360cc Moderate Profile Implants: Surgery Tomorrow! /22/no Kids/ TCI SYD - Sydney, AU

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So in the weeks leading up to surgery I've been a...

So in the weeks leading up to surgery I've been a long time lurker, now I finally get to share my experience! Currently I'm 10B (equivalent to a US 34B I believe?) and following my appointment with Dr.Lee at TCI in Syd AUS I decided on 330cc moderate profile textured implants.
Subsequent research and reviews I've found on here however led me to alter that to 360cc. At the moment I've asked the surgery via email if I could make the amendment, they stated that my doctor will come prepared with both sizes and we will discuss prior to surgery. So afraid of post boob regrets and booby greed. Was going to request 400cc however the consultant said that I would require another sizing appointment, due to work that wasn't going to happen. From what I've seen 360's seem to make a moderate but quite noticeable difference and I'm aware larger implants have higher risk of complications so I'm thinking this may be the best size for me.
Tomorrow is my day of surgery and I am so ecstatic! Wish it wasn't so early though (check ins at 6:45 blehh). This community has honestly helped answer so many questions and overall been such an amazing network of info and support. Will keep you posted as to how I go!

Fresh out of surgery!

So this morning I had my surgery! Left the house while it was still dark, my poor boyfriend had to drive through the rain but the drive itself was rather pleasant. Checked in at 6:45AM and got called in to surgery at around 7:30/8. I've never had major surgery so the whole experience I was expecting to be a little more daunting. However from leaving the house to getting on the surgical table I've never felt so relaxed and at ease. The staff were all really nice and all I remember was the slight pinch of the needle going in my hand then waking up in a warm blanket (so comfy!).

I haven't had any nausea or any real pain. Looking down at my implants, they don't seem that different (being moderate profile the projection doesn't really show from above). But looking front on in the mirror I was pleasantly surprised with how good they looked. My boyfriends reaction was "wow they are big" lol. Very pleased he said this, although my aim is to remain natural looking, I really wanted a visible difference. Im super pleased I went with the 360cc as I feel 330's wouldn't have shown up that much on my frame. For reference I'm 174cm tall (5'7) and 67 KG (147 lbs), so being quite tall and being of medium build, I needed something slightly larger. Will upload some pics after I've caught up on my zzz's!

1 day Post Op

Hi all, just thought I'd update my review with a few shots post op. So far pain has been minimal, I believe this is because I got overs. At the moment still a bit stiff and high, I feel like they're projecting out a little so pressing my arms to my side feels a little odd haha. Overall quite happy with size however, so glad I went with 360cc.

Post-Op day 3

So today has seen a lot of the pain subside. Waking up this morning for the first time I didn't have searing pain constricting me from sitting up. I also see that they seem to have a bit more which is super exciting. Cant wait until I can start wearing normal bras again. My PS says I'll need to wear my surgical bra for 6 week, though less if they don't drop enough by the 3rd or 4th week.

1 week post op!

So its been a week…woah has time flown! Anyway I just got back to work 3 days ago and everything seems pretty good. Pain is minimal if at all. I just tried on my first underwire bras (although no buying because I have another 5 weeks in this ill shaped nanna bra lel).
Originally I was worried about being able to fill out a D…well that concern was quashed today. I could barely manage a D, ended up trying on a DD which fit well, I think an E would probably be a good fit as well but I was so cautious I couldn't fathom fitting into something so big! Anyway Im absolutely loving them atm, no issues with size as of yet and honestly they feel like they've always been part of my anatomy!
Dr. Victor Lee

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