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Hey all, or should I say G'day mates. I'm ally, a...

Hey all, or should I say G'day mates. I'm ally, a 27 year old married mother of two.

I am short and stout at 5'6" and approx 160 pounds (we run in kilos here so unsure on poundage but think I'm close to being right lol)

I have dreamed of fuller 'pretty' boobies since I was pre pubescent, but unfortunately the heavens found me snoozing under the brains tree when the line for boobage opened and I missed out.

For the past eight years I have been pulling at my husbands arms trying to convince him that a BA was the way to go to cure my body image issues. Since we started dating I was never comfy stripping in front of him and always felt my lack of a rack held me back from being one hundred percent loveable.

We kept postponing my BA due to the arrival of the kidlets, and I crossed my fingers that I would at least have milk boobies, but after developing zero milk for either of the kids I knew I was doomed to be flat chested, so the search for a surgeon and the perfect rack began again.

Two weeks ago, hubby secured finance for my op. I was beyond happy but as we only could afford ten grand my dreams of boobs faltered.

You see, the average cost of BA here in Australia is between 10-15,000.

Doing some online searching I almost made the decision to travel overseas for it to be done....scary huh.

Lucky for me I happened across the cosmetic institute in Sydney and was astounded to find their complete costs were well under our budget.

So here I am on the 24th of October giddy with excitement.


Well because in 12 days we head to Sydney, in 12 days I have my pre op consult and in 13 days I have my BA.

We are still undecided on size, I want big and hubby want medium.

I fear I will bend to what he wants and then I won't be happy and regret not going bigger. Has anyone had this issue with the other half? And what did you do about it?

Anyways I better stop my blabbing and let you all breath lol.

Will update again soon.

Not long now

I stole some awesome booby pics, (hope the owners don't mind)

I have been driving hubby insane by spending all of my free time on either this site or google. It's like I'm a pre pubescent teen boy looking at bobbies... I am obsessed!

The pics I have added are what I would love my surgeon to achieve. I stole them off this site but hope the owners don't mind as they are nice sets.

Before pics ( totes unflattering)

All booke confirmed with the i's dotted and t's crossed

Deposit has been paid and accom booked in a swish self contained apartment. I am beyond excited and even hubby has been smiling and says he is relaxed now that my date is confirmed and I am happy.

We passed a milestone with him liking the pics of my wish boobs and I'm glowing now.

Today I took my daughter who is seven to her school run swimming lessons and just daydreamed about the day when I can get in the pool and fill out my bathers.

Well that's enough for now, but a big group hug for all you lovely ladies who have commented and made me feel so welcome on this site.

Rice sizers and thicker frame.

Today was a loooonnnnggg day, if it's any sign to how the next week and a half is going to go, I am going to be 40 before the 6th lol.

To pass time hubby, the kidlets and I went shopping. I got a new fridge and a vacuum oh and a mop lol in my quest to be domestic before the BA so I can put my mind to use on something other than boobies.

Tonight I made rice sizers and fell in love with the 550cc sizers. I think with my heavier frame they would look nice and for once I will look like the hour glass I desire. But I guess final choice will be on what my surgeon has to say but I don't want to be too small. And I want to be bigger than my ultra padded bra makes me.

Ah I am going booby crazy....

Tomorrow I am going to spend the day cooking meals to freeze so the fam don't starve while I am out of action. Then on Monday .... Let the cleaning begin. I want the house looking like a display home by the time we load the car and choof off to Sydney.

550 rice sizer

This is my attempt at the sizers. I am liking the look of the 550 and am hoping for a high profile implant. Being bigger framed I think they will look in proportion to my size.

7.5 days pre op

Well it's almost count down time...yay. In 5 days we head to Sydney and in a few hours over 7 days I achieve my booby dreams.

I went window shopping today and found a really sweet play suit in awesome bright a walking colour display lol, love brights but not pastels... Any way I tried it on and was so happy to zip into 2 sizes smaller than a month ago... Yep in my quest for booby heaven I got healthy and it's paying off! I'm a nice easy sz 12 aus, but wear a sz 10 us made wrangler jeans. I know I'm a lil heavier than most on here but I am happy at least!

Anyway back to the playsuit, I fell in love with it and my friend was all like yeh so cute, but then hubby said a flat out NO, and all because he didn't see my soon to be new booby fitting lol, thoug I had plenty of space... So I think he may be coming around to the fact I want bigger than I have finally lol.

I've been busy cleaning and sorting fam things for when I am out of action. Meals are cooked and frozen, clothes are washed folded and sorted now all I have left is more cleaning, more cooking and freezing and more washing (gotta love kids)

Just a quick question....
I'm being sent home in a support bra I pay for with surgery, but should I buy back ups and if so what size?

