48 Yo 175cm 72kg Post Op MTF Mentor 420cc CPG Anatomical Implant Dual Plane Placement - Sydney, AU

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As of 16 Nov 2015 I'm 10 days pre-op for my...

As of 16 Nov 2015 I'm 10 days pre-op for my procedure. I have my final consult with Dr M today. I'm going from a 14B to a 14D with a CPG version 322, cohesive iii Medium Height, Moderate Plus Projection. We are expecting a 375cc or 420cc implant will do the trick. I don't really want to go as large as a DD.

My current B cup breast size has been achieved after 2.5 years on natural estrogen implants and my natural progesterone troche does tend to modestly enhance my breasts.

I'm mainly looking for a bust size that suits my torso width and whilst I don't mind if my bust looks enhanced I prefer to avoid the glaringly enhanced look. I especially want to avoid going as large as an E cup as I still wish to be able to buy nice bras. I think DD might be OK but I'm definitely thinking that a D cup is where I want to be.

8 Days pre breast augmentation photos

As much as i dislike these photos I know I ought to put them up for comparison to the after photos.

The day after

I was first into surgery yesterday morning and all went well. The main thing was I felt really sleepy afterwards from the diazapam right up until my girlfriend picked my up at 2.45pm. There wasn't really any pain just tightness in the chest. There is minimal bruising. There is swelling to my sides under my rib cage and my boobs feel incredibly firm of course. I'm surprised at how little cleavage there is at this point.

I took one endone and one valium before I went to bed around 10pm. I slept pretty well with my shoulders and knees elevated by pillows. I was awake at 2.30 but comfortable and I dozed until 5am when I normally get up. There is still no pain. I took 2 panadol at about 6am just to keep things pain free. I heard like a water noise when I moved my arms this morning and again when I rubbed some moisturiser across the top and sides of my boobs. I read that the water noise is normal so I stopped worrying about that.

2 days after

My second nights sleep included waking in pain a couple of times but I took some painkillers and went back to sleep ok. Today I've found that a lot of fluid appears to have collected around my hip line, oddly the swelling is quite a lot more pronounced on one side rather than being even on both sides and the area is quite tender. Basically my tummy looks quite bloated. I called Dr M and he said that it wasn't anything to worry about. None the less I wasn't really expecting this after a breast augmentation. Through the day I've felt the pain a bit more sharply for short periods of time but have managed OK with just paracetamol. I will save the stronger pain killers and sedative for night time.

Day 5

Well the picture(s) pretty much say it all. I've been sleeping pretty well and flat the last couple of nights. The back pain is much less now. I've been pout for a couple of hour long walks and today I've been able to drive to my local shopping malls and back (my car is quite light & easy to drive though). I bought a Lorna Jane sports bra which is a bit more flattering than the post op bra. The medium sized bra is a bit snug on me so it's kinda perfect to keep my boobs tightly in place.

I'm still carrying about 3.5kg of extra weight. It was quite obvious around my tummy on day 3 but it's not as obvious where it is now (except that the scales show it's still there!). Pain through the day is fine just with Panadol. I've saved the endone & valium for night time in order to ensure I get well rested. I probably won't bother with either of them tonight unless I wake with some discomfort.

Whilst my boobs are still very firm I can feel that they are starting to soften a little on top and the swelling adjacent to my ribs is beginning to subside a little more.

1 week post op

I've quit taking painkillers, just have 1 days worth of antibiotics to finish off. Pre surgery weight was 71.4kg and after my weight increased around 4kg post op, its now down to 72.6kg so I figure I've lost most of the fluid that was initially retained. I basically did 10km walks for the last few days. the only soreness is periods of nipple soreness which I attribute to wearing the bra constantly. I'm not really experiencing any back pain... except perhaps just a touch right after the 10km walks which I'm doing in 90 mins.

Over the past few days I noticed that there are slight increases in softness of my breasts each day. They're not exactly squishy yet (far from it) but they definitely have a little bit of give at this point.

It just occurred to me that I've not even thought about unevenness so I guess that means they have been looking pretty even in the mirror each day.

So I'm happy with how my boobs are coming along and now that I've lost the surgery weight I am feeling well motivated to use my recovery period to slim my waist down a little further for summer.

12 days post op

The last few days have been pretty good. I've continued with the 10km walks most days and that has been great although the sweat means the waterproof bandages over the stitches are well and truly starting to lift. I've been sleeping flat on my back for several nights now. Back pain seems most attributable to poor posture so I have to concentrate on maintaining better posture. There is some occasional pain through the night, often at the nipple. I feel stiff in the mornings but I suspect that is due to a lack of stretching as much as anything else. The softening of boobs continues a little each day.

Sneak peek at scars. 2 weeks

I visited the nurse yesterday 1 day short of 2 weeks post op to replace the dressings which were lifting because I've been sweating 90mins per day from walking. The scars are looking really clean and tidy. She reapplied the dressings and instructed me to remove them myself a week from now as she took the opportunity yesterday to remove a stitch from each side. I'm still sleeping on my back but I can lie on my side comfortable now so I'm doing that for a little while before I get up in the mornings.

Boobs - because boobs

Because I'd bought some nice lingerie ahead of my BA I thought I'd try it on at this point to see how well the bra fits my new boobs. Very happy!

5 Weeks

5 Weeks and all is well. Softening continues. I rarely have back pain these days. Continuing with daily 10km walks.

4 Months Post Op

Everything is going fine. Loving my boobs. They are softening up to begin making cleavage

6 months post op

No issues. I can squeeze them together until they touch now. I also noticed that a bra produces a lovely cleavage now too
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