MyStats and MyStory - 25yo, 5'9, 158lbs, aiming A to C cup with 335cc hp polyurethane implants - Sydney, AU

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Hello all! This is my first review and includes my...

Hello all! This is my first review and includes my stats and my background story. Hopefully you can relate to and/or find it helpful in some way! :)

I'm 25 years old, 5'9, 72kg (158lbs), 12A cup size (34A), no kids, from Sydney, Australia.

Like many of you I suspect, I experienced all the teasing and joking about being flat chested through high school but I got through it ok. Then I became a swim teacher throughout uni, and it’s pretty hard to hide a AA chest in a one-piece! But I learnt how to be self-deprecating and laugh with the jokes, so I got through that too. Started dating soon after and have not found a single guy in my life that has been phased by my lack of boobs, so I thought “all that worrying and self-consciousness for nothing!” and my self-confidence in my body and appearance soared!

A couple of years on and it all came to a head however when a friend told me that a guy I had been seeing had described me to his group of mates (including her boyfriend) as "tall, hot and blonde... but no tits". Consciously I tried to think “it’s not a big deal, I mean it’s true and sort of complimentary anyway, who cares!” whilst deeper down thoughts of “shit, it's starting all over again”, “why is the size of my chest such a descriptive factor of me?” and “it's like the size of my chest is defining my life!” were slowing resurfacing.

So anyway, this guy’s comment slowly weighed me down for a few weeks, until I ended up breaking down in tears because of the slowly building stress and me becoming self-conscious and boob-obsessed all over again, and over something that I couldn't even change! Then during this mini-meltdown, someone close to me pointed out to me that it was something I actually could change (duh) if I really wanted to and that if it was really affecting me this badly, then they would help me look into it. Growing up, the idea of breast augmentation had always been quashed by my parents, who work in healthcare, as having too much cost/risk for not enough benefit. But now that the implants are much safer, more durable and so much more natural looking (and my also being older and having the support of my parents) I began researching. On a side note, I later cleared up what had been said with the guy, turned out it wasn’t even about me and it wasn’t even him that said it! Friend’s boyfriend got his mates girls mixed up and Chinese Whispers meant that here I was getting upset over nothing! So this has but hasn’t influenced my decision for breast implants. I am doing this for me and I know it’s the right thing and the right time to do it.

So I started by researching the possible complications after surgery; swelling, bruising, asymmetry, scarring, bleeding, infection, detachment, wrinkling, rotation and loss of sensation… and the most common reason for reoperation; capsular contracture. Then I researched the different types of implants; saline, silicone, round, anatomical, textured, smooth and polyurethane, and combined my searches to show which type of implant had the lowest rates of capsular contracture (the number one risk) and complications in general following surgery. My conclusion: polyurethane implants. Next step in my research was to find the surgeon in Sydney with the most experience (and success) in implanting polyurethane breast implants. My searching led me to Dr Anoop Rastogi, based in Double Bay.

Dr Rastogi has over 20 years of experience in breast augmentation (his speciality), has conducted hundreds of surgeries using polyurethane implants and has a personal capsular contracture rate of less than 1%. He is also the former Director of Training for the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery. I felt confident that this was the surgeon that I wanted to see. The fact that he was a cosmetic surgeon and not a plastic surgeon didn’t concern me, as I would personally prefer the doctor with more years of hands-on experience and great reviews, than the one with more years of training. I would also prefer a cosmetic surgeon who specialises in breasts and is performing breast augmentations every week, over a plastic surgeon who deals in multiple areas of the body or whose primary training is in reconstruction rather than cosmetics. But let’s face it, cosmetic or plastic, these doctors are all highly qualified, highly skilled and highly competent in performing these operations. We’re all in good hands!

