. Thank goodness! I knew I wanted the "super furry brazilians" as all my research pointed to these being the safest you could get. They were very new to Australia and Daniel had the most experience. After my second surgery in 2010 I had gone down to 360cc (D cup) and they were placed in front of the muscle - he did a fantastic job! But, whilst I have enjoyed them from time to time, I have to admit I regretted it from day one after surgery. They still felt huge. Naked I felt OK, but clothes were harder to find as everything I liked to wear made them look massive, especially round necks! V-necks looked much better, but then I'd get unwanted attention!! Arrrgggghhh!

My right breast is naturally larger than my left and this was accentuated by the implants. Plus my left nipple would look straight ahead and my right was off in another direction all together!! Much better than before, but I was starting to realise that I was absolutely fine the way I was before I even started messing around! Shame I didn't know that at the time! But this whole journey has taught me more than anything how important it is to accept yourself, love yourself and be grateful for all the good you already have . . I know some girls are very happy with implants and I always believe people should have choices and not be judged for what they decide, but for me, I want to go back to 'B' . . the natural me!

The stories on this site have been amazing in giving me the courage to explant and that's why I wanted to share my story too - there is no website like this in Australia that I could find! After my replacement surgery two and a half years ago a friend asked why I didn't just have them taken out and the thought horrified me! What would I be left with? No man would find me attractive. I would be so insecure!

Six months ago I seriously contemplated it, but was in a relationship (what would he think?!) and opted to buy a bigger motorbike instead! I broke up with the boyfriend 3 months ago and thoughts of getting these things out of me haunted me day and night. One day in Pilates I looked to the front of the room and in the mirror I saw this tall (178cm) slim (74kg) girl (I'm 35, but hey!) with these unnatural things on my chest and knew the time had come. So I'm downsizing the motorbike to pay for the surgery to get me back to the B cup that I was always intended to be. I know there are risks of lumps, bumps and sag, but I'm optimistic, thanks to so many girls sharing their experiences, that any bad is far outweighed by the good : )

With surgery booked for next week I am RIDICULOUSLY EXCITED! The surgeon is Sydney based Dr Anoop Rastogi and thanks to all the wonderful women on this site sharing their photos, stories, thoughts and emotions I am confident that everything is going to be so fine! I know there will be ups and downs in the weeks and maybe months ahead, but I'm ready!

I'm confident I have a gentle and competent surgeon, I'm praying for some fluffing, I'm taking all offers of care from friends and enjoying the support offered from my ex, my Mum (who is the most delighted about this I think!) and you lovely lot here!

Wish me luck! I'll post photos afterwards too ;0)

Why, why, why?

It's so clear to me, looking at these photos side by side, that I looked my best before the first surgery! Here's hoping I can have my cute little boobies back ;0)

Right is alright ... Left is not happy!

I had surgery 8am today and it is now 7pm and I'm booked in again at the hospital for tomorrow!!! After surgery I felt the familiar drunk and spaced out head feeling, but no other issues. The nurse came to check my incisions and said all looks fine, but I noticed that the right breast looked as if it still had an implant .. Albeit a smaller one than before ;0) Dr Rastogi looked at it with a little concern that blood may be pooling. He gave me instructions for the drains and if the swelling increases to call him.
My friend took me home via pharmacy and I was feeling so good that I went about making tea at home and quickly, but surely I was feeling dizzy, then nauseous and had to sit down to view the starry display that was happening inside my eyelids! I was sweating and thought I was going to puke, but my friend who knows some Chinese medicine put pressure on a particular part of my wrist and all symptoms subsided.

I told her that I thought my right breast had swelled more and she agreed. I called Dr Rastogi and he reassured me that I will be fine until the morning, but that I will have to go back to hospital in the morning so that he can drain the blood that is pooling ( otherwise I would have to deal with bruising and the possibility of infection)

So my instructions were increase the compression (I have one of those stylish hospital issued boob tubes on) to try and cease the bleeding, fast again and go back in the morning!!

I now know why they want someone not just to take you home, but to stay overnight with you (didn't leant that till this afternoon!!)

Anyways, I have wonderful friends helping me out here and again I am so very grateful for this website and you wonderful ladies .... Just having this outlet and reading other people's reviews and comments is so so very helpful!

In good news, my right breast looks a little deflated, but I am soooo happy with it. Dr Rastogi has been absolutely wonderful and I am very positive and optimistic and feel safe in his hands. Of course I am disappointed that this I happening, but I am not frightened and strongly believe that tomorrow we will get all of this fixed up!

The journey continues, but I am already ecstatic that the implants are out : )

Duh! It's the LEFT that's swelling

I'm blaming the anaesthetic for my confused little brain!, but all swelling is happening in my LEFT breast only. My last post is a little confusing otherwise! He he

Woohoo! They're out!! I'm soo HAPPY!

Implants were removed on Thursday and I had to go back in to surgery on Friday so Dr Rastogi could remove the haematoma (blood that had pooled in the left breast and cause it to swell).

