Fitness Lover & Psoriasis Sufferer! (470cc Round XHP ) -Sydney, AU

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Hi guys, I guess I'll start with a bit about me....

Hi guys,

I guess I'll start with a bit about me... I'm a 22 year old from Australia, 60 kgs, 163cm and roughly a 10B (never been properly sized and I guess I'll tell you when I have my consultation.)
I'm heavily into fitness, I workout 5-6 times a week. I love cardio and lifting heavy weights. I do Crossfit twice a week and also do a Poledancing fitness classes twice a week.

I've wanted a BA for a long time, I lost 25kgs and of course my boobs were the first thing to go! I also have a skin condition called Psoriasis and I get it on the underside of my breasts because I'm ALWAYS in a push-up bra so that is another reason for wanting a BA, so I can stop wearing push-up bras constantly and give my skin there a break in some nice non-padded bras and still have volume in clothing!!

I'm hoping to get a DD at a minimum! I don't mind the fake look, I want volume at the top and would love cleavage without trying for it, although my boobs now sit quite far apart without a bra so I wonder if this I going to be possible? What do you guys think?

Also is there anyone else on here who suffers Psoriasis who has had a BA or I guess any sort of surgery and could tell me how their incisions healed and such?

My consultation is in March and I will be confirming my surgery date at the end of this month but I'm hoping for an early June surgery. So it is quite a while away but I have so many questions and I've always wanted to share my story on here when I was to get it done because this website has been so helpful to me!

So I guess this will sort of be like my BA diary and I'll keep you guys updated with my progress and such.
Thanks in advanced for any answers or tips you have for me!

Consultation done & surgery booked!!

I decided to go with Dr Tang at The Cosmetic Institute, I chose this for a couple of reasons - They're close to home (30 min drive), affordable and I have not seen one bad review about this company yet! I am on 4 different forums/groups for Australian surgeries and they're a BIG favourite! I chose Dr Tang because when I was searching I liked more of his work than the other surgeons there then when I finally met him for my consultation on Friday I knew I had made the perfect choice!

He was so friendly and nothing what I imagined in my head (is it bad if me that I had imagined a shorter man with an accent?) he was tall, handsome and not a trace of an accent! I was quite nervous, I mean this man was about to see my very unflattering breasts and then poke and prod them in front of my partner of 2 and a half years! Haha. It wasn't as bad as I expected I guess, there was some squeezing of them, measuring, examining them (as I do have psoriasis - Which was literally my first question when I sat down as I didn't want to waste either of our time if he was unable to do it because of my skin condition but he gave me the full OK for it and said there was going to be no issues *fistpump*)

So the results are I'm starting from a small B cup, I have quite a broad chest for my height so I could fit a large implant if I wanted,13.5 breast width (I think that's what it's called), I have a very prominent sternum which unfortunately stops me from getting the full cleavage that I wanted but after squeezing them together he said there should still only be roughly a 2-3cm gap which I'm stoked about because hell it's better than what I have now! My right breast is also lower (which I never noticed until he pointed it out and NOW ITS ALL I SEE!!!) so my left crease will be lowered.
I told him that I wanted the round, fake look. I think it's hot!

Next we went to try on the sizers, he told me to focus on the volume it gives because I will be getting round implants I will have more volume up top and in the middle but the sizers can't show me that because they're in the shape of a teardrop to fit into the surgical bra you try them on with.
I only tried on two sizers, we started with 390cc and holy hell, as soon as I tried them on I wanted to jump around to feel the jiggle lol!! It was so strange having the weight on my chest. I asked for the next size and we jumped to 460cc and WOW I was instantly in love, it gave me an awesome amount of side boob which does absolute wonders for my waist, since I have curvy hips it was awesome to have shape added back into the top of my body!
My boyfriend was more concerned with the cup size I would end up with, which obviously you can't predict but he estimated the 390 to be a D and the 460 to a DD-E, my partner only wanted me to get like a D but I told him I wasn't going to waste my money and regret going too small. My upper body is quite lean and I have a noticeable amount of muscle in my shoulders, back and arms so if I'm to wear a singlet without a massively padded bra I look very much like a boy. ( I will add photos at a later date to show you, but alas I'm at work at, and wearing a padded bra! Lol)

I felt like 460cc was perfect and any bigger would make me look silly, but I will try the sizers on again before surgery to double and triple confirm because I defiantly don't want to regret going too small!!
So we decided that I will be getting 460cc round extra high profile textured silicone implants and surgery is booked for June 5th! Only 73 days to go!! Not that I'm counting or anything ;)

Sorry for the wall of text but I know I want to be as thorough as I can because it is this site and those very detailed posts that help me the most! I love knowing every single detail of what happened even what food they give you after surgery!!! Haha

I've also added a couple of pics of Dr Tangs work that I liked!