All in all I think I spent about 2 months researching all of the above, and once I was completely satisfied that a) this was safe, b) it would achieve my goals, and c) I had found the right product and the right surgeon for me, I went about booking my initial consult. I'll post another review soon about my initial consultation experience and upload some before pics! Thanks for reading and good luck everyone! Xx

Planning My Initial Consultation

So I rang up Dr Rastogi’s rooms and got the basic information and an idea of some available dates for an initial consultation. The details were:
Initial consult length: 1.5-2hours
Cost: $200 (deducted from total cost if you proceed)
Structure: Interview, medical history and briefing with practice nurse, followed by discussion, sizing and personalised surgery plan with doctor.
Total surgery cost: $14, 500AUD (approx. $10, 300USD)

At this stage I was also considering consulting with a second surgeon who was based nearby. He specialised in women who were starting out with quite flat chests and this appealed to me. However after phoning his rooms took 3 attempts to get on to a receptionist and finding out that his consultation was $250 for only 30minutes (including the doctor and the nurse), I decided to cut him from the list. It just didn’t seem like sufficient face-to-face time with the surgeon to me.

I rang Dr Rastogi’s rooms and booked in for the 18th of January and paid my $200 consult deposit. I had a 1 month wait until the consultation, so I decided to start looking up what I wanted my new breasts to look like!

I decided on the following criteria to describe what I wanted to achieve from my breast augmentation:
• Natural look
• Large B cup
• Nice slope from clavicle to nipple
• No round implant appearance around the top of the breast
• No bulge above the nipple on the oblique view of the breast
• Non-inhibiting to sport
• Proportionate/not too large

Then I began looking up photos to take to my initial consultation. I figured if “a picture tells a thousand words” then showing him a couple of photos would give him a better impression of what I was after, rather than just describing what I wanted. I did not want this part lost in translation! :) I’ll add some of these pictures to this post! Only 2 days to go as I’m writing this update!!! Xx

My First Consultation

I arrived in Double Bay for my first appointment, with my Dad who I’d asked to come along with me, just for a second opinion, a bit of support and to ask any questions that didn’t occur to me at the time. I’m glad I did this because it definitely made the visit more relaxing and conversation-like rather than too formal or nerve-racking an experience.

So we arrive in Double Bay (think Sydney city/Bondi beach area, for anyone who’s familiar with Australia), a very expensive looking location, and I immediately receive an email saying appointments for the day are running half an hour late and to arrive at 12:30pm instead of 12pm… so we decided to go and get some lunch and tried to just be thankful that they’d given us the heads up rather than letting us arrive and sit in the waiting room for 30 minutes. At 12:30pm we catch a rickety lift up to the 3rd level of an office building and walk into a very nicely presented consulting suite. Dr Rastogi’s rooms are all white walls, mirrors, tiled patios and vibrant little gardens, like a mini rooftop garden penthouse! The first thing I noticed though was the chocolate Lindt ball dispenser in the waiting room haha no minties or fantails here! Only premium nibblies hehe. I’ll add some pictures I found of his consulting rooms to the post!

I introduce myself to the receptionist and am given some standard forms to fill in (name, address, healthcare info, etc) and then only had about a 5 minute wait before being called through by the practice nurse. She asks me all about my personal and family medical history, asks me how long I’ve been thinking about breast augmentation, what cup size I am currently, what my largest cup size has been and what size I am looking to increase to, she also asked if I had a rough timeframe in mind for the surgery, how I heard of Dr Rastogi and if I knew anyone else who had been through him before (apparently he offers a ‘refer a friend’ scheme, where the previous and the new client both receive $1000 off/refunded from their surgery! – unfortunately, I don’t know anybody else who’s had BA surgery lol). We then watch a 10 minute video that outlines Dr Rastogi’s goals of breast augmentation, the associated risks and possible complications, a quick outline of the surgery itself (incision and placement options) and then sign forms acknowledging these facts. Next was to meet Dr Rastogi.

My Dad and I were taken through to Dr Rastogi’s office for the remainder of our consultation. Firstly, he quickly recaps what I’ve been over with the nurse. Then he asks me lots of questions about why I want the surgery, what I hope the surgery will achieve for me (both physically and mentally/emotionally), he asks me to describe what I want the outcome to look like (this is where I rattled off the list I created in my last post!) and he tells me how he differs from other surgeons. By this I mean he says that his approach to breast augmentation is to deliver a natural breast that puts the woman in proportion with the rest of her body, he only uses the gentlest techniques in surgery and focusses on minimal tissue damage. He also has a set method for establishing a woman’s implant size, based on the side of the breast just slightly overlapping or “hugging” the chest wall, the nipples pointing every so slightly upwards and outwards, and a range of other calculations as well.