Also doc suggested seeing my go about Valium or some other relaxant for post op, I'm all for it lol, but is it help full?

Thank lovelies...will post more as I get closer....yay

Four days before.....well 5 but not counting today lol

Wow time is flying in a weird way. I am now getting closer and more erratic. I am so behind on my boobday prepping that I am getting a tad frazzled.

It is early early Saturday morning and I can't sleep. Not because I am antsy, but because I have a horrid gall bladder issue and am in pain...I have been on a waiting list for its removal for over five months now and still no closer so I'm just getting by as best I can.

But still, I am getting super dooper excited about how fast the 6th is approaching that my hubby is a little peeved over all my tittilating talk (pun intended)

My bestie and I have been joking about going super huge with the size and last night hubby had a melt down about it, not taking into account my friend and I were joking. It cause me to sprout the water works and him to finally listen, I am not sure if he did, but either way I have now accrued the full support of his mum, he is a mumma's boy, and she agrees with my philosophy that they are my boobs, on my body, and I will know what's right for me, but still, I have reassured him I am not going to go huge. No I just want proportionate .

He asked me to wear my rice sizers today to show him again, but his bloody parrot decided that the rice looked tasty, so thanks to peppa the eclectus, I have had to for go the sizers and just show him pics. Was a very funny moment though.

I can't be too mad at hubby though, as recently he had a horrid accident off his dirt bike (2.5 months ago) where he pulverised his tail bone, fractured his pelvis and tore muscles. And just in the last week they have found signs of brain trauma resulting in the loss of short term memory and his sense of humour. He also just found out today he had dislocated his shoulder and due to the length of time without support, he could end up under the knife for it to be repaired. So I have had to accommodate his injuries into my exuberance about my upcoming BA.

But all that aside, we have hashed things out, made up and are almost ready to make my dreams come true...well my second set of my first was to marry a great man...and boy did I ever!

Before pics

Oh my oh my

Well it's 8:30pm atm, and I'm heading to bed so I have some sleep under me before we get up and leave at 3am to drive to Sydney. I can't believe this week in just a matter of a few days and like 3 sleeps I am getting my BA.

My head and heart are in overdrive and my dreams have been filled with good and bad booby monsters. My kids are at my hubby's parents until Thursday, and I am feeling blessed that his whole family are supporting my BA choice. I haven't spoken to my own mum dad or sister for almost 2 years so they have no idea, but I wouldn't care if they did anyway, it's my body, my dreams and my money.

Well I will update soon with pics from the lovely Sydney.

Op tomorrow can't wait!

Arrived in Sydney yesterday afternoon, checked in to our swank apartment and ordered room order dinner. Was so tired after long drive.

This morning we got up early and visited the sydney sea life aquarium and I fell in love with the sea cows! Then had lunch with my ailing grandma .

Finally after a long day I had my consult.

Let me say I am in love with DR LEE he had me laughing and smiling the whole appointment and I was so happy. Even hubby was relaxed after seeing him.

We decided on mod to high 560cc both boobs. I was so happy I got the size I wanted!!!

So now I am back at the apartment relaxing. I am booked in at 10am soooo excited

Finally done

Well I am 8 hours on the other side of my BA and let my just say WOW!

I had the most amazing team working with me today and I have never laughed so much.

I am 7 hours into the 10 hour drive home and besides my chest being tight I am feeling fighting fit!!!

Will update more tomorrow from the comfort of home.

Hugs and air kisses all round...

Post op day one

Post op day 3

Well it's been a while, let me just say yesterday day 2 post op was by far the WORST. The pain I had, had me in tears!

But today, it has been tender but bearable. I dosed myself with benefibre and pitted prunes and have managed to stop the dreaded no pooping, but I may have over done it and now I'm scared to break wind lol.

My boobies are so high and hard with a squished square look and I can't wait for them to drop and round out.

My incision is bruised so is my cleavage but I bruise easily so I'm not surprised.

I haven't told many people more have I seen many as I am so bloated I look like I am about to pop out another baby( twins even and not the booby kind) and after loosing the kilos pre op I don't want people to see me till they can see the full wow affect ( call me conceited but I know the effect my new twins will have and I want the round eyes and envious glares lol)

Day 3 pics

Three weeks post op tomorrow

Hey all, well time flies when your enjoying the looks of new twins.

Tomorrow will be three weeks and lets just say I am in love with my girls. The past two weeks have been filled with ups and downs and they still ride high and tight but I love them.

I had the all clear from my doc on week one and he was amazed by how they looked, but then two days later I split the insert and cause a little infection, don't know how I did it but I did.

I just re wrapped, and continued on my antibiotics and whola, pretty titties once again!

Here are some pics I have
Dr Lee

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