Things to do/buy before breast augmentation!

Because I'm crazy excited and all I can think about is boobs I've come up with a couple of lists of things that I will need to buy or do before my breast surgery, now I've still got 10 weeks until the big day but in my mind that's perfect because I've purchased a big box from the $2 shop and every week, or when I have some spare cash, I will buy one or two things and put them in this box! :) So far it has 1 button up shirt in it but that's because I only started this idea last week! I will take a picture of the box when it's more full haha

Ice & heat packs
Cocoa butter lotion/ Bio oil
Pillows (need to sleep at an 45 degree angle - going to try and borrow these from friends)
Bendy straws
Plastic bin (Just in case of nausea)
Hygiene - Face wipes, dry shampoo, hand sanitizer, small one time use anti bacterial soaps.
Clothes - Button up shirts, PJs, yoga pants. Carefix bras.
I want to have comfortable clothes that I can easily sleep in, it'll also be winter so something warm. I'm not spending much at all on button up shirts, $10 a shirt max, because they're not my style and I know ill only be limited to them for a week at most. I might buy one nicer one for when I want to go for a short walk around the shops or something.
Entertainment - New DS game, PC game, magazines, game books.

Download movies & shows
Make and freeze meals
Full body massage day before
Tidy room - Washing done, wash bed sheets, have fresh clean untouched towels.
Make "Nest" - Small snacks, water, hygiene supplies, laptop and phone.
Fresh clothes laid out.
Travel pillow & plastic bin in car for ride home.
Get a full body massage day before.
Lose 4kg!
Stop upper body workouts one month prior, focus on Cardio & Leg workouts.

Can anyone else think of anything that was essential to them during recovery?
66 days now!


Earlier Surgery Date & Rice Sizers.

Hello ladies!

Just back with a bit of an update, so firstly I sorted out my finances and actually pushed my surgery forward 2 weeks! So instead of being June 5th my surgery is now May 20th! Super excited! I don't get as much time off with work but I'll take anything to have the date come quicker! :D

I've purchased a few more items for my boobie box, got a few comfy pants, tops, vitamin e oil, bio oil & cream! Today I need to go find those scent things you put into your drawers to make your clothes smell nice, so I can put into the box to keep things smelling fresh, but I will be washing all the clothes the day before so they're nice and clean :)

So a while ago I tried on rice sizers and I kind of hope my boobs look nothing like them!!! They were so huge and rock like! I've added some photos so you could have a look. I looked up the instructions and was told 1 cup rice = 240cc, so I put in 2 cups (so technically it was about 20cc over what my implant will be that wouldn't make much of a difference right?)
I don't know if it cause it was "medium grain" rice or what, but they weren't very nice looking haha.
I felt like front on they look nice because they compliment my hips but side view they looked huge!!
Anyway, have a look and let me know what you think!

Despite all that though, I feel like I'm still going to send an email off to my surgeon and ask him to have a couple of bigger implants on hand because after looking on other forums with women who have similar stats, they've received bigger implants and they look AMAZING!!
I know 460cc was not the largest I could go (I'm 5'4, 60kgs and had a BWD of 13.5 - Any girls have this size and could tell me what they're max implant size could've been?)

I do not want boobie greed! That's one if my biggest fears of this surgery. Also the fact we can't eat or drink prior, if I have a late admission time I think I'll go crazy! I need food and a green tea as soon as my eyes open!!

Think that's about it for now!
36 days! Only 5 weeks! Ahh not long! :D

Pictures didn't post.

Temperamental realself and internet!

Where has time gone? 26 Days... Whattttt?

So looking through my old posts, 73 days... Whattt? It's now only 26 days away! It feels like yesterday I made that post! Getting really exciteddddddddd!!! Not nervous yet just 100% keen!

So I had my first boobie nightmare I guess you can say haha, I had the surgery and my boobs were bigger but not by much, they just had more volume I guess? hahaha. I'm going crazy! Anyway the next day I emailed TCI in regards to having the option to choose a larger size on surgery date.
No lie here...not even a minute after I hit then send button I got a phone call from them to answer my questions! So happy with my choice of institute and surgeon, they're so amazing!