Dr Rastogi said that even though I was after a B-cup, that this wouldn’t be enough with my frame (5’9, 158lbs) and that to achieve the proportionate look I had outlined in the photos I’d shown him, this would probably result in my being a “mid-C cup”. I told him that was fine and that I didn’t care about the numbers and letters, as long as it gave me the look I desired! When you’re tall, you learn to disregard numbers, I’ve been about 10kg (or 22lbs) heavier than all of my friends for as long as I can remember! And whilst still being slimmer than many of them as well lol. So anyway, once I’d emphasised my “natural, nice chest slope, no bulging implant lines, no round top, proportionate, not too big” desire, and showed him the pictures that I liked, he (and my Dad) left the room to let me change.

Dr Rastogi came back in and had me stand in front of the mirror. First of all he visually assessed me. He immediately picked up on a slight scoliosis which I’d actually forgotten about for all these years! I was diagnosed about 13 years ago and it’s almost undetectable. He said my left shoulder and my right hip rested slightly higher than their counter-sides, and that this decreased the width of my left chest wall just marginally (I think those were the correct sides from memory lol). Then began the measuring.

I think my BWD is 12.8? I remember him saying that I was narrower than he’d expected for my height and hips. Got the drawings all over my chest done. It was a 28 degree day (83 Fahrenheit I think?) so it was pretty hot is what I’m trying to say, and I had sweat running down my arms and chest the whole time, so embarrassing haha! But he just smiled it off and said it happens to everyone, people are nervous and there’s no longer any t-shirt to catch the sweat so don’t worry, lol still not the most flattering of moments for me :P

He ended up recommending Polytech Opticon (polyurethane) 295cc anatomical implants :) high profile, inserted dual-plane with an inframammary incision. At one point I was concerned that I might be going to big and I asked “will this implant make me a 100% hourglass figure? Like are we matching my breasts to my hips with a 1:1 ratio? Because I would still like to be a pear shape, I don’t need to be too large up top.” His response was “no, no! With your hips, if we wanted to make you an hourglass proportion we could go to DD’s”… bless him, he didn’t even realise he’d just told me I had a big bum! Haha! :)

I like Dr Rastogi because he is intuitive, caring and gentle and makes a real effort to hear what you are saying and to understand what it is that you want. He has developed a technique and philosophy which works for him, but he has backed it up with evidence and good reqviews. That being said, he wasn’t afraid to make a recommendation that I may not like (i.e. to go larger in size then I originally wanted) because that is what he believed would actually fulfil my desire and would look better on my frame.

Once I was dressed again, he invited my Dad back in and summarised his recommendation. He gave me all of my options from that point on, including booking surgery, further consultations, or even leaving it there and doing nothing, which I respected. He definitely does not pressure his patients and has a calm/modest sort of confidence in himself and the skills he is offering. To finish he shook both our hands, thanked me for seeing him today and said he was looking forward to taking care of me throughout the following weeks and the procedure itself (I’d already stated at this point that I wanted to look into going ahead with him and to see some options for surgery dates).

The consult ended back with another nurse, who showed me a date in 1 months’ time that fitted in perfectly with my work schedule! It meant I would only have to take one day of sick leave off (due to a rotating roster) and would get a total of 6 days recovery before heading back to work (I was told that most of Dr Rastogi’s patients go back to work after 2-4 days). I signed my consent forms, paid my $300 deposit to secure the booking for the 18th February and we were done! It was almost too easy and I was over the moon! I left with an entire pack of pre-surgery, post-surgery and payment details, as well as summaries of everything else that we’d discussed that day. So now I only have 2 sleeps to go until the big day! :D it’s almost eerie how little nerves I have and how I mostly just feel excited and like a weight is slowly being lifted the closer I get to the surgery date :) I just pray for no complications afterwards! Thanks for reading lovely ladies and good luck! Xx

Before Photos!!! only 9 hours to go!