Friday morning I woke at 5:30am with a list of questions growing in my head! My friend took me to the hospital and kept my spirits up. But as soon as I was left alone in pre-op for 20 minutes or so the tears started coming and I was feeling quite scared. Why me? Why this? And so many other questions.

I saw two nurses and the anaesthetist and all were very sensitive to the fact that I was so upset, but were joking around with me to help me relax a bit, which was nice. Then Dr Rastogi came and after more tears I asked him all my questions (I just wanted to know exactly what was going to happen!). He was so kind and answered them all very clearly and was so reassuring. He would undo the stitches and suck all the blood out until the pocket was dry. Then he would see a little blood clot where the vessel had broken (causing my funny turn the previous day) and he would use an electrical current to seal it properly and place stitches in the same part of the incision. The second surgery will not affect the overall result nor the scar. Is there a chance of another haematoma? Yes, but they are so rare that it is very unlikely.

With all this knowledge, I walked in to the surgery where there was music playing and happy banter among the staff and I felt so much better. Last thing I remember was Dr Rastogi holding my hand and smiling at me. If you know Dr Rastogi you know how infectious that smile is!!

I came to a couple of hours later and was so relieved that both breasts looked exactly as I imagined (after looking at post-op photos on this website - thank you lovely ladies)! I was so delighted and have been on cloud nine since! I feel like I got away with all the trauma I have put my poor breasts through and everything is going to be alright! I haven't had any painkillers and last night slept 8 hours with minimal discomfort.

I have absolutely no regrets having them taken out and actually I don't even regret having the implants in the first place, because what I have learned through this whole journey is invaluable. I was fine just the way I was and I am convinced I am going to be quite similar once I heal . . . except of course for a couple of little scars! But hey! Small price to pay to finally be happy with me, just the natural way I am!

Drains come out tomorrow . . . just as I'm getting better at remembering that I have to take my 'shopping bag' with me EVERYWHERE I go ;0)

I feel so incredibly lucky and happy!

If it wasn't for the blister!!

So hiding under the gauze in my last photo was this quite sizeable blister that has been causing me the most pain from this whole explant-experience! It was caused by a combination of having the glad-wrap sticky stuff to keep my drain in place and then the breast swelling underneath it from the haematoma. It looks a bit messy, but I wanted to post these photos too, not to shock or scare anyone, but to have some info/photos on this site relating to a haematoma. I also strongly believe that in a matter of weeks I will be able to post photos of a complete recovery, which will hopefully give anyone else going through anything similar some optimism. The pain is not so terrible (I have not had any painkillers since surgery!), but compared to the general pain of the explanting, the blister is the worst!

I won't go in to extensive details (email me if you are interested), but my surgeon, who also does face lifts, has give me directions on how to minimise the scarring (Before being able to apply vitamin E) and help the blister heal with minimal pigmentation!

After surgery my boobs were obviously still a bit swollen, because NOW I know what you lovely ladies mean by pancakes! Although mine are more like little crepes and the nipples aren't completely 'caving in' but definitely sagging (photos actually make them look better than they are) My body and I have some work to do to shrink the skin and puff up these little girls a bit, but I know that will take some time. In the meantime I still can't quite put in to words just how relieved and excited I am that the implants are out. I feel like myself again, but for the first time in my life I really feel happy in my own skin.

I love that I can now breathe deep without feeling the pressure of implants. I'm really looking forward to be able to give real hugs (instead of those head&shoulder hugs so that the person can't feel my embarrassing implants) and I'm already enjoying being able to walk around with my shoulders back instead of rolling them forwards to minimise the size of those 34DDs! woohoo!

Month post op

Well, it's been nearly four weeks and things are great! My little boobies have deflated a little since the day of surgery, which was expected, but the scars and the blister are healing well. I used virgin coconut oil after a week and am now using rosehip oil with jojoba and gently massaging the scars to encourage healing and break down the scar tissue.

Emotionally I am one of the luck ones! I have had zero regrets and love my natural boobies more than ever . . . even if they are the saggiest they have ever been : ) : ) I love feeling good in clothes again and though there is no man in my life, I know I will be more confident in myself when I get naked in front of the next one.

My $30,000 journey

I took a photo of pre-1st op, pre-2nd op, pre-3rd op and finally today . . . I can't believe I thought implants would give me more confidence! I only gained that after this whole ordeal was finally over!! I'm almost back to full strength, but every now and again I overstretch or carry too much and can feel that there is still some healing to do, but I am constantly grateful for my healing and all the lessons I have learned through this whole journey. I finally love myself in a way I have never allowed myself to and even though $30,000 is an awful lot of money, I wouldn't change a thing! If that's what I had to go through to get to where I am, I'm so glad to be here that it was all worth it! Wow, how good to finally be able to say that! "It was all worth it!" I am so glad I finally took those implants out! Thank you to all the fabulous and courageous women on this sight who share so much - you helped me immensely xxx
Sydney Physician

I couldn't be happier with Dr Rastogi! He exceeded my expectations in every way and all the staff at the hospital had nothing, but great things to say about him! He is kind and gentle and answered all my questions (I had a haematoma and wanted to know lots!!) very clearly and with patience. He has such a great energy about him!

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