So yes, I can change my size right before surgery (I was just worried that they would only have the size I picked in my consult ordered in for me and they have no extras on hand or something, but that's not the case! phew!)
I also previously asked about the doctor/carer certificate. At my consultation we were told that I can claim 7 days as sick leave and my partner can also claim 7 days as carer leave (This is placed under sick leave rather than annual leave) I asked if it was possible to have the certificate forwarded to my partners HR, but seeing as it is a medical document it cannot be pre-dated which is fair enough! My partner said he'll just warn his HR and fax the document as soon as he receives it :)
So there's a little more info for you girls if you didn't know! Not much else to update on, haven't purchased anything new for my boobie box! Been so caught up with the Easter holidays/work getting crazy! Loving it though because it's making time fly! Will definately take a trip to Kmart soon for a few more button up tops/cardi's, I also need to purchase some carefix bras off Zodee (
They have free express shipping on orders over $100 and I was going to purchase both the Anna and Bella bras because I think I'll definitely get good use out of them! Plus I wouldn't know how to shop for well supported bras/crop tops for the life of me so i think I'll play it safe and just purchase them :)

Oh! I STILL need to upload those damn rice sizer pictures - I keep forgetting! Will do that soon, I swear!

Anyway, until next time!
Boobie wishes to all.

3 sleeps!

Hi ladies,

I'm here not with much of an update but more so you know I'm still alive and have only 3 sleeps to go! Got today and tomorrow at work then Monday off to clean and set up my recovery nest for Tuesday :)

Today is my last payday before surgery so it's getting very real now, buying the last necessities and will do my massive food shop tomorrow night. I already have food in the fridge I need to prepare tonight and then do some more cooking tomorrow night. I really need to clean my diet up, I still haven't lost any weight but I've come to the realisation I'm not going to magically lose 2 kilos in 3 days and probably not any time soon, especially when I won't be exercising for almost 4 weeks! But I'm doing what I can and preparing all my meals so I can stay on track with my diet.
There's plenty of time to lean out before summer and then I'll have amazing boobs to match :)
So excited to get a teeny weeny bikini! Hahaha.

So I won't find out my surgery time until the day before I'm PRAYING I get the earliest time, it would mean I'd have to be up and out of the house by like 6am if not earlier, I only live 30 mins from the clinic but in early morning traffic it would take almost double that and for that reason my boyfriend is hoping I get a later time haha. I just can't not eat or drink, it would be torture! I'm going to make sure I have a massive meal at whatever the latest time I can eat is, don't even care if it's midnight! :)

I will post pics don't worry, I will also post my befores probably the night before so I can also update you on my surgery time and how I'm feeling. I would post them now but I'm currently on the work iPad so don't have the pictures with me and last time I tried to upload from an iPad it had failed miserably.

It's kind of like the calm before the storm right now, I just can't believe how quickly time has gone!
Anyway, hope all you recovering ladies are doing well and all those who are still waiting aren't driving yourself boob crazy :P


Today is the day!

So it's almost 9am and my admission time is 12pm :) 3 hours! Not long now!
I woke up at 3am feeling quite nervous, thinking about the twilight anaesthetic, how the cut through the muscle, stuff like that and working myself up but after napping again I feel fine and 100% excited again! I know it'll be hard to say goodbye to my partner because at that point there is no turning back!

I did SO MUCH yesterday in preparation for surgery, I didn't get a chance to sit down all day and was so exhausted by 8pm that I fell straight asleep!
I swear I spent at least 3 hours cooking so my partner has it easy and I can keep watch over most of my diet, if I left him in charge I'd gain so much weight haha.
I still have a few more things to do today but hopefully that will keep me busy and not realise how hungry I'm getting :D

Has anyone had any experience with cats/kittens while healing? I have a 6 month old kitten who is a massive mummies boy, I'm not sure how I'm going to go with him. He's always climbing all over me, jumping on me, sleeping on my chest or pillow. Hopefully he wont be too hyperactive while I'm trying to heal.

Anyway, better start the rest of my chores. I'll see you boobie sisters on the other side!

Done and dusted!

Just a quick update while it's fresh in my head.
So today was the day and it all happened so quickly! I got taken through to the waiting room as soon as I got there at 12, I got changed into the gown, hair net and booties I then spoke to a lovely man who asked a couple of questions and took my blood pressure, I then saw Dr Tang who took some photos and drew on me with blue texta. We decided on going 470cc XHP round textured silicone and I'm almost positive I had one of my creases lowered.