Hey everyone! So it's the night before the big day ;) only 9 hours until I have to be at the hospital! and so I thought I'd post up some before pictures :) looking forward to comparing them to the after ones! I took a full length shot based on someone else's recommendation (a good idea I reckon) and it shows pretty accurately how disproportionate I feel between my chest and my hips! Wish me luck! 9 Hours and counting! I should probably get some sleep now! Xx

One Final Consult Before Surgery

Ok so going backwards a little bit here, I thought I should finish my pre-surgery experience before telling you how my surgery went yesterday! So here's how my last consult with Dr Rastogi went before the big day :)

I ended up getting worried about the size implants I’d chosen (as I think we all do) and so I scheduled another appointment with Dr Rastogi for about 10 days before my surgery date. I explained that I was worried that I had over-emphasised how small I wanted to be and asked what he would recommend for my body shape if I had no input. He recommended just 1 size up (335cc) as he believed this would balance me more nicely. He expressed however that both the 295cc and the 335cc would give me lovely looking breasts, but he had originally suggested 295cc based on my wanting a smaller, more modest look.

He remeasured me and the 335cc would just fit my left side and was perfect for the right. He asked how important nipple sensation was for me as there was a slightly increased risk of losing some sensation on the left side because of this close margin. I decided that that was ok by me as I trusted his expertise and opinion (and it’s not like I've had much need for nipple sensation so far ha!) and he promised that he was always extremely careful when operating around the nerves anyway.

He had one of the nurses ring and check that we could order the 335cc in time for the 18th of Feb and I asked a bunch more questions about massage, icing, showering, frequency of medications afterwards and what to expect my breasts to look and feel like immediately following surgery. Like I said, I like to be mentally prepared haha I think it helps with my nerves :) For my particular implants he said absolutely no massage or icing, as this disrupts the pocket that he's created for them to fit in to and begin adhering to (these are polyurethane coated implants and the idea is that they grip like Velcro to the tissue. He said that he expected there would be no bruising and minimal swelling. He also said my skin would go shiny as it stretches! and that I could rub bio-oil or cream on it in the lead up to surgery to assist with this. I was prescribed muscle relaxants, painkillers, anti-inflammatories and antibiotics (all up only about $40AUD which was surprising!).

So I left feeling confident that I had made the best choice by going up that one size (I figured I would regret being slightly smaller, rather than being slightly larger than I wanted, if it came down to it) and was really happy with Dr Rastogi’s reassurances and enthusiasm about working with me. He definitely has some of the best doctor-patient communication skills that I’ve experienced and has a very calming and caring approach. I was super excited with only 10 days to go!


I received my phone call the afternoon beforehand and was told to arrive at Waratah Private Hospital at 7am. My instructions were no eating from midnight, and no water after 6am. I was to take my first antibiotic that night and shower in the morning using my antibacterial wash. I finished work at 3:30pm that day so I met up with a friend on my way home for a quick (non-alcoholic) drink :P she gave me the sweetest little post-surgery care package! It had one of those metal drink bottles with pretty designs all over it, a little cushion for my bed, some Malteasers (yum!) and hair ties, nail polish and lip balm. She had also written me a card that originally read “2 today!” but she’d modified it to read “2 new boobies today!” haha.

So that night I spent mostly packing my surgery bag, finding all my forms I had to take, writing up comments on RealSelf :P and just tidying my room to make it nice for when I came home. Got to sleep around 11pm for a 5:10am wake up!

In the morning my Dad and I left for the hospital with an hour and 10 minutes to spare for an hour long trip :/ needless to say we were a little stressed once we hit traffic at 6:30am (I definitely recommend leaving with plenty of extra time!) but we made it to the hospital at 6:59am ;) and up I went to be admitted. We waited for about 20minutes before I was called through, hugged my Dad, said see ya later and off I went! My nurse was a lovely lady and she kept me busy, taking my blood pressure, oxygen saturation levels, asking my medical history, asking me about schooling and studying and work. Eventually I got to change into a white cotton gown, little blue surgery booties and a red hair cap. I was taken through to pre-op and placed on a bed to wait to be taken through to surgery. All in all this was about 1 hour since I’d arrived. I waited in pre-op, watching cartoons on the tv hehe, had various nurses come over and check my details or to get me to sign something and, after about 35minutes, the porters came to push me in to theatre on my bed. Dr Rastogi met me at the entrance to the theatre (like a little prep-room) and seemed very happy to see me saying “Good morning beautiful! How are you doing?” He helped me into the little prep room and rugged me up in a chair with a blanket.