So after I seen the doctor the anaesthetist came in and put something into my arm and then took me to the theatre. I laid onto the table and he told me that I might start feeling light headed, I tried to see if I could feel it while I was looking at the light then seriously the next thing I'm waking up in the recovery room. I don't even remember closing my eyes!
So I got taken into recovery at quarter to 2 but didn't wake up until about 3-3.30, I had a nice little sleep.

I woke up feeling very tight, I'd say the pain was a 5/10. The nurses dressed me and then sat me in a recliner chair with some water, cookies and a lollipop. I waited there for maybe half an hour before my partner came in and the nurse explained to us the medication.

I'm now at home in bed watching Death Note, kitten sleeping in my lap and about to eat some biscuits so I can take my antibiotics and a dose of panadine forte so hopefully I can cover the pain before the anaesthetic wears off.

I'm feeling good, not nauesous or anything just quite sore. Really sucks I can't just reposition myself easily with my arms, I really have to shimmy and get help, kind of annoying but hopefully it won't be like this for too long.

Anyway, thought I'd just send my update. I might add some photos tomorrow once I take my bra off for my first shower.

Boobie wishes to all!!

3 Days Post Op

Hi ladies, so here's my updates with the past few days of recovery and also some pictures :)

Surgery Night - So the day of surgery I only took one endone at my midnight medication time (My medication times are at 6am, 12pm, 6pm, 12am) so I could try and sleep but I only got 4 hours of sleep which sucked, I guess it was because I'm not use to sleeping sitting up right so it was a bit awkward.

Day 1 Post Op - I woke up in quite a bit of pain, I'd say an 8/10. So not much happened on this day, I was sore and tight but nothing too extreme. My boyfriend had to bathe me in the shower which was slightly hilarious and I got to have a good look at my boobs for the first time. My god they're high and swollen but SOOO stoked to finally have something there! I've got the deep red bruises around my incision site while I've got a dark shaded bruise between my cleavage and on my right side boob. Barely any blood on the bandages, soo happy! I took 2 panadine forte every 6 hours until my midnight meds where I took an endone to help sleep and this night I got 7 hours sleep with a couple of half hour/hour naps during the day. Still struggling to find that comfortable sleeping position.

Day 2 Post Op - Woke up in about 9/10 pain, veryyy sore but after taking some panadine forte it became manageable. Throughout the day I started to get this really persistent headache that just wouldn't budge, you would think the pain killers would get rid of it? But nope! Anyway, had my 6pm dinner and meds and about 8pm fell asleep for a nap to wake up around 11.30 feeling EXTREMELY nauseous. I moved from the couch to the bed hoping it would just quietly disappear, asked my partner if I could take my meds early because while I was moving from the couch to the bed I had eaten two of his jax biccies and even that was just feeling way too heavy on my stomach so I didn't really want to eat again and thought those jax biscuits could just serve as my small meal for the meds.
Anyway he refused and told me to just have another nap and he would wake me up for my meds in an hour, so I tried to rest but it got to the point where I knew I was going to throw up. About 12.30am I grabbed the bucket that was beside my bed (I had been using it as a trash can since I had never needed to puke) got him to clean the bag of rubbish out of it, put a new plastic bag in it and took it outside with me to throw up in. I spent about 10 minutes throwing up my dinner and anything that was in my stomach, I expected to have severe pains in my chest while throwing up but honestly it felt no different.
Anyway, after I had cleaned myself up I slowly chewed down half a cruskit and after I was feeling positive that I wasn't going to throw up again I took my antibiotics as well as just one panadol because I didn't want a heavy pain killer then put myself to sleep straight away so I could just forget about the sickly feeling.

Post Op Day 3 - Woke up today perfectly at 6am, took my anti biotics and one panadine forte and just didn't move out of bed so I wouldn't feel the severity of the morning boob. I sent an email to TCI with just a general question because I was just curious that if I was to get sick again and I had JUST taken my antibiotics would I need to take another dosage or skip it? I told them how I had been sick and had a headache still and was only really expecting a simple answer in return.
I fell back asleep and woke up at 9 and then at about 9.15 I got a call from TCI asking how I was doing, about my sickness last night and too book my 1 week check up.
Anyway she had told me that it was the painkillers CAUSING the headache (that one surprised me) and sickness, she advised me to try and cut them out and stick to regular nurofen and panadol, which is fine by me! Id take the extra 1 point of pain than having to feel sick again! So I'd say my pain is at a dull throb of 2/10 if sitting still where as on the other meds I didn't feel anything whilst sitting. My stomach isn't 100% but as for my chest its feeling better and better as the days go on.