Then he went through what we were doing again, saying that he’d brought the 295cc and 335cc implants and was hoping to fit the 335cc but if not then the 295cc would still look spectacular. He explained again that I shouldn’t have any bruising or bleeding, and that the swelling would start high on my chest and gradually move down my body over the next week or two. He said that once the fluid reached my lower ribs that I could massage it down towards my abdomen to help the process but that I absolutely was not to massage my breasts at all. Eventually, the fluid would move from my rib area, to my abdomen, to the lymph nodes in my groin and then be excreted via my urinary system. I’m not sure if he goes into that much detail with all of his patients but I have a degree in healthcare so maybe he knew I’d appreciate it? Anyway, next he said I should finish the entire 1 month’s course of Mobic (anti-inflammatory), 2 weeks course of antibiotics, and recommended taking 2 diazepam before bed to assist with my sleeping. I only have to sleep on my back, not propped up unless I want to. He said that he would visit me after the surgery but that I wouldn’t remember it, so he was telling me everything now. I asked a few questions along the way, such as how long the incisions would be (5cm, I’d forgotten), whether I would have my arms strapped down like a cross (yes, but not until after I was asleep), he said he would hold my hand until I went under which was nice. Next was to take some before photos!

There was a white background screen set up and we took six photos in total I think; one front view with me holding my paperwork to identify me, one front view with no identifying features, a right side view, a 45degree right view, a left side view and a 45 degree left view. Then Dr Rastogi took a seat on a rolling stool to begin marking me up. You can see some of the marks leftover in my after pictures :)

He measured my centre line, marked it and my cleavage widths up, measured my total width again, drew my breasts curvature, made a mark around a small mole I was having removed (it sits right on my bra line and was right where the incision would be as well so I was so happy when he offered to get rid of it for me!) There were some other markings as well, up around my armpits, etc, maybe nerve regions? Then he wrapped me back up and sat me down to meet the anaesthetist Dr Koh. I was grinning like mad because I knew I was only minutes away from going in and I think I scared Dr Koh a little bit haha he asked quite a few times if I was alright and I ended saying “oh don’t worry, I know I’m grinning like a crazy person, I’m just really excited!” and he laughed and told me he’d get the nurse to come and bring me through.
The anaesthetist’s nurse (who I’d met earlier) came and brought me through into the operating theatre and I remember thinking as I followed her in that she was really tiny and I was really tall and I felt kind of like a giant lol, the random thoughts that keep you from focussing on what’s really happening you know? Haha, then I saw the operating table and was like ‘huh, it’s smaller than I thought it would be’ and it had the arms outstretched all ready for me to be strapped in! :P I laid down and they covered me with a warming blanket, it felt like a big paper bag being blown up with warm air. I noticed that the big lights on the roof each had a different coloured light in them, like a rainbow effect, I told them I approved and they laughed. Then the nurse helped me get both arms out of the gown whilst still being covered up, it was sweet because she tried to help keep me modest, but I didn’t really care at that stage because I knew all these people were about to see me naked once I was out of it anyway! Haha.

Next I stretched one arm out for the anathetist, and one arm out for a blood pressure cuff, whilst another nurse started sliding compression cuffs over my lower legs. I found the whole thing sort of fascinating and was watching everything. Dr Rastogi was right by my side as soon as I laid down and only let go of my hand whilst they put the blood pressure cuff on, then he grabbed it straight back up again. I watched myself being cannulated which I think amused him, he said something about how I was about to get lightheaded, so I looked over and saw the anaesthetist injecting me and he said to enjoy the cocktail haha. Then I settled my head back to look at the roof and saw the big lights melding together already. So I started laughing and said to Dr Rastogi “wow it happens so fast! The lights are all blurring into one big light!” and he laughed, which made me laugh harder, which made him laugh even more. There was a lot of laughing as I went under! Right before that though I heard the anaesthetist asking if Dr Rastogi wanted to go and scrub up but he said he was staying until I was out completely and he did, which I thought was a really nice touch.