I'm having my first 'Adventures in the outside world' tomorrow. So I don't go stir crazy I told my mum that I would come watch my younger brothers football game during the day and then at night time my partner and I have to trek an hour into the city to see the Vivid Lights festival and dinner for his sisters birthday. So it should be interesting as to how I hold up, I plan on taking a pillow with me in the car to the city so I can either A) sleep or B) rest it between my boobs/seat belt so it doesn't hurt too much.
Will have to let you know how I cope :)

Anyway sorry for the wall of text, just thought I should update on how I'm going.
Boobie wishes to all! xo

Day 6 - Day 16

I'm 16 days PO now, I'll recap the past two weeks.

So my adventure into the city didn't go too well, not pain or boob wise but more the fact we drove for THREE HOURS trying to park, we decided to give up and just went home. I had an endone that night so I would rest better.

I experienced boob noises/farts, I would make people put their finger on my boob because you could feel the vibration of the boobie fart as well as hear it. It was a pretty cool party trick to gross people out!
I went for my 1 week post up check on day 6 because they couldn't get me in on the Tuesday.
My partner came with me because I still wasn't up to driving, so we went in and was seen by a nurse (I wasn't sure whether I'd see a nurse or my actual doctor). She took off the waterproof bandages (Oww.. they were stuck on there good!) and replaced them with steri strips, she said that my incisions we're looking immaculate but I didn't actually have a look myself. She then showed me how to massage the top and in between of my breasts which I'm required to do 3x a day, I also purchased the ointment they suggest to put on my incisions but I cant seem to find it so I will have to let you know what its called later!
I am required to keep the steri strips on until week 3 and if they haven't fallen off on their own by then I need to remove them while I'm in the shower.
Pain wise - It hurt to laugh, oh my god. One of my nipples would have this sharp pain every time I laughed I would have to cradle my boob while laughing and then whinge in pain while laughing, it was VERY awkward!! Other than that the constant pain has died off completely and now is a more constant discomfort, you can ALWAYS feel them there because my muscle and skin is still so tight they're compressing the implant so I always have a tight/enlarged feeling on my chest. I get the occasional pain/throb/sensations still daily but nothing too bad. They are still very tender to touch.

I went back to work on day 12, I drove myself but I had a pillow resting in my lap/under my boobs so it would soften any bumps I would hit, I still use it now and think I will for a while too. When I go on short drives with my partner and he hit bumps without care it does hurt quite alot! So since I have to drive an hour to work then an hour home through very rural roads, I'm going to keep using the pillow until I feel comfortable.

So seriously not much has happened between day 7 and now. They haven't changed too much but I have noticed that my right one has started to drop! So stoked! My left side is still very high and tight which is strange because I always thought it would be the dominant arm/side that gives the troubles.

Anyway I've included some of the photos I have taken over the past week, in some photos you can see the psoriasis I was talking about that I get along my breasts, but hopefully now I'm back on my medication and ointment for it it'll start easing up :)


Couple of useful uncovered post op things.

Hi ladies,

A couple of things I haven't covered but am sure it would be useful for you girls to know:
So my necessities, the things I wouldn't have survived without straight up after surgery - COLD bottled water, straws & lip balm. These three things lived in between me and my partner on the bed, I had a small table next to me with some biscuits, baby wipes, magazines and so forth but these things were something I constantly needed.

Prune juice = GROSS GROSS GROSS. Seriously, just eat peaches and have a green tea/coffee. I didn't eve use my stool softeners and had gone by day 3!
I would have bowl of peaches in juice and a green tea each morning.

I stacked my pillow tower/fort like this and am still using it like this, it's super comfy.
Flat rectangle pillow, U shaped pillow, flat rect pillow then a rect soft fluffy square pillow on top. I also then lean the same kind of soft/fluffy pillow against my pillow tower and this one gives support for your bum and back! It's the perfect set up!

Driving is STILL difficult, I have an auto so I have it easy but I find checking my blind spot very difficult. I respect you manual girls!

That's all I can think of for now but will update if I think of anything else!

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