Waking up in recovery was weird because I think that I was dreaming that I had to vomit, so I was trying to turn my head but I could hear these nurses telling me not to roll over, then I’m pretty sure I sobbed a little bit because I thought I was going to puke all over them haha. This was all in my mind though, I wasn’t actually feeling sick and as soon as I snapped out of it a bit more I wasn’t even upset, but then I remembered and I said to the nurse “was I sobbing when I woke up?!” and she was like “no no! well…” and just smiled haha. I asked what the time was and it was 11:45am. I’d gone into the theatre at 9am because there was a clock right above the door and I checked. So I must have been in and out, waking up in recovery for quite a while. Once I was staying awake a bit more consistently they sat me up for a while, then helped me get dressed and walked me around the corner to the recovery lounge. I was really unsteady and held the nurses hand the whole way, only because it felt like my mind was moving faster than my feet. They sat me down and gave me biscuits, juices, cheese and crackers, water and a chicken sandwich to eat. After about 20 minutes they phoned my Dad and it was probably about 12:30pm by this time. He came up and sat with me, I told him about the morning and we had few laughs about my new assets. I was told that as soon as I went to the toilet I would be allowed to be discharged. So even though I didn’t feel like needing to go at all, I went in and sat down (my Dad had to help me walk over there) and I sat and I sat and I waited and I waited and it was really hard to pee first thing after surgery! Eventually I relaxed enough to start going, and then it would just stop! So I stop-start-stop-start pee’d as much as I could haha and then I headed back out to be discharged. I was given a lot of information on what had been done in the theatre, contact numbers for the hospital and my surgeon’s mobile number in case I had any urgent questions or problems. All in all, the staff at Waratah Private Hospital were really supportive and understanding, I didn’t feel judged or criticized for the procedure I was having done (which has been one of my fears – although more from the general society than from the hospital personnel) and most of them had good senses of humour about it all.

So Dad and I left for our 1 hour drive home, I held my pillow against my chest for comfort and turned the air con up on low to keep me comfortable. I only felt nauseous once and asked Dad to pass me the bucket I had in the backseat but I didn’t need it, I fell asleep instead lol. Drifted in and out the whole way home and woke up to him taking photos of me with my mouth hanging open! Typical father! :) First thing I did when I got home was go to the bathroom, strip off and have a look at my new body :) I have to admit I was a bit stunned because they looked bigger then they felt, but they actually already looked like they belonged to me in my opinion. I was really happy! I had Dad checked the incisions because they had wept onto my clothing a little bit but nothing to be concerned about, then hopped into my nicely cushioned bed where my brother put a movie on for me. He then showed me the dvd cover of a horror movie and pretended to leave with the remote! But he was just kidding lol it was really Harry Potter, I fell asleep again (right around the point where Lupin turned into a werewolf), woke up for some dinner, watched some tv with Mum then went back to bed at around 10:30pm.

So all in all, I was really happy with the day! I had some slight stiffness and soreness, I can tell that my shoulders are hunched up around my neck to try and protect my chest but I’m taking the muscle relaxants religiously so that’ll settle soon I hope. Also had a little bit of nausea (from the panadeine forte I think) but haven’t thrown up yet luckily! :) I’m really happy I went through with it and I wish good luck to all the others who are about to as well! I’ll post up some after photos! I think I’ll take some every day for the first week, then maybe once a week for the next 6 weeks to see how they progress :) thanks for all the support! It really makes a world of difference! Xx

Day 2 Post-Op Pictures

So today is my second day post op and I had my first shower since the surgery. I managed to wash my hair ok and took the tapes off of my inframammary incisions too. I was super careful doing this because I was worried about pulling and accidentally causing some bleeding, but they came off really easily in the shower. I've added a photo of my incisions, at 2 days post op I am so so SO happy with how they are looking! I wasn't phased by the idea of scars at all really but Dr Rastogi told me that they would result in just a hairline white scar anyway, which would be practically invisible eventually. To me they look practically invisible now! I cannot recommend him enough for his care and precision in his work!

I added another front view of my breasts as well, which I think shows a bit more relaxing of the muscles/chest area. My skin looks a bit shiny because I'd just lathered it up with moisturiser (finding my skin quite itchy and dry since the surgery!) and my nipples still seem swollen (with fluid?) to me. Other than that, all is going pretty well! I wake up with a sore back and I can tell when it's about time for more muscle relaxants because my shoulders start to get stiff and hunch up towards my ears and my back starts to spasm and ache a little, but all in all its still very manageable! Really glad I went through with it and praying it all continues to go just as smoothly! Thanks for reading again :) x

Post-Op Comparisons and Post-Op Consult! 5 days

G'day everyone :)
So I've been doing some comparison shots from before and after my surgery and I thought I'd upload these two. Excuse the blurriness, was having trouble keeping my arm extended and still for so long! I'm thinking i definitely look slimmer in the before photo (picture 1), and I never wanted my breasts to make me look larger overall so that's my only concern, but I'm hoping this is mostly because the after shot is slightly more zoomed in than the before photo and hopefully because I'm still quite bloated post-surgery. Ultimately I was told that my new breasts will enhance my slim waistline as the eye is drawn down into my waist, so I should still appear slim down there eventually :) But anyway, it's nice to finally see some womanliness to my upper body figure haha!

I had my post-op consult yesterday which went really well! He said I'm healing nicely and he's happy with the healing, positioning, symmetry and swelling (or lack of, lucky me!). I was reminded to keep my posture upright and shoulders back (I'm still hunching) and this is causing me some back and neck pain. Boob pain and tightness is almost gone (so far only half a muscle relaxant and 2 panadol's this morning) :) and I'm using heat packs for my back which the surgeon said was fine. I was also warned that weeks 2-4 are when I really need to be careful about my activities. As this is when I'll start to feel better and want to do more strenuous activities, but this is actually when the scar tissue will be forming and latching onto the implant the most, and so this is the greatest risk of detachment point for me in my recovery (remembering that I think I have uncommon implants so this may not apply to other ladies).

Overall I couldn't be happier with my choice of surgeon, the operation day itself and my recovery so far! :) I go back to work in 2 days and feel ready (I'm down to 1 nap per day now so we'll see how I go today :P) Good luck to everyone still to go and I'll continue to post updates and photos over the coming weeks :) Xx

Going Back To Work, Comparison Shots and Funny Realisations!

So, going back to work! Ended up being way way waay tougher than I originally thought it would be! :( Luckily for me, my workplace is so supportive and flexible that I could move around to whichever department gave me the most relief on my body. Day one however, by about 3 hours in I was burning something fierce between the shoulder blades, and by 4 hours, I was ready for my usual nap :P But I made it through the day :) (I was quite proud of myself) and only cried once I got home haha.
My Mum massaged my back for me and the (soft) massage hurt so much that I was doing that laugh-cry-sob thing you do when you’re in pain but not actually sad :/ so that was fun. I had a late-to-early shift that day (meaning I got home at about 8pm that night and had to leave for work again at about 6am the next morning). Needless to say I didn’t sleep well that night, was 1.5hrs late to work, and try as hard as I could to make it through my second day back, I was sent home early; tired, in pain, nauseous and just emotionally drained! Which reminds me, I still have to give my manager the little box of chocolates I bought her for spending her lunch-break comforting my tears haha. I think I was just barely coping with it all, until the nausea hit (which I think was actually from constipation to be honest, because once I was home I felt much better.. if you get my meaning!).
I am so thankful for that manager and my boss because they practically forced me home to rest that day and told me not to come in the next day either. I took the weekend to recover and when I went back yesterday, made sure to keep on top of the painkillers and I did much better! :) So I have another day off tomorrow (shift work means I work odd days) and then I’ll be covering our receptionist who is away for a few days, so the sitting will be a nice break on my poor shoulders! Is anyone else experiencing this constant burning between their shoulder blades? Any tips for relief?

On the plus side, I created another comparison photo and I think I can actually see some development happening which is pretty cool! I wasn’t expecting to so that was really exciting for me. My cleavage is still quite swollen, so I don’t really feel like that is taking on its proper shape yet, but there seems to be some nice “side-boob” and I don’t know… “breast crease”(?) happening haha. All this boob terminology I’ve never had to use before :P I’ve added a list below of all the funny things I keep noticing or doing throughout the day, now that I have boobs to actually “get in the way” :P which I am loving!

Funny things I’m still getting used to:
- feeling “side-boobs” whenever I move my arms!
- forgetting that I have side-boobs and accidentally squishing them with my arms :/
- accidentally knocking myself in the boobs! with my hands, plates, water bottles, my phone… you name it, it’s probably hit me in the tit in the past day or two!
- grazing my boobs when I’m reaching for things because I forget that there’s something there to avoid now lol
- I leaned over to reach for something on my bed earlier and ended up with my boob in my handbag lol
- having to check if your nipples are showing through a (what used to be) baggy shirt before heading to the shops without a bra on
- not being able to see that little freckle, that I know is under my left breast, in the shower anymore!
- questioning whether that little freckle really is under the left breast.. or if it’s really under the right breast.. but not being able to check anyway because you can’t see under either of your breasts anymore!
- seeing a seatbelt actually “sit between” your breasts whilst you’re driving (a strange one I know lol)
- and reminding yourself to stop being distracted by checking out your own boobs all the time (especially whilst driving!)

:) I hope you enjoyed my little list of recent epiphanies :P I know they’ve definitely been entertaining me non-stop! So until my next time lovelies! Stay well Xx

The 3 Weeks Post-Op Milestone!

The 3 Week Post-Op Milestone has been reached! :D and I have to admit, I was pretty excited about this day :P the 3 week day meant 4 big things for me:
1) I could start wearing a "non-padded-soft-bra-with-no-underwire" (direct quote)
2) I could start sleeping on my side
3) I can do lower body exercises (like stationary cycling)
4) and I can begin rubbing vitamin E oil into my scars.

:) So all these new things (in my head) meant progress and healing and therefore excitement! I was so excited in fact, that a work-mate asked me what had me so excited and I had to do a quick-think for a reason other than "today is the first day I get to wear a bra in 3 weeks!" :/ I settled down after that haha.

The very first night I could, I tried sleeping on my side, but it just squished the "side-boob" so much that it was uncomfortable, a little painful and just made me worried that I'd cause some sort of permanent positioning problem while I slept (lol!) so it was back to back-sleeping for that night. Tried again the next night and managed a 45-degree oblique sleep :) until I had a nightmare about how I was showing people how I could move my implant around underneath my skin, irrespective to the surrounding skin and muscles :| it was so vivid, that it was back to back-sleeping after that again for me!

My skin doesn't itch as much anymore, not at all really. But I did find for a little while, that it felt like a red-raw sunburn all over, especially with clothing touching it. Coming home from work at the end of the day would feel like a burning layer of missing skin, swollen and irritated nipples and I'd have swelling pooling around the lower half of my breasts, especially at the incision sites. Kinda made me miss the itching!! But it's becoming more and more manageable every day :) especially with our work receptionist away, who I was assigned to cover for ;) which gave me a nice rest at work.

I discovered Sex and the City during my recovery! I know I'm about 2 decades too late haha, but considering that the series aired when I was 8 years old.. I think now is just the right time to "discover" it! :P so that, Malteasers and online shopping for new tops for my new boobies :P has been the predominant recovery method for me for the last week or two hehe.

I've added the following photos:
- my "non-padded-soft-bra-with-no-underwire" that I can finally wear :D
- a new comparison of before, surgery day, day 11 and day 24
- 2 change views from before to today (front and side)

Also wondering the following things:
- Who prefers/recommends moisturising cream vs oils?
- How often do you condition your scars?
- Has anyone else had any boob nightmares?
- How do you manage your boob whilst trying to sleep on your side!

Hope everyone is keeping well, I've noticed all this moisturising has definitely improved my skin! I might have to make this a regular thing for my whole body! All 5'9" of it :/ that could be a lot of cream haha! Bye for now x
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So far Dr Rastogi has been caring, attentive and knowledgeable. He's made an effort to understand why I want to undergo this procedure and what I want my final result to look like and I believe this will help him assist me to achieve my breast augmentation goals. His staff are friendly and accommodating and always ready to answer my multiple questions. Just 4 days to go and I am fully confident in my choice of Dr Rastogi